Jungle Indie Rock Playlist - January 2013

Yes. We are back. After 1 year of break with our playlists, Jimdo Playlists are back. Now as Jungle Indie Rock. All tracks have been featured in January 2013. Search here, type the band name and you will find more about them.

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Tracklisting (75 tracks):

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See these girls? I fucking love them so much. Stayed true to me since Freshman year. I love them so much, it scares me to miss one rehearsal cause I don’t get to spend a few minutes laughing with them! They’re amazing dancers too! My day becomes complete when I see them. We insult each other a lot but we’re so comfortable with each other that fuck our insecurities, that shit don’t matter to us. Well I don’t know what I’m saying but I just love them so much lolol

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JIRM Playlist - June 2011

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01 Theatre Royal - If You Could Stand Up (You Walk Away) (2010); Band submission
02 The Thermals - Not Like Any Other Feeling (2011); Chris
03 The Phoenix Foundation - Buffalo (2011); daKradha
04 Pete and The Pirates - United (2011); Dao
05 Found - Anti Climb Paint (2011); Camping-gas
06 Thurston Moore - Circulation (2011); Cindy
07 Magik Markers - Taste (2007); Cindy
08 M185 - Space Bum Rocket Kid (2011); Mike
09 Arctic Monkeys - Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair (2011); Dao
10 Le Butcherettes  - All You See In Me Is Death (2011); Camping-gas
11 EMA - Marked (2011); Leigh
12 Big Scary - Hamilton (2011); daKradha
13 Neuman - Just a lie (2010); Promoted Band
14 Yellowbirds - Our Good Days Are Gone (2011); Camping-gas
15 Lanu - Beautiful Trash feat Megan Washington (2011); Mike
16 Wave Pictures - Little Surprise (2011); Chris
17 The Leisure Society - Dust On The Dancefloor (2011); daKradha
18 James Vincent McMorrow - Sparrow and the wolf (2011); Camping-gas
19 Young Rebel Set - Measure of a man (2011); Camping-gas
20 Rachel Sermanni - Eggshells (2010); Leigh
21 Sleeping At Last - Land Or Sea (2011); daKradha
22 Wye Oak - Civilian (2011); Camping-gas
23 Still Corners - Endless Summer (2010); Leigh
24 Planningtorock - Doorway (2011) ; Cindy
25 Kasabian - Switchblade Smiles (2011); Camping-gas
26 Sex Jams - Ages (2010); Chris
27 Young Knives - Love My Name (2011); Chris
28 Gunning For Tamar - German Treasure Island (mastered) (2011); Dao
29 You Dont Know Me -  You Can Only Win (2010); Dao
30 Maryland - Atom Bomb (2011); Dao
31 A Band Called Quinn - Wolf Cries Boy (2011); Mike
32 Wolf Gang - Dancing With The Devil (2011); daKradha
33 Handsome Furs - Repatriated (2011); Camping-gas
34 Fixers - Iron Deer Dream (2011); Mike
35 Strange Talk- Climbing Walls (2010); Camping-gas
36 Olimpic - Today (2010); Dao
37 My First Earthquake - Nice to See You (2011); Dao
38 The Welcome Dynasty - Christine (2010); Dao
39 Fonda - Summertime Flight (2011); Camping-gas
40 Alex Winston - Sister Wife (2011); daKradha
41 Dear Reader - Monkey (You Can Go Home) (2011); Camping-gas
42 Crystal Fighters - Follow (2010); daKradha
43 Grimes - Crystal Ball (2010); Camping-gas
44 Of Montreal and Casiokids - London Zoo (2011); Dao
45 Psychic Reality - Fruit (2011); Cindy
46 Echo Lake - Sunday Evening (2010); Leigh
47 Maria Minerva - A Little Lonely (2011); Cindy
48 Hype Williams - Blue Dream (2010); Cindy
49 Thirteen Senses - Crystal Sounds (2011); daKradha
50 Chelsea Wolfe - Benjamin (2010); Leigh

Jimdo Indie Rock Music March Playlist 2012

  1. Deep Sea Arcade - Girls 
  2. BOY - Little Numbers 
  3. Flight Of Arrows - A Way To Pass The Time (Remastered) 
  4. SHARKS - Arcane Effigies 
  5. Mind Spiders - On the Radio 
  6. Diamond Rugs - Gimme A Beer 
  7. One Two Three Cheers And A Tiger - A Lot Of Talk 
  8. Ramona Falls - Spore 
  9. The Mary Onettes - Love’s Taking Strange Ways 
  10. Miracles of Modern Science - Friend Of The Animals 
  11. ………………..

Featuring 50 bands on Bandcamp, with official links to download, album covers and band sites on each track. Enjoy!

January 2011 Playlist - Featuring:

Jessica Lea Mayfield - Blue Skies Again

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Jessica Lea Mayfield is an American singer-songwriter from Kent, Ohio. In 2007, Mayfield lent her voice to the track “Things Ain’t Like They Used To Be” on The Black Keys’ album Attack & Release. She later collaborated with Auerbach again on his 2009 debut solo release Keep It Hid, lending her vocals to the track “When the Night Comes.” Artist Link: http://www.jessicaleamayfield.com

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January 2011 Playlist - Featuring:

Sharon Van Etten – Serpents

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Sharon Van Etten is an American singer-songwriter based in Brooklyn, New York City. In 2009, she appeared in Hospice, the album by indie rock band The Antlers. In 2010, Van Etten contributed backing vocals to The National’s song “Think You Can Wait” from the soundtrack to the film Win Win. Her third studio album, Tramp, will be released in February 2012 . Artist Link: http://sharonvanetten.com

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