ohmygoodness, here’s the completed version!!! ; ____________ ; 

i feel like it’s lacking but i’m more or less proud of my coloring at least??? but anyway, here’s my old character from 2 years ago. Her name is Salt Giaccino and she has the power to manipulate life and death (basically Grim Reaper)

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Hello friends, I’m open for commissions once again! Please take a look at my commissions page for more additional info. (ToS, Do’s/Don’t’ etc)

payment method: Paypal only (USD) paypal fees NOT included in the prices:


chibi: 10$ +add. person 5$: ♡ example ✨RECENTLY ADDED!!

bust: 25$ +add. person 10$:  example

waist-up: 35$ +add. person 20$:  example

full-body: 45$ +add. person 30$:  example

Coloring Options:

flat coloring:  example

monochrome:  example

cell shading:  example

soft shading:  example

sketches/line-art: 15$ +add. person 10$ :  example

Do’s and Don’t:

(+)original characters and fan characters, fan art, magical girls, soft/tasteful nude, minor violence: (blood, bruises, cuts), nature, couples, PDA, lingerie, jfashion, pastel, men (available only in bust option), children, people with animal-like features (ears, antlers, tails, eyes)/gijinkas

(-) old people, porn, child pornography (yes loli/shota is child porn), furries, mecha, anything racist, sexist or anything that discriminates other groups and makes me feel uncomfortable and against my morals, buff/muscular men, anything super manly/masculine 

Japanese Interuniversity Sports Meet

UPDATE: 2012/01/06, 4:43 PM

Due to unforeseen circumstances, both the JISA and MJC executive teams have decided to POSTPONE this event, tentatively until Reading Week (week of February 20). We apologize to everyone who made time to come to our event for the sudden letdown and inconvenience. We promise we will bring you a much better competition when it actually happens!

Thank you all for your continued support and we will keep you posted on any developments that happen!

Yours truly,

The MJC and JISA exec teams


Hey everyone!

As school starts to set in, we’d like to announce a very special and exciting new event! Along with JISA, York University’s very own Japanese association, we will be hosting the very first Japanese Interuniversity Sports Meet, and we want YOU to represent McMaster and come participate in the fun– Japanese sports meet style!

Japanese Interuniversity Sports Meet

Time: 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Location: Riverdale Park East, Toronto (We will travel together :D!)
Cost: None (Except transportation)
Note: This is open to everyone! Let’s rep McMaster and show York why we’re the best!

There will be Japanese discounted lunch at 11:00 AM for those who are interested. Games will start at 1 PM.

Some events planned are:

1) 4 man tobogganing relay race
2) 5 man capture the flag
3) Scavenger hunt
4) 4 man human dog sled race
5) Obstacle course

Let’s make York walk away in shame! If you’re down to participate, or have any questions, send us an email at macjap1112@gmail.com!

Also, check the event page at: https://www.facebook.com/events/330397520311853/

Sincerely, Your MJC Execs 11/12

wow, hello friends! so this is Sonata Pausini, the baddest female ever. she’s been my OC since ‘09. I’m 10000% biased and play favorites with my OCs > w > while drawing this i realized that Agni and Sonata have matching colors and are heterochromia buddies AHA how rad.

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HAPPY(late) 20th BIRTHDAY, MURI ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ my wonderful, sweet little birb friend!! sorry i’m like weeks late ; 7 ; i had such a hard time choosing which of your OCs to draw (bc all of your OCs are just amazinggg), but glamorous Minnie Dei saved the day and was calling my name to draw her. i hope you had a magical and sparkling birthday!!!

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