jirachi ex

Pokemon Card of the Day #793: Jirachi ex (Crystal Guardians)

Jirachi ex was a very strange Pokemon. This was a Pokemon-ex that just fell flat on its face against the popular Infernape and didn’t do a lot of damage, which made it hard to use. On the other hand, it had low Energy costs when facing a deck with Stage 2 Pokemon or Pokemon-ex in play and could shut down Poke-Powers. That gave it a chance to lock things down a bit, especially against decks that needed to use those to move Energy around. All this combined to make a card that was hard to get a handle on.

Jirachi ex had 90 HP. This was about expected on a Basic Pokemon-ex, though being vulnerable to Infernape made this a risky play and one only to use as a tech option. It had no Weakness or Resistance, so that 90 was exactly what you got to work with against everything. A Retreat Cost of just 1 was very reasonable, so getting Jirachi ex out of damage against decks that didn’t hit quite as hard wasn’t too much of a challenge.

One really interesting trait that Jirachi had was its Poke-Body, Star Light. If your opponent had any Pokemon-ex or Stage 2 Evolved Pokemon in play, Jirachi ex paid 1 Colorless Energy less to use its attacks. This was most notable in granting single-Energy Shield Beams, which was really nice when facing some of those slower Stage 2 decks such as Dragtrode.

Speaking of Shield Beam, it was an odd attack in its own right. 30 damage for a Psychic and a Colorless Energy was nothing special, but that Energy cost would be lowered against many decks. More importantly, it had a fantastic effect. Your opponent couldn’t use any Poke-Powers on their Pokemon during their next turn. If the opponent needed Poke-Powers to set up a big attacker, as some decks did, Jirachi ex could really slow them down. That gave Jirachi ex’s side more time to set up while getting in chip damage at the same time. Of course, this was pretty useless against other decks, such as Empoleon and Infernape decks, that didn’t rely on Poke-Powers, so it was very match-up dependent.

Super Psy Bolt did 50 damage for a Psychic and 2 Colorless Energy. This was simply average.

Jirachi ex, in the end, managed to be a Pokemon that fit a very specific niche. If you were already running Psychic Energy and wanted some way to disrupt a few slower decks, a copy of this card could be quite useful. If you were fine against those slow Stage 2 decks or didn’t already have the right Energy, it was best not to force Jirachi ex into a deck. It was too limited to devote a ton of deck space to.