You Can't Leave
Mystic Messenger
You Can't Leave

It’s me. I hope everything’s okay?
Please remember. You have to stay there no matter what happens.

If you need anything you tell the chief of security. I’ve told him to send you everything you need. Of course, you are free to use any item in the house. You can put them somewhere else too. I don’t care as along as you’re there when I return.

Could you promise me that you’d stay there?

MC: Of course. Don’t worry.

I feel safe now. Of course, you won’t be able to even if you want to, but I feel better knowing that you’ve chosen to stay there…

MC: What? What did you just say?

Oh, right. Even if you hear something going on outside, don’t ind it. I’ve told the guards to not let anyone in.
If someone still insists on getting inside, it might be those women.

MC: I’m more worried about you.

No need to worry about me… I am quite flustered but I can still be rational about everything.

…I can get thought this because of you. Thanks for staying at my home. Oh, there’s a cage inside the house, so if you are bored, why don’t you try going inside?

…That was a joke. I just wanted to make you laugh.

I’ll call you later. Rest up.