The Motorcar Museum of Japan

Here’s a selection of shots from my recent visit to the Motorcar Museum of Japan in Ishikawa. The museum is a 3 story building which holds a fascinating collection of 500 classic cars. There is a wide range of cars from all over the world, spanning different periods of automotive history. The bulk of the collection is made up of domestic Japanese cars, but there’s quite a lot of interesting stuff from overseas too.

The car I was most interested in was the Dome Jiotto Caspita pictured in the first photo alongside the modest Suzulight Fronte. This was an early 90s supercar prototype, originally powered by a detuned V12 F1 engine, and later with a Judd V10. It was designed to bring F1 to the road. Unfortunately, due to the global recession, the car never went through with production, but it’s good to see this prototype has been preserved. 

There were too many interesting cars to cram into one post, so I’ll be posting more from the museum soon.




Jiotto Caspita, 1989. A prototype mid-engined supercar designed by Kunihisa Ito (the second pic shows styling models) and made by Dome. Originally presented with a Subaru-derived Motori Moderni flat-12 detuned Formula One engine, the car was re-presented with a Judd V10 but the Japanese recession of the early 1990s meant it was never put into production as had been intended