Open || Murderous Sociopath

Jinxx was idly sitting in a coffee shop watching a person that had been acting rudely to his girl/boyfriend. Jinxx frowned the more he watched the man and grit his teeth angrily as he saw the man start getting physical with his other half but only enough for Jinxx to notice. Once they started to leave Jinxx was on the move to catch this guy and relieve some of the tension built up inside him from not getting anyone in weeks.

Open || Unpopular Kid AU

Jinxx nervously pushed away the long strands of hair from his face as he slowly walked into his school’s courtyard. Jinxx hated how his family sent him to a private school with special uniforms because it always made him look awkward and he already is classified as an emo band geek that got picked on for playing the violin and cello along with the piano and having straight A’s on top of that. Jinxx walked into the school hoping to stay unnoticed and get to his locker yet he couldn’t help but, to smile when he saw the popular girl that her admired so dearly. She would never speak or even breathe in his direction… Jinxx just sighed as he went to his locker. Jinxx yelped as he got pushed into it and fell to the floor as some jocks that always flocked around his crush started beating him up.