jinx and tonic

Harlem Renaissance + Prohibition + Urban Fantasy = another possible thesis idea. But instead of booze being outlawed, it’s magic and the supernatural. Driven underground into speakeasies that cater to the supernatural, vampires pick off bums and dodge the cops, witches sell gin and bourbon alongside hexes in dim, seedy clubs, and werewolves hold fight clubs in crowded, damp basements, trying to make rent money.

(I’m just gonna keep coming up with stuff for my thesis project until I finally settle on the right one.)

So I hear about this new Harry Potter movie and all I can think of is “well crap, now everyone’s going to think my thesis is copying JKR.”

Except my thesis is specifically set during the Harlem Renaissance (and as such populated almost exclusively by POCs), and somehow I doubt that’s going to be something JKR explores very thoroughly…

Work-in-progress of my lineup. I still need to draw in Lester (…I have way too many dudes in this story. I don’t know how that happened.)

Also, I knew drawing my first three characters in isomeric perspective and then my new ones straight on was going to look odd when I composited them together, but I’m trying to save time here. Maybe once I start the turnarounds, I’ll redo my lineup with more consistent perspectives for everyone.

**Edited to add in Lester on the left. I’m not sure why I’m spending time rendering these guys out considering this is supposed to be a 2D film…

My five “"final”“ poses for Sweetpea, each with their own consistency issues, but overall, I’m pretty pleased with them. I left off her headpiece this time around because I’m trying to see if she still looks ~flapperish~ without it, but I’m not sure.

Gonna try to get some of my cinematic moments done tomorrow and probably neatly arrange the mess that are all those previous thumbnails.


My not-quite-yet layout for my final boards. The first two are the same, just with different pictures and therefore a different layout as I figure out which paintings I want to take to final finish.

I’ll also probably end up lightening up/desaturating the purple background and making the stoop drawing bigger, as per my instructor Joko’s suggestions. Aaaand also making my title bar much smaller.

Poses page for Walter, with Sweetpea cameo. I actually need to cleanup the linework and properly ink it, but I just jumped ahead with the coloring because I wanted to see how it looked all put together.

The bottom row are true thumbnails, most of them drawn in like a few seconds while watching Billy Butcherson from Hocus Pocus (as delespi suggested).

EDIT: added a stool for Walter to sit on because it seemed weird for him to just be perched up on air

I should probably wait until I actually clean up my lineart before I start coloring things, but I can’t help it.

Sweetpea redesign #532, along with Virgil and Stanley (who I’m thinking of renaming Santiago). Since Virgil and Stanley are a couple, I wanted them to have a sort of similar color palette (blues and browns), so that they call back to one another even when they’re separated.