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Okaaaay I finally done it and took me 2days to finish this, sketch to watercolor pencil, It’s hard for me to make Fatal Error even more ERRORfying scary since I am using watercolor pencil not even helping for me, tho I did my best.

Here ya goes @xedramon senpai I tried making Fatal Horror like how I describe it on your last time stream :D Hope ya like it.

Fatal Error belong to @xedramon / @fatal-error-blog

Important announcement about future Sondertale updates

Hey there! First off I want to thank everyone for being so incredibly patient and kind while waiting for updates. I feel very lucky that so many people are interested in this story and want to see what happens next, and I know that having to wait a long time for an update can be hard, but I really do appreciate how wonderful and understanding people have been. So thank you, sincerely.

Before you get to wondering, no I am not canceling this story.

However, from this point on I’m only going to update this comic when I can.

There will be no set update schedule. Pages will update once I have a set of them ready to be posted.

And this is how it’ll be unless I say otherwise.

So that’s the announcement. For people who want to know why the change or why this is different than what I’m doing now, it’s just that I’ve been struggling to update this comic on top of all the other things I need to take care of. Which obviously I don’t need to tell you that - updates have been progressively slowing down and getting further apart. And I cannot even begin to put into words how disappointed I am in myself for not being able to make it all work. But I just can’t allocate the time to making this comic exactly how I want it to be and update regularly. I just don’t have the time, which hurts. It’s a personal disappointment. And I know this is disappointing to a lot of other people who enjoy the comic, and I’m really, really sorry. All the determination in the world can’t outweigh the fact that I just don’t have the time to consistently work on updates anymore. And that just hurts me, it really does. I’m so sorry.

I have a lot of pride in my art and storytelling and I am incredibly stubborn when it comes to making adjustments in my artwork. I am so incredibly determined to finish this story exactly the way I want to - as a comic with all the stops pulled out. I have mulled over making changes to try to speed up the process of me completing pages - not coloring pages, not being as precise with the lineart, simplifying how the dialogue look visually, even going so far as to write out the story as opposed to presenting it in comic format. None of those options are appealing to me. And I’m not willing to sacrifice quality just to update faster.

So I understand if people don’t want to hang around to see how it ends, because it could take a while. Heck, it’s almost been a year since starting this comic and we’re not even through the first chapter… I know some people will probably lose interest in this fandom and AUs, and this story too. So I thank you for the time you’ve spent following this story and supporting it thus far. I really appreciate it. But as long as someone wants to hear this story, I’m going to continue it. And this story (and blog) will not be over until I post that last page. It’s going to take me a while - a long while, probably. But I’m going to keep working on this until I’m done. This is all too important to me to just give up and quit.

Thanks for letting me go on there for a bit. This was an announcement I’ve been dreading to make for a few weeks now, but it was important to make. It’d be unfair to keep you all in the dark about this. The next update is not too far from being finished so it shouldn’t be too long of a wait for it.

Thanks for listening, feel free to ask questions, and I hope everyone has a happy and wonderful new year :) 







Oh my gosh, just, thank you! Thank you for all of your support, your kindness, your input, your patience, and your love! Ya’ll keep me motivated and always trying to do my best.

I’m always trying to make each update better, to work harder, to tell the best story I can - not only because I hold myself to certain standards, but because I know all the effort will be appreciated by all you lovely people.

This is a story I want to tell and you’re all very kind enough to stick around and listen to it. I’ll never take this for granted. That is an exceptionally big deal to me. More than you’ll ever know.

So thank you :’)

As always, I’ll keep trying to do my best to make this comic the best it can be. And as always, I hope ya’ll continue to enjoy the story in the updates to come <3

SO YEAH I WANT TO DO A NICE THING and because I’ve been so busy with the File Not Found update and working on the next FE update and surviving until Winter Break at work I hadn’t had the chance to really get started on a 10k Follower surprise, which I am sorry about ;_; I’ll decide on something very soon though!

Take care everyone! <3 And thanks again :’D

Hey ya’ll, Happy Thursday :)

Just as a heads up I’m hoping to have the next update ready by next weekend. I feel particularly bad about not getting to update this week for ya’ll just because you guys have been waiting quite a while to see what happens next, and everyone’s just been so wonderfully patient about it. This past weekend I got unexpectedly very sick and I’m only just now starting to feel better, which pushed me back a lot more than I had anticipated, but I’m just as eager as ever to get this update up for you guys. :) So thank you for all your patience and kindness and sticking this out with me. Ya’ll are the best <3

I hope everyone here has a good rest-of-their-day :)

This comic isn’t dead, it’s just on an unexpected little break :)

Hey guys! I know things have been pretty quiet over here, and I’m sorry about that D: If anyone here is also following a Fatal_Error has Occurred then you’d know that things are getting pretty intense over in that comic, and the extra time spent into making those pages exactly how I envision them (or at least try to) has been taking away from the time I spend creating Sondertale pages. And in the interest of quality, I decided to put my all into that comic instead of half of my all in both of my comics. Hence, unexpected little break!

Once things settle down, I’ll go back to updating this comic regularly. And I think that the next few pages coming up are worth waiting for :) I’ll also be sure to shower you guys in Sondertale livestreams as thanks for being so patient with me.

Also, I’ll be updating the blog and reorganizing links, adding pages for the start of the comic and questions and fanart and such, just to make navigation much easier. So stay tuned for that!

Thanks so much for understanding, and I’ll update as soon as I can :D I promise, this comic isn’t over until I say it is! <3

Warning: flashing image below! 

Chapter Two of a Fatal_Error has Occurred will start in a few weeks!

I’m taking a bit of a break to organize and prepare for the next chapter. Trust me, I don’t want to take too long - I’m very excited to get to the next part ;) It is my sincerest hope to have Chapter Two finished before the end of the year.

In the meantime, I have a couple of asks I wanted to answer/illustrate, plus there’s some blog reorganizing that I wanted to do to keep everything neat and tidy. So no worries - the blog will still be active, just don’t expect any new pages for like a week or two.

You’ll know that I’m ready to pick the story back up when I post the Chapter cover :) Until then, take care!


@leofi-xed had the lovely idea to celebrate all the possible Fitzsimmons vacations by putting together postcards from all their travels. So @leggy–peggy and I created this postscript of sorts for my fic Beerly Beloved, featuring Fitzsimmons on their honeymoon at Oktoberfest.

(Text mine, manip and beautification all @leggy–peggy !)


I was tagged by a bunch of cuties to do the ‘selca’ tag (thanks to everyone who tagged me & I’m sorry it took me so long to post it) 💚💛 I’m tagging: wuyifancyacetaetic, luhtella, j0ngsinaff-xedsehawtytaeskaitipanniessirjinkipoutychenbaobbeibrbcrawlingtokoreakaimint, dolicious, wuyifanxing, dohdoro, arigataou + anyone else who wants to do it!

So apparently Santa thought I was very good this year...

Or at least the lovely folks of the @underfellfangame team thought I was! ^^ They have so very graciously offered to let me play the demo - the full demo, that will be releasing at 12:00 Midnight EST time (in about 7 hours!) - a few hours in advance! To say I’m stoked is an understatement :’D 

I’ve only seen this screen and the one right after (to make sure the audio is working right), but nothing else.

Want to take an early peek together? :D

I will start streaming the UNDERFELL fangame demo at 5:45 PM eastern time! By the time things get set up it’ll probably be closer to 6:00 PM.

Here’s the channel link: https://picarto.tv/Xedramon

I will be streaming the game demo on Picarto, so long as the website works okay - it gave me a bit of trouble yesterday, but if it continues not working I’ve set up a Twitch account as a backup.

Hopefully Picarto works just fine though, since I’m much more comfortable with it! I won’t have a face cam (last time I tried that Picarto dumped all over my computer) but I’ll have the mic on so you can hear both me and the music. I’ll try not to be annoying XD

Obvious, there’s going to be spoilers! If you want to experience the game for yourself for the first time, I absolutely understand! Midnight’ll be here before you know it :)

I’m pretty jazzed about this! I hope the stream goes smoothly on the technical end, and I hope to see some of ya’ll there :)

Oh hey also so I developed a bit of a headcanon while working on the File Not Found update because of all the AU papers:

So we know how Error is like, super into Undernovela? Like, I think of him as one of those people where if Undernovela was a TV show he’d always stay up to date on what was going on and never miss an episode.

Sooooo I imagine that Ink is one of those people who follow A BUTTLOAD of different AUs as if they were TV shows and keeps up to date on them and knows what’s going on and never has a problem remembering what’s going on in the AUs

“WOAH Error destroyed this universe? Plot twist!”

“I haven’t been to Reapertale in a while I need to catch up”



A Story Archive page has finally been added to the blog!

If you look at the different links on the fatal-error-blog, you’ll see one that looks like this:

Now, that’s been there for a while, but NOW if you go click on itttttttt~

There’s like, a proper page with organized links to everything! Yay! :D All this organization makes my little potato heart happy. As the story expands, I’ll update this page to make sure that you can easily access any chapter, any part, at any time without having to sift through the entire blog for what you’re looking for. Eventually, I am going to set it up so that you can view pages chronologically as well, while still keeping the next/previous links for mobile users. So be on the lookout for that :)

Also if you scroll down, you’ll see:

A place for side comics too! We’re definitely going to have more of those as well :)

I’m sorry that it took so long to get this together, but I thank ya’ll sincerely for your patience with me. I’ll reblog this post later today for the midday crowd <3

Need a little help with something, if you don’t mind!

Okay, so I’d love to hear some funny and dirty holiday-themed jokes/puns, like if you were trying to come on to someone. :)

Please reply to this post with your best ones!

PLEASE DO NOT drop them in my inbox XD It’ll be easier for me to read them here. I’m gonna ignore those ones.

Thanks ya’ll! Much appreciated :3 I’ll let ya’ll know when I have what I need!

EDIT: All of these are so hilariously perfect!! Thank you so much, I’ve got everything I need X’DD