Favorite Jisbon moment

Uh, sorry, just one favorite ? 

I’ve ended up with something like 40 gifs and I just took a few of them. I can’t choose. I can’t choose.

So, the 12 Days Jisbon Challenge ends here for me. I had a lot of late on the end but I enjoyed doing it and I hope some of you enjoyed following it ! :)

I’m going to do the The Mentalist Appreciation Week that start the 18th May :) 

See you Mentalistas !


The 12 Days of Jisbon Challenge: Day 12

Favorite Jisbon moment: For me, there’s just no contest. It’s Jane walking Lisbon in to his attic to view Loralei’s video in “Red John’s Rules” 5x22. Honestly. Does it get more Jisbony than this? I said at the time, and I stand by it xD:

“There’s no traffic. There’s not a crowd. The room is very well lit. Teresa can see the laptop and the chair in front of it. She knows how to get from the door to the chair. There are no obstacles in or even near the pathway. It’s just Patrick and Teresa walking maybe 12 feet across his attic. He sets his hand on her hip, quickly slides in to her waist and lets it rest in the middle of her back, all before they make it to the chair. This is Jisbon. Not how a brother and sister would act. He not only loves her. He craves her. Snap!”

And that hand is not just in the middle of her back, it’s tucked under her shoulder blade with the fingers going into her ribs. The hand on her hip starts the same way, wrapped towards her hip bone. Really. If that hip hand was much further around, it would be in front! ;-)

Some say he’s just trying to prepare her for what she’s about to see. But does he choose words? No. More than words. He chooses to be physically intimate with her, using his own body to keep her close. *splat*


12 Day Challenge

Day 6: Favorite elevator scene

This is actually a deleted scene from 3x02, but I just don’t understand why they didn’t keep it!! It’s sooo cute :)

JISBON 12 days challenge

I’ve made a thing for the hiatus. This was based on several other memes around here (including this one). Sorry for the non-creativity (LOL, that’s Sue). Anyway… Feel free to do it and change whatever you want. yay!

DAY 1. Who do you love more: Jane or Lisbon?
DAY 2. Best eye sex
DAY 3. Best subtext
DAY 4. Favorite Lisbon saving Jane moment
DAY 5. Favorite Jane saving Lisbon moment
DAY 6. Favorite elevator scene
DAY 7. Jane / Lisbon + 3 colors
DAY 8. The moment you started shipping them
DAY 9. A OMFG moment
Day 10 Best Jane-centric episode
Day 11 Best Lisbon-centric episode
DAY 12. Favorite Jisbon moment

12 DAYS JISBON CHALLENGE - Day 8  (Yeah I’m late I know)

The moment you started shipping them.

Hard to say. There wasn’t really a precise moment where I started shipping them. Jane and Lisbon are my first ship so I had no idea of what was going on with me. I started watching The Mentalist during the season (mainly for Simon Baker) 3 and I was like..

“Hey… They are so cute with each other… What if… What if…”

And then everything started, I googled it, I saw there was thousands people just like me and.. *sigh*

So yeah it was really a gradually feeling, I thought I was weird because, you know, a lot of people love actors or singers but loving a couple…. Wanting two fictionnal people to be together and wanting that a lot… Well, shipping actually, I had never heard about that… And I wondered what was wrong with me. But fortunately the fandom was here with arms wide open and now it’s a big part of my life and thank you.


12 Days of Jisbon Challenge: Day 8

The moment you started shipping them: It had to  be when Jane gave Lisbon her emeralds. Yeah, he covered himself by giving Van Pelt jewelry, too, but you just knew that Lisbon is who he wanted to make a present for, and he remarks how they match her eyes. It struck me that he must be in love with those eyes. Such major winnings and what he wants to do is buy her an extravagant gift. How would things be between them now if she had kept them, I wonder?


12 Day Challenge

Day 2

That’s an easy one. It’s this scene for sure!! :)

Watch on entwife-incognito.tumblr.com

12 Days of Jisbon Challenge: Day 4

Best Lisbon Saves Jane: Fugue in Red is the absolute best– Jane bare-chested, Lisbon terrified and praying for him clutching her crucifix. Just doesn’t get any Jisbonyer than that! WOW! EDIT—–> Oh, and she saves him from oblivion, too, when she brings him back to his real life by returning him to that room in his Malibu home. Oh man, that hurts.

But I love this bit from “Red Hair and Silver Tape,” too. Lisbon is so bad-ass, running and tackling the bad guy before he has a chance to slash Jane with the machete. She’s all sweaty and rolling with the guy on the ground to cuff him. Jane is looking at her like maybe, boner! I don’t know, there’s sweaty relief and looks like some pleasure in his face.  And then he’s like all, yeah I wasn’t worried, knew Lisbon would get the guy. Ha! I love it. Not a word said between the two of them. But still all Jisbon!


The 12 Days of Jisbon Challenge: Day 10

Best Jane-centric episode: I like “Redacted” 3x20. Jane hires a burglar to rob Laroche’s house, hoping to get his list of Todd Johnson murder suspects. The burglar is caught and we are treated to a flummoxed Jane trying to figure out how to get loose of the whole thing without being caught. Hilarious, as he tries to participate in solving the team’s case at the same time. This clip makes me laugh out loud even thinking about it. Flimflam, all the way! Later, what a priceless moment when the burglar flatly refuses the cash and bus? ticket and fake ID Jane has managed to finagle, saying he doesn’t want to hide out in Mexico, he wants out free and clear. It’s a wonderful Jane moment when he finally breaks down and asks for Lisbon’s help (hey, this would have been a great one for Day 4 of the Challenge– Great Lisbon saves Jane moment). It’s particularly a Jane moment when he sees Lisbon solve the problem quickly and easily, to his shock – AND gracefully take the severe consequences for it! I love this episode, it always makes me laugh. Even Jane’s reaction, the jackass, to hearing Lisbon be assigned 6 months of anger management classes tickles me. But he is a jackass about it, –the jackass.


12 Day Challenge

Day 5: Favorite Jane saving Lisbon moment

This isn’t easy either! Of course I love the season one finale or the scene with the goat ;) But Jane’s conversation with Bertram is my favorite! I love how he saves Lisbon’s job: Well, then you will continue to have a problem! ♥

12 Days of Jisbon: Day 3

Best subtext: This one is really tough and it assumes you’ve already done a lot of mental exercise analyzing all of the episodes. Which I have. What else should I do with my life? :-)

It’s a toss-up between two to me.

“Devil’s Cherry” is certainly in the running, with all the manifestations of Jane’s own psyche, especially his daughter Charlotte, who tells him to move on with his life and to bring Lisbon into it. His psyche was crystal that he loves Lisbon and should be with her, and that only she fully knows him (hark back to his dating video with Erica). How much more clear could Jisbon be?

But “Red Velvet Cupcakes” is just as loaded with Jane and Lisbon exploring the possibilities of a physical relationship, in probably the most contentious subtext relationship development in the history of television or something. In fact, I think it actually created a new category, subsexting, Plus, Jane is well along to becoming the full partner Lisbon has asked him to be. A Jisbon milestone!


12 Day Challenge

Day 4: Favorite Lisbon saving Jane moment

Woooow, that’s a hard one! There are so many great moments. Like when she solves his problem with Donny Culpepper or when she saves his life in 4x10. But I think this scene with Bosco is my favorite Lisbon saving Jane moment! It shows how much their relationship evolved from season 1 to season 2. She risks her career over him. As she says: She broke the trust of someone she repects and admires in this scene. For his sake :)