• JB: I can help you with it!
  • Jinyoung: Yeah, sure.
  • Mark: Bold of you to assume I did the homework.
  • Bambam: lol nope.
  • Jackson: Wait, we had homework?!?!?!
  • Yugyeom: Read 5:55pm
GOT7 reaction to you pushing them away due to grieving

one hundred ways to say ‘i love you’

genre  · * . fluff/angst .  * reaction  *.

pairing ·*⋆ reader ✦ .*· GOT7 .· *

word count  *.˚ ·✷ 1,932 .⊹ *.

·✷*✫˚. how GOT7 would react to you pushing them away due to grieving the loss of a family member .*˚·.✺·

requested by anon


Jaebum’s eyebrows furrowed at you as you pushed his arms away and rejected his offer of an embrace. He stared at you for a couple of seconds, debating whether or not he should leave you alone like you wished, or if he should comfort you. 

Losing a family member was one of the worst things to ever experience, and Jaebum’s heart ached at the fact that you had to go through it. You just lost your auntie who raised and took care of you whenever your parents couldn’t as a child and that couldn’t have been easy, so he didn’t want to leave you alone with your thoughts. His mind was dead set as soon as he saw the first tear stream down your face.

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  • FRIEND: I hate when people refer to their pets as children.
  • Yugyeom: You do that all the time with your dog.
  • FRIEND: I don’t have a dog.
  • Yugyeom: ...
  • FRIEND: Are you referring to my toddler?
  • Yugyeom: ...Probably.