jinxx art

The five siblings

Once they’re all together in one place it’s nver quiet. They are either fighting or joking around, teasing each other or just chatting. These five siblings could’t be more different from one another yet they would practically die for each other.

All of them have the typical traits of their family: they’re tall and have long ears, either blue or red eyes and either stripes or spots…. Okay, most of them do. Jinxx kinda got stuck. And Jinn has white eyes.

What happens when older people ask me about my favorite music

Old person: hey what are you listening to?
Me : black veil brides
Old person: what? black veiled bride?
Me: no, black veil brides
Old person : oh ! Like a funeral? Who’s the lead singer?
Me: Andy biersack
Old person: Andy who?
Old person: ohhhh okay I’m guessing they play rock?
Me: yeah, this is what they look like *shows pic of BVB*
Old person: oh! They look like Kiss and Alice cooper! Hey is that one on the left a girl?
Me: no that’s Jinxx
Old person: oh okay
Me: that’s Ashley , that’s jake, and that’s Andy, and that’s Jinxx
Old person: so Ashley is a girl, right?
Me: no
Old person: Is he transgender?
Me: NO! He’s always been a guy!
Old person: so, Andy… Beersick.. Right? From the black veiled bride? I’ll have to look them up! They sound cool! It must be what you kids these days are listen to!
Me: 😑