In the town of Fuck, Austria……

Neim appeared, apparently being dumped out of a shadow of a wall rather forcefully. Tekuno had left her behind… She had complained of being horny one too many times it seemed…. She had no idea where she was at first, but shortly after dusting herself off and looking around a grin of amusement appeared on her face. Tekuno said he’d been taking her to Jinyx…. Or something like that. So he had dumped her horny ass there and left her. Zooming off to find Jinyx and one other party member…. Wolfin… Why? Because Tekuno thought it would be fun to watch. Neim fumbled with her phone, at the hotel trying to call Jinyx…. Tekuno should arrive any moment.

When he did though… it was going to be sudden… He wasn’t going to ask permission .. he was just going to go under them and swipe them, transporting them from shadow to shadow at hyperspeed to Austria and dump them practically in Neim’s lap. 

Am I the only one who is getting effected by the chaos going on?? o-o

Am I the only one who wants Jinyx to come back to life??

Am I the only one who wants Father Nightroad to go back to his old clumsy self??

Am I the only one who wants to see Jinyx and Nerx holding their precious babies while standing next to each other, smiling, emitting a lovely aura and giving that picture perfect moment??


End of rant :T


Never Wanted To Dance ~ By: Mindless Self Indulgence

Or more specifically, music I an see Jinyx slaughtering something to.

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Neutral goods are the most dangerous to everyone because they do what's right regardless of who they have to oppose. They'd treat a Good just as bad as a Evil.