“Everything’s ok. It’s alright your safe you’re safe.”
“What happened?”
“You don’t remember anything?”
“Besides partridge,no why?what’d he do?”
“Nothing. Doctor says you’re completely unharmed apart from a taser burn.”
“What times is it?”
“Morning some time.”
“Partridge is dead, red john killed him’ and did nothing to me why?”
“He didn’t do nothing he took partridges blood put it on your face made his mark”


What I wish it said…
Dear Lisbon,
I miss you so much. You are all that I think about Teresa and there is something I’ve always wanted to tell you but have never known how. I love you so much Teresa and I’ve loved you for a long long time. I promise you that I’ll find away to get back to you to be with you forever no matter what the cost. I’m going to come and be with you as soon as I can and I won’t stop thinking about you until that moment comes. Teresa, I love and miss you with all my heart.
With love, you know who XOXO

To everyone saying Lisbon did the worse thing possible by telling Vanpelt, I disagree! I do think maybe it wasn’t the best thing to do but she did it for all the right reasons because she thought if anything happened to her someone else can help Jane. I also think jane isn’t angry as such, if you look at his face its fear more than anger. I think he’s scared lisbons put herself in even more danger!