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Everyone dogs on Kakashi for reading porn in front of kids but what about Jiraiya who made a 12yr read, review and help inspire his smut?

Ooh boy Jiraiya is my biggest trash pile problematic fave in Naruto. I understand and don’t like how the narrative doesn’t fully acknowledge his flaws, much like Hiruzen, but I just really really have a big weakness for “well-meaning pile of garbage makes wrong decisions over and over, gives into his own weaknesses over and over, still keeps trying, fucks everything up and inadvertently moves the plot forward in a bad way” type characters. Especially ones that are superficially very bright and cheerful like Jiraiya is.

I mean, generally, to make an exciting plot happen you need a certain amount of bad decision making, and it’s more interesting and compelling to me personally to have a certain amount of that be made by heroic characters, and not just “oh it was the least bad decision” or “oh the person was otherwise blameless because of X Y and Z”, no, give me an absolute dumpster fire of a hero whose attempt to improve things is like this:

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I know the narrative plays all of it for laughs, but the Sannin all have debilitating addictions: Tsunade has alcohol and gambling problems, Jiraiya has issues with sex and lives in a fantasy world, and as for Snakebert, uh, we’ll just skip his particular predilections because I’m having a nice evening.

Man this is getting long so I’m just going to put a cut here.

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Can I request a young Jiraya?? Where he's got a crush on some girl and keeps it a secret but people start to notice because he stops being pervy?? Thanks!

Of course! I had fun writing this :) I hope you’ll like this too!
– Admin Vann

↳ Jiraiya | Safe For Work

     A small flush crept up to Jiraiya’s face, his eyes meeting hers from the distance. The crowds of villagers quickly broke his gaze away, he watched as she disappeared into the crowd. He looked down and he wanted to internally slap himself in the face, he was supposed to strut his way towards her and try to start a conversation– not stare at her from afar and look like he was fresh from the oven! At least he remembered her name. He remembered talking with her a few days ago, and Jiraiya immediately cringed at what he knew came next; while they both conversed, his persona was foreign. He completely acted differently towards you, the way his heart fluttered in his chest while he talked with you and there wasn’t a single trace of perverseness coming from him. He was simply awestruck.

    Tsunade raises a brow at Jiraiya, who’s now sitting on the chair with his eyes staring at nothing. She nudges Orochimaru softly with her shoulder, she leans in to his ear and whispers. “Hey, do you think Jiraiya is acting pretty strange right now?”

    “It’s about that girl, [Name]. He likes her.” Orochimaru whispers back, Tsunade nods her head in understanding. It was obvious Orochimaru followed them, she didn’t need to ask any questions about that. “Is that so? I thought Jiraiya would talk about her with excitement.”

  Tsunade leans her back against the couch, as curiosity gets to her. She decides to let the question slip past your lips, her expression showing her genuine curiosity while Orochimaru’s resting in the corner, sparing Jiraiya one small glance before he goes back to holding and feeding his snakes. “Is it true you like [Name]?” As Tsunade questions the young man, he raises a brow at his teammate and a small chuckle emits from his throat.

  “Where did you get that idea from?” Jiraiya lets out a small chuckle, his eyes travels to the window across from him; growing dazed by each passing second.

  “So is that a yes?”

    “Mind your own business, Tsuna,” he leans back against the couch, his eyes slowly closes before he drifts into a soft nap. “That was the quickest he fell asleep,” Tsunade says, bemusedly and she’s also having that amused expression growing onto her face. “Orochimaru, you better not place your python on Jiraiya again.”

    “That was unintentional, but okay,” Orochimaru replied, he walked toward the open door and he met eyes with Tsunade, again. His expression was empty like a blank page, sometimes she can never read Orochimaru through his heavy barrier separating him and his emotions. “Let’s visit that restaurant you wanted to go while Jiraiya sleeps,” Orochimaru said coolly, “If we irritate Jiraiya, he can get pretty ferocious.”

     Tsunade shrugged and she then nodded, following Orochimaru as they both left Jiraiya to his slumber. Well, they thought he was fast asleep.

    “They’re so damn loud,” Jiraiya whined, groggily. He lazily sat up from his resting position, his eyes bored into the windows. “Are they going to the restaurant in the middle of a storm, well that’s nice.” Jiraiya spent a few minutes of talking to himself, but his talking soon paused when he heard his stomach growl. With a low whine, he walked his way toward the fridge and a heavy sigh left his lips. It was empty. The loud noises of the rain meeting the ground filled Jiraiya’s ears, the only thing protecting his head was his arms. He grumbled out incoherent words until the feeling of the rain pouring down onto his arms stopped. 

  “Fancy seeing you here, Jiraiya,” The male turned around to meet the woman who made his heart churn, in a positive way. By instinct, he moved away, only for her to move forward; shielding Jiraiya from the rain with her umbrella. “[N-Name]? It’s nice seeing you here too!”

   “I think I heard your tummy growl a few seconds ago. Do you want to go somewhere to eat?” [Name] questioned, Jiraiya could obviously feel the sincerity from her and it just made him fall for her even more. Jiraiya’s cheeks were a warm red, and he nodded his head in response. “Maybe we can go to the restaurant that’s across from us,” he suggested, “let’s go check if it’s open.”

     “This will be my treat,” she grinned softly, “you can order whatever you want and relax.”

“You’re so kind.” He couldn’t control his mouth and he let the word fall smoothly from his lips. Flabbergasted, he turned away from her for a few seconds before he looked back to [Name]; finding a warm red on her cheeks. He couldn’t deny the fact she was too damn cute, she looked away and huffed softly, she felt the heat radiating onto her cheeks even more.

“I-I’m glad to hear that from you, Jiraiya,” [Name] slightly stuttered as she stuffed her face in the menu. Jiraiya softly chuckled.

the whole naruto plot
  • Naruto: Sasuke!
  • Sasuke: Itachi!
  • Itachi: Shisui!
  • Shisui: Danzo!
  • Danzo: Hokage!
  • Hokage: Jiraiya!
  • Jiraiya: Nagato!
  • Nagato: Konan!
  • Konan: Pain!
  • Pain: Tobi!
  • Tobi: Madara!
  • Madara: Hashirama!
  • Hashirama: dude, the fuck

Selected Moments for @fineillsignup from Kekkai Sensen Ending / Outro Dance 【NARUTO Version】“ by ShikasClouds 2nd Channel :)