jirachi the wish maker

I like that request :3

Rhydon - powerhouse, a good array of moves, and he and Rhyhorn are just adorable

Octillery - one of the most varied movesets outside of Mew and Smeargle, and some decent stats to back it up. One of many excellent Water-types :3

Donphan - He’s cute and rolls up into a ball and squeeee. I bred mine to have Ice Shard, and with his high Attack that can be a good first-turn KO after a strong Earthquake (etc.)


For those of you who don’t know. I love Jirachi. 

I’m not quite as avid collector as I was a few months ago only because I haven’t had the time or money to continue. There’s still many items on my wishlist that I’ve yet to find or add. On one occasion I actually got into a really fun bid war with Tara Billinger over the wishmaker a few months back. I love her work and her style but it was still a really cool moment for me even though I didn’t win. X9