(141231) @realjonghyun90: i wanted to look pretty for the gayo daejun tomorrow so i attempted a skin upgrade enchantment (fraxel) but my skin managed to glow intensely for a bit then evaporated and disappeared. ah…, i tried to get prettier and ruined everything. nothing i can do about it, right? tomorrow i’ll have blotchy super sensitive skin… getting addicted to rushing items brings suffering/defeat offline.

as a simple gaming example there’s a siege tomorrow but your sword is lvl 8? which doesn’t have good random damage so you use a weapon enchantment scroll but it evaporates so you enter the wear holding a damascus sword… (lineage knowhow)

(s/n: 랜탄 is short for 랜덤 타격률 (random damage) which is apparently an option for weapons/armor in the game.

+ he said “dama” but she was assuming it was short for “damascus sword”. - he made a pun at the end combining “iinji = lineage” with “jisik = knowledge” to make “iinijisik”. it could also be translated to “the lineage way” because “sik” means “way/method”.

+ fraxel = fractional laser skin treatment.)

(source: sullaem)