Should ao3 have a favourite button?

Like, kind of like kudos, where you can ‘favourite’ a work and it goes to your favourites list (which is anonymous). The number of favourites a work gets should be public, but not the names of anyone who favourite it.

I think this is better than just bookmarking a fic or marking it for later because it not only helps you save any works you want to read again, but it also shows authors how many people would want to read their works again which - I don’t know about anyone else - is something that would make me want to write more. It’s also a good way to show which fics are good enough to read more than once, and which ones aren’t (like how some people judge a fic based on how many kudos it gets).

IDK, maybe I just don’t understand bookmarking?


pansexual and promiscuous isaac lahey is the best isaac lahey accept no substitutes (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ (½)

tropetastic meme → anon asked ‘isaac lahey + q for queer’

part 2 here | inspiring posts by me and amorremanet x x


”Is Erica worshiping a coconut?”

“I think we should focus on the fact that Jackson is cuddling a bottle of wine while hugging a baguette.”

“Well, at least they managed to get the Eiffel Tower into the shot.”

(aka that one time four members of the Hale pack went vacationing for a month and kept sending back questionable postcards so that Stiles and Derek wouldn’t miss out on their adventures.)

Just for fun I collected the heights of various Teen Wolf characters (based on the actors)

Core pack, up to S3b-
Lydia: 5’ 3”
Kira: 5’ 4”
Allison, Erica, & Malia: 5’ 8”
Jackson: 5’ 9”
Scott, Stiles, Peter, & Ethan: 5’ 10”
Derek, Danny, & Aiden: 6’ 0”
Isaac: 6’ 2”
Boyd: 6’ 3”

Additional characters-
Liam: 5’ 5”
Mason: 5’ 7”
Braeden: 5’ 8”
Dr. Deaton: 5’ 9”
Chris, & Deucalion: 5’ 10”
Gerard, Sheriff Stilinski, & Jordan Parrish: 6’ 0”
Coach: unknown lol

I find it amusing how, up to S4, Jackson is the shortest guy among the teens. Also I didn’t realize Boyd is that tall or that the twins are different heights. 

This is a good reference to have because Stiles is always said to be tall, but he’s the same height as Scott and he’s average height for the group. If you wanna talk noticeably tall white teens, that’d be Isaac.*

(*All these characters are played by actors older than twenty. So you can still have a headcanon where actual-teen Stiles shoots up in height first, just this is me saying Stiles’s height, on the show, isn’t that significant.)


AU: Stiles is jealous because the fact that his ex Jackson and his best friend Isaac are spending more time together ‘like friends’, but he can’t accept it 'cause he is still in love of Jackson.

banana-fishies  asked:

Can I request some fic recs that center on Isaac? I guess the pairing doesn't matter too much, but I've been missing him lately. I know that you mainly do recs for Sterek, but might you have any for Isaac?

sure thing! more ships under the read more

gen fics

  • This Doesn’t Have To Hurt by metisket (T, 4k) Melissa isn’t sure how she accidentally adopted a teenager, but she’s confident that somehow, it’s all Stiles Stilinski’s fault.
  • Picking Up Strays by peroxidepest17 (Not Rated, 12k) Stiles has an idea named Isaac and the Sheriff has to deal with it.
  • Primae Noctis by dsudis (T, 4k) The rest of the night of Isaac’s first full moon.
  • look at the crystal moon by nokomis (T, 3k) Five hugs that Isaac gets from his pack.
  • Nine People Looking Into the Darkness of Space by GoddessofBirth (T, 1k) In which Isaac accidentally steals Stiles’ best friend, and Isaac and Stiles are not friends. No matter what Isaac thinks.
  • Making Space by GoddessofBirth (T, 1k) When everything settles down a bit, Scott decides they should invite Isaac to start hanging out with them. Isaac could use some friends, and not to brag, but he and Stiles are pretty much the best friends to have, ever. Pure, pure fluff, where everybody lives through the finale, nothing hurts, and Stiles and Scott and Isaac become best bros.

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