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hi Aero, i'm rereading gintama, and currently on Mother arc, and i want to know your opinion on how sorachi made kanshichiro's grandpa be forgiven by ofusa so easily just because he shed tears over how he only had kanshichiro now as his blood relative and told his sob stories. And how ofusa instead of run the fuck away from the very man who; separated her from her dying husband, called her all kinds of names, took away her son, attempted to kill her multiple times, told her to abort the baby 1/2

I take it as a lesson. I believe Sorachi is trying to convey the power of compassion. He might not always go about it the right way, but his work stresses the importance of forgiveness and compassion in the face of mistreatment. Jiraia ((the ninja-spider, you referred to him as)) is by far the worst villain of the whole series, so I just kind of ignore him lol 

The point of the representation Sorachi gives villains like in the Infant Strife arc, to me, is that nothing can be gained from holding onto hate, anger, spite, and resentment. It’s better to forgive someone that hurts you than it is to carry all that negativity around with you. And it’s super important to know that just because you forgive someone, that doesn’t mean you have to keep them in your life. Like, with my abuser, I forgave them a couple years ago, but there’s no way in hell I’d ever let them come back into my life in any capacity, they’re just too toxic and not worth it. Sorachi is presenting life lessons and for me ((again, this is just me)) I think it’s a sign of something great if someone can look at their abuser and let go of the negativity toward them in order to move on with their life. 

You should never punish someone, even an abuser, for showing true contrition, otherwise, you’re no better than they are. So, I don’t mind how Sorachi represents different villains. It offers a new perspective and leaves something to consider every time.

Gintama Villains | Part 1

Today I want to talk about the Villains in Gintama.

Gintama is full with villains even though the most of them are not really evil. They just have their own reason to be the way they are which is very good because their motives makes them a better character.

I will name a few Villains in part 1, show you how they look like and a little bit information about the characters.

I will warn you here that this blog has spoilers so if you are not caught up with the manga you will see a few villains which haven’t appeared in the anime yet and new information. Anyway let’s start with Jiraia.

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