jinyoung bb



  • Jaebum: Now, let's say you haven't eaten for days and You're in desperate need for a sandwich. What do you do?
  • BamBam: I walk over to the house and have Jinyoung make me a sandwich.
  • Jaebum: Okay, yes, but Jinyoung's not here.
  • Yugyeom: Where's Jinyoung?
  • Jaebum: It's not important where he is, umm, he's gone, he left the country.
  • Youngjae: He left the country? Why, is he ok?
  • Jaebum: Yes, he's fine.
  • BamBam: Well if he's fine, I don't see why he can't make me a sandwich.

a compilation of one out, two out. my favorite inside joke… I love got7…..

Got7 as babysitters:

Jaebum: unintentionally makes the kids cry by asking if they want to play // panics and cries internally because he doesn’t know what to do

Mark: plays tag with the kids // swings them around as if they’re doing flips // netflix and chill

Jackson: picks a fight with the kids // gives himself timeout because he’s exhausted

Jinyoung: has breakfast, lunch, and dinner planned out // arts & crafts // reads them to bed

Youngjae: takes the kids out to the park // brings along Coco cause why not // teaches them English*

Bambam: teaches the kids how to dab // has them make derp faces for his instagram uploads

Yugyeom: pulls prank on the kids as revenge for his own childhood // makes fun of them at every given opportunity // lets them give him a girly makeover