Such a satisfying feeling.

Okay so I’m not sure if this applies to a game I just had tonight, but it’s a worthwhile story to tell regardless.  So I get into a game of ranked and I’m going Draven ADC.  I notice on the enemy team, they chose a Twitch and their last pick was hovering over Jinx, but then switches to Yi.  After we get into game, we find out Twitch was originally going to go jungle, but their last pick believes Twitch jg isn’t a thing and ended up taking jung for him, forcing Twitch into ADC.

Twitch even told us that he doesn’t know how to properly play ADC.

So right there I’m feeling bad for the poor guy. That, and yeah, Twitch jungle actually does work.  I’ve done it before.  So me and the rest of my team proceed to lay some serious shit into this Yi, and even his team is just giving him the business.  Yi’s telling us he doesn’t believe that it works and starts calling us all manner of shit, most of which I’m not gonna repeat here but at the end of the game I end up reporting him.

Look even if you don’t agree with someone’s choice, just don’t be a fucking dick.  Like, seriously, even if everyone in the game, even everyone on your fucking team, is siding with the dude who is doing the thing, just don’t be a dick.  There’s nine people waiting to report you at the end of the game.

Red Hood Rebirth

Okay, so I just read through RHATO Rebirth… I see potential here. I absolutely love they got Jason’s origin down as the kid who stole Batmobile’s tyre, again.
I love Bruce/Batman’s concern for Red Hood - I see that as not giving up on Jason. And I love the Red Hood has a framed pic of his graduation photo…
I love that you can see a smile on Batman in the grad photo, and I love its Jason who put it there.
I actually love the whole book.

Keep going strong, Lobdell. Don’t ruin it for us.

Edit: I hope we can get Jason’s hair white streak back.


Livestream commissions from today! You can watch them be drawn over at me livestream!

1. Athletic Lunarian guy and his doorworm for @supertrainstationh. He plans to use the image for a Lunarian ref sheet sometime.

2. A robotic anthro wolf for Tapewolf of Project Future! 

3. A birthday present from Tapewolf for @merlin-the-bruce. Jinx, from DHS COMICS is not so very sure about this spider on him. So far it seems that the spider has good intentions, but in a world where anything can happen, you can’t be too careful!

"And although the book brings back the "New 52" creative team to Red Hood, Lobdell has worked with Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns to bring together what he calls "what worked pre-'New 52' and some of what worked in 'New 52'" for a new take he hopes pleases established and new readers alike."

Ahan =D So basically they paid attention to fans and feedback and made it work.
So far so good guys. Keep it up.
I have cautionary faith in Geoff Johns.

Pidge: man it really is lucky that atleans and humans have such similar structures and needs

Allura:it is rather convenient

Coran; (over the communicators) hey guys! I finally found a way to get all this pesky oxygen out of the castle, soon will be breathing clean air

Lance: you just HAD to jinx it didn’t you?