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Here are some shots of my very lovely and incredibly ancient watery friend sent to me by @weaselmancer & @wicked-chivalrous. They’re a trilobite originating from South Africa. I haven’t named them because I’m certain they already have a name and I am also reasonably sure I can’t pronounce it anyway. But trust me, we’re good friends despite the language barrier.  💖

Kimi ni Todoke Chapter 120 Translation

Hello my fellow Kimi ni Todoke fans!!

This chapter marks the beginning of the end - it will be the first chapter in the final volume. As I said in an earlier post, we still don’t know how many chapters we have before the conclusion, but we are definitely in the final arc (after this chapter, I would guess that we have 3 - 4 more, based on the typical page count of previous Kimi ni Todoke manga volumes). 

Before you start reading, I just want to put out my usual disclaimer. I can read Japanese and I study the language in my free time, but I’m nowhere near fluent. I have no experience as a translator (with the exception of the KnT summaries and translations I’ve written). Sometimes I can’t figure a line out or I make mistakes, and while I do my best to convey the sentiment I found in the original dialogue, there are times when it sounds pretty stilted. So I just want to warn you that what you’ll be reading is what I understood, whether it’s right or wrong - I’m trying to share what I personally got from the chapter, errors and all. But hopefully this gives those of you who can’t read Japanese a sense of what’s happening, even if the translation isn’t exactly right. It’s just to tide you over until the official version is released! :)

As far as I know, the next chapter will come out in the October issue of Bessatsu Margaret (September 13th); like this chapter, it’s going to have a colored title page! I would really encourage you to purchase the magazine, if you’re able to financially - not only is it a great way to support Shiina-sensei, it makes for a really cool collectible since the series is almost over! 

Now pack your bags guys, cause we’re going away to college~~

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the curve of your hips is the world & i am caesar; discover & conquer.

scream it from the rooftops & sear it into your neck with kisses;
LAY RESTLESS & ALONE & YOU WERE THE ONLY KINGDOM IN MY MIND. how does an empire fall? you ask of me the night i leave

with love, my darling, with love can we bring down the walls.


So, there’s been something on my mind that’d I’d like to address, It happened recently and seems to keep happening and I figured it’d be good to make things clear. 

Rafael Casal is white.

I debated for so long how to start but there it is. Now! before you message me yelling at me, let me bring some things to your attention.

I am latina. I’m Puerto Rican and Dominican, and I’m white-passing. But I am not white. Rafa as much as we love him, however, is white, Hispanic, but white. 

“But Jinx! Hispanic means not white! He’s Latino!” you say, out loud for some reason, as you read this, ready to inbox me.


Rafael’s family is from Spain. Let me show you.

So Rafael is Spanish, which makes him Hispanic, a white Hispanic. But ultimately, still white. 

“But Jinx!” You say again, ready to run to my inbox to correct me. “He’s called himself Latino!” 

Ah yes my friend, he has:

Now, here’s the thing, no matter how Woke™ someone is, they can still mess up. I honestly don’t think Rafa knows the difference between Hispanic and Latinx, a lot of people don’t! So let me break it down for y’all,

Hispanic: Anyone from any Spanish speaking country. So this includes Spain, Mexico, and The Dominican Republic (etc.) altogether, but excludes Brasil, Surinam, and Guyana and French Guiana

Latinx: Anyone from Central, South and Latin America. So this excludes Spain. But includes Brasil, Surinam, and both Guyana’s

As you can see these two terms aren’t really interchangeable, even if they’re often used that way. 

Now am I going to go on twitter and randomly tell Rafa how he should identify? Or ask him weird and annoying questions about his race? God no, To tell you the truth, identity is a long and personal journey that everyone has the right to experience on their own.

So then why do I bring this up? Well, recently Rafa spoke his piece and very effectively used his platform on twitter to express his thoughts and point out the messiness of the whole The Great Comet situation. And I noticed that whenever Rafa says something Woke™ there are two schools of thought that pop up. There’s the “Rafa is the only white man that matters lol” camp, and the “Rafa isn’t white guys, chill” camp.  

“So Jinx, why does that matter?” You say out loud, again, for some reason, you should really stop talking your computer buddy.

Well if you’re a member of the first camp, then yeah, Rafa is the only relevant white man. He consistently uses his platform and privilege to draw attention to issues he is passionate about, to elevate the voices of those who can’t speak up and he does not speak over the voices of the marginalized, he’s probably one of the truest and best allies I’ve ever seen. 

But if you’re a member of the latter group then here’s the thing: 

To call Rafa Latino is kind of hurtful and incredibly frustrating. 

Incredibly Frustrating because, to call Spaniards Latinx is to consistently lump in Latinx culture with the Spanish (who are, remember, European!), which is a form of erasure that it’s so wrongfully seen as commonplace or “Ok” and It’s not. 

Why is it seen as ok? Well, because 

The legacy of colonialism is baked into every facet of every culture on the planet

So it’s hurtful because of what I just said. You gotta remember that the Spanish were the first to colonize most of Latin, South and Central America, so there is a collective trauma when it comes to discussing the Spanish and how it relates to and intertwines with Latinx Culture. 

And here’s the thing, Rafael seems to be really proud of his Hispanic heritage, and that’s great!! everyone should be proud of their heritage! and he obviously recognizes the level of privilege he has and like I said he is a great ally but I’m gonna say it again, to call him Latino is kind of hurtful and incredibly frustrating.

Tl;Dr: Rafael Casal is white, but that’s ok!

if it’s super important to you to explain why some fictional race cant be brown skinned you might wanna take a really hard look at your motives and consider you might have possibly absorbed the prejudices of an inherently racist society by osmosis if nothing else and you should maybe try to reevaluate your priorities and grow as a person and perhaps question your beliefs a little bit because you’re perpetuating racism whether intentional or not

and if not then you’re just a fucking racist and you should stop pretending otherwise ‘cause frankly you’re not fooling anyone

even though paul will probably get his way anyway, it’s hilarious that out of everyone that would happily throw their game away for him, he picked the one person who trusts him the least and wants take him out to be loyal to and to take to the end. for someone who has been playing it safe, paul is making the riskiest move by trusting josh. if josh ends up pulling this off (again, unlikely because things never go my way), paul will hate himself when he looks back on the season. and that, my friends, will be more satisfying than paul’s reaction if cody or whoever wins afp.

Sunday Six

The room is slightly cool and has that sterile non-odor he associates with hospitals and labs. It’s very bright, the overhead fluorescents seeming to bounce off the padding on the walls. He spots Harry, standing up now in front of that little table, and his heart does another one of those painful jolts in his chest. 

He’s barely taken a single step forward when the air around him changes. It’s like he’s stepped into a pocket of super-heated air. It pushes on him, sudden resistance not only making it harder to move, but actively gathering against him, as though it means to grab him and throw him backward against the wall. 

Then Harry flinches in shock, and the resistance crumbles. “Eggsy?" 

Just the sound of his voice is enough to make the tears burn his eyes again. Eggsy nods. He’s grinning like a stupid idiot. "Harry." 

Harry stares at him for a second longer. Then his gaze sweeps the area behind Eggsy, searching for anyone else who might be there. "Who’s with you?” His voice is thick with suspicion, and maybe, just maybe, something else.

Just Friends - Remus Lupin

Requested by anonymous. Marauders-Era Remus.

“Hey, Remus,” you said, running through the crowd of people to reach him. You grabbed onto his forearm and stopped him in his tracks. He smiled at you and shook his arm free, before bunching up the sleeves of his sweater.


“My parents just sent me this new rock record, you have to listen with me.”

“Yeah?” he asked, ruffling his hair.

“Yeah. Stop by Hufflepuff common room, tonight?” you asked, nervously fidgeting with the piercing in your nose.

“Of course. I’ll see you tonight.”

“See you tonight,” you said, backing away from Remus, nearly knocking into two Ravenclaw girls on their way to class. Remus walked the other way and almost did the same thing. Except instead of two Ravenclaw girls, he almost ran into his best friends.

“Walk much?” James asked, pushing Remus off of him.

“Sorry,” he mumbled. They spun him around and kept walking with him. James put his arm around him and smiled widely.

“So, do you have any plans tonight?” Peter asked, batting his eyelashes at him.

“Maybe with the girl of your dreams?” Sirius chimed in. Remus rolled his eyes.

“If you mean Y/N, yes we’re hanging out tonight. But I wouldn’t call her the girl of my dreams. We’re just friends.”

“Are you planning on wearing that?” James asked, tugging on the old sleeve of Remus’s jumper.


“How are you suppose to win her over with that?” Sirius asked.

“Win her over? What are you going on about? I’m going over to listen to a new album, and that’s it.” The boys all laughed and Remus tried to walk away, before Sirius grabbed onto his arm.

“Come on, you know there’s something there between you two. Everyone sees it. You constantly fiddle with her piercings, you’re always ‘sharing albums’“, he said with a smirk.

“We do share albums. Don’t make it sound like something it’s not.”

“It could be something it’s not,” Sirius said.

“That doesn’t make any sense,” Remus said, shaking his head. James slapped Sirius shoulder and looked up at Remus, who was almost a foot taller than the rest of them.

“We know you’re just friends for now, but think of what you could be,” James said, throwing his arm around his shoulder.

“What? Something like you and Lily?” James blushed severely and shook his head.

“No, something real,” Peter added. They all laughed while James shoved Peter playfully.

“Look, we’re gonna be late for Potions, and I really don’t want to have to be partnered with Severus again. Can you just drop it?”

“Fine,” they each said hesitantly as they followed Remus down to the dungeons.

When Remus walked into the Hufflepuff common room later that night, he was greeted with the scent of warm bread, and a honeycomb candle. He saw you sitting on one of the benches lining the wall, next to the open window. Outside, the sun was setting, making a shade of pink fall over the entire room.

He walked over to the bench and sat across from you. You smiled up at him, closing your book.

“Yay, I’m glad you’re here,” you said. Remus smiled and ran his hands through his hair nervously.

“Me too. So, what did your parents send you?”

“This new record,” you said, handing him the sleeve as you started the music quietly playing through the common room. “I had never heard of them, but you know how my dad has great taste in music? He picked this one up for me and said he has loads more, he just doesn’t want to part with them all at once.”

Remus laughed and bobbed his head along to the music. As the music played, you naturally felt yourself pulled towards Remus, and you moved to the other side of the bench, so that your shoulders were touching.

He looked down at you and smiled nervously, making you blush slightly.

Remus’s thoughts were suddenly brought back to the conversation that he had with his friends earlier, and he blushed deeper than you already were. He tried to push it from his mind, and just listen to the music. However, the next thing he knew, you were leaning against his chest, and Remus was playing with the hoop in your ear.

“Uh, oh, I’m sorry,” he said, sitting up stiffly.

“For what?” you asked, tugging on the hem of your jumper. He ran his hands through his hair and shrugged.  He sat up and looked down at you.

“Nothing, it was just something that my friends said earlier today.”

“What?” you asked.

“They just kept teasing me about you. They think we’d be perfect together. You know, as a couple.” You laughed, which was apparently not the reaction that Remus was looking for, because his face turned a bright shade of red. “I mean, it’s completely-”

“No, I’m laughing because my friends do the same thing. They’re always talking about how cute we’d be as a couple.”


“Yeah, it’s weird that everyone thinks that.”

“Yeah,” he said, the conversation now falling silent, the music playing the only sound in the room. “I mean, maybe it’s not that weird.”

“What do you mean?” you asked, looking at him quickly. He blushed again and laughed nervously, fidgeting with the sleeves of his sweater. “You’ve got to stop doing that.”


“Just take it off,” you said. Remus raised an eyebrow at you, but obliged. He pulled the balled up, gray sweater over his head, making his hair messier than it already was. For not the first time, you thought about running your hands through his messy brown locks.

“That’s better,” he said. You nodded, and felt your eyes trail down to his scrawny chest, and noticed some scratches along his neck and arms.. Remus must have noticed, because he folded his arms across his dark blue t-shirt.

“Maybe you’re right. Maybe it’s not weird.”

“You think so?” he asked.

“I mean, we do get along really well.”

“Yeah, we like the same music, same books, and classes. On paper-”

“Will you two shut up and just kiss already?” You both looked up and at the couch in front of you, a dark haired Hufflepuff girl you didn’t recognize was looking at you. You opened your mouth to argue, but before you could, hands were grabbing your face.

Your face turned quickly, and your lips were met with Remus’s. You clutched the hem of his t-shirt to keep yourself from falling into his chest. He pulled away a moment later, and shrugged at you as he wiped your dark lipstick off of his face.

“I figured we had to get it out of the way at least once.” You laughed and nodded.

“Happy now?” you yelled, talking to the girl a few feet in front of you.

“A little.” Remus laughed nervously and ran his hands through his hair again.

“You know,” you said, putting your hands in his hair, “It would be less messy if you could keep your hands out of it.” He closed his eyes softly and tilted his head back a little bit at your touch. “So,” you said, dropping your hand.


“Do you think everyone was right?” He smiled, and before he could answer, you put your hand on his knee and leaned up to kiss him. “So do I.” The girl in front of you two looked back and rolled her eyes.

“Hey, let’s get out of here,” he said quietly. “To be honest, I haven’t heard anything we’ve listened to since we touched. Mostly just ringing in my ear.” You laughed and took his hand as he stood up. He walked out of the Common Room, and led you to a broom cupboard down the hall.

“Too much?” he asked as he pulled it open. Something fell to the floor inside of the cupboard as you looked inside.

“No, I think it’s great,” you said, pulling him inside. He shut the door behind him, and you grabbed onto his waist, pulling him closer. “We can never tell anyone that they were right.”

“Never,” he said, kissing you. His hands were in your hair, holding you close. You held onto his t-shirt as you continued to make out. When you pulled away for some much needed air, you looked up at him with a smile.

“For the record, I like when you played with my earrings.” He laughed and kissed you again, this time keeping his hands close to your ears so he could still fiddle with your earrings.

“For the record,” he said, pulling away. “I like when we bump noses.” You giggled and pulled him close again, he backed you up until your hit a rack, and even though it jammed into your spine, you didn’t care.

The next day, as you were getting dressed, you realized that Remus had left his sweater. When you gathered up all of your things from the Common Room, you hadn’t even noticed you picked up his sweater. Although it was about midnight, so you couldn’t entirely blame yourself.

The sweater was so soft, and fuzzy, you couldn’t help but put it on. You’d give it back to Remus when you saw him next.

You walked with your friend down to breakfast, and fought off the smile that grew on your face when you walked past Remus’s table. You sat down, with your back to Remus’s. You started in on your pancakes when someone tapped your shoulder.

“What?” you asked, turning around to face Sirius and James’s smug faces. Remus on the other hand, was red hot again, looking very uncomfortable while Peter laughed next to him.

“Isn’t that Remus’s jumper?” James asked.

“No,” you said, trying not to give anything away. “I think it’s just the same.”

“You know, I’d believe that,” Sirius said with a smooth grin, “If James and I hadn’t caught you making out in the broom cupboard last night.”

You nearly fell out of your chair. You tried to shush them, while your friends tried to listen carefully.

“How-What- You know what,” you said, looking them dead in the eye. “I don’t know how you saw us, but I’ve got a couple of things to say to you. First of all, you guys are too close, and know too much about each other and it’s a little weird. Second,” you said, getting close to their faces, “If you spy on Remus and I again, I’ll jinx you into The Great Lake.”

“She’s perfect,” they said, looking back at Remus who grinned but shook his head.

“Thanks, guys. Now will you shut up?”

Malec Killing It!!!

Today’s episode was awesome!!!

Originally posted by kitiss

Actually loved the whole scene in Hotel Dumort! Alec going all big bro and poor Raphael getting beat up, and then Magnus running in to stop Alec from punching his boy, only to give a lecture after about confusing his feelings and being addicted~~~  I really feel sorry for Raphael, who only wanted to help Izzy out of the addiction, instead got yanked in himself…also appreciated the inside story of visiting his little sister… I also hope that Izzy and Alec talk and make up…

Liked the whole downworlder meeting, glad to see Meliorn back again and pointing out how everyone is involved with the shadowhunters…

I was a bit pissed in the start with the whole climon getting it on, this time I’m glad Jace cockblocked them!! Simon got kidnapped again, after jinxing it in episode 6…

But my mood was brought back up with Malec finally talking about being there for one another, the suicidal thoughts and fears…even though they were interrupted again… but im letting it slide~

The scene with Aldertree and Alec, it was really satisfying to see Alec calling the shots and being intimidating, and finally seeing Aldertree smaller and less threatening…though I fear he will come back to bite us again…

Loved how last episode it was Magnus being a cool BAMF~~~

Love how this episode it was Alec being the Big Bro/THE BOSS~~~

Power couple slaying the episodes together

Requited Love

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Pairing: Cisco Ramon x Reader

Request: “hello darling! i’d like to request a cisco imagine. i feel as though i’m as unlucky in love as cisco is. could you maybe create something where cisco falls for a girl and she actually reciprocates?”

Word count: 1.349

A/N: Hello there! This is the first request that I received and I hope that you like it. I’m sorry if I took too much, I had no time in these days. Hope that I satisfied your expectations, if not please bear with me, I started writing just for awhile. I would love to receive a feedback from you, please. Thank you.

- G.x

It was a normal day of work at S.T.A.R. Labs for you: Caitlin was analysing some evidences that a meta-human has accidentally left in the crime scene the previous night and Barry was running on his working thread mill, improving his speed, while you were watching him through the big transparent glass window and controlling his speed range and vital signs from time to time.

The only strange thing for you is that Cisco was working absent-mindedly. It was not only for that specific day, but he has been overthinking for the whole week by now.

“Cisco, are you doing fine?” You shouted from the room you were in, hoping for him to hear you, but he didn’t even turn his head to deign you a glance.

You were starting to worry for Cisco’s behaviour in these days, because Cisco was normally jolly and playful. He used to work with a sweet smile on his beautiful face every time, he used to trifle on work stuffs and he used to make fun of every meta-humans that Barry fight with by giving them silly funny nicknames. He was the clown of the team, because he can cheer everyone up, especially during those hard and tiring days at work.

You were busy thinking of Cisco until you heard an irritating sound from the computer, followed by a loud thump.

“Holy Molly, Barry!” Your eyes grew wide when everything sank in you. You quickly turned the irritating noise off and you ran inside the room where Barry was. You saw him on the ground, suffering from pain. “I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay, (Y/N)!” He weakly smiled, hiding the pain as he knew that you really feel bad about it. Barry is that type of person that pretends to be fine when it comes to the team, so no one would feel bad about it. After all, your goal is to keep him alive, safe and sound.

“C’mon, let me help you.” You bit your lower lip harshly and you helped him to get up from the ground. You then let him sit on a chair and you quickly checked him up, figuring it out if he broke or fractured any bone.

“What were you thinking of?” Barry blurted out while you were checking him up. You stopped yourself from doing anything for awhile and thought if you should tell him. He then raised his left eyebrow and flashed a playful grin.

“Fine!” You rolled your eyes, giving up on the thought of not saying him anything. “It was about Cisco.” You unleashed a long deep sigh and continued checking Barry up.

“Oh, I noticed that he’s a little bit quiet in these days.” He nodded slowly. “He never opened up.”

“That sucks!” You nodded as you found no fractures in Barry’s body. Well, that wouldn’t be a problem either: he heals just as fast as he runs. “I’m starting to worry; did you know that?”

“I am too.” He shortly answered. Barry was talking fast and you could barely understand what he was saying. You started to think that he was hiding something too, maybe he knew something but he couldn’t tell anything because he promised Cisco not to.

You were about to confront Barry about him knowing something, but you let the idea go and didn’t mind his actions.

You sat on the chair across Barry and you started to think once again. Maybe it was some sort of family problems, maybe it was about work or maybe it was something about love. Who knows?

You knew that Cisco has never been successful when it comes to love. He liked someone, but he always failed, mostly when it comes to admitting his feelings towards the girl. What a loss for those girls though, because Cisco can be a shy and an introvert nerd, he has a weakness for sweets and candies and he can be a little bit childish in some circumstances, but he was an adorable and a lovely person for you. Those were some of things that made you fall in love with Cisco, but there was no way you were admitting it to him. You are just afraid to tell him everything, because you never had a successful love life neither, just like Cisco.

“Hey, you’re overthinking once again.” Barry snorted and you rolled your eyes in response. “Try to talk to him, maybe he opens up to you.”

“You think so?” You asked him, a little bit puzzled.

“Yup. There is nothing wrong on trying, right?” He smiled widely and shrugged everything off.

“Fine, whatever you say, Allen.” He smirked and he thrusted his head to where the door was located, as if he was saying that you should talk to Cisco immediately. You then nodded your head and you stood up, leaving your friend alone in the room. “Are you feeling better now?” You asked him before going away.

“Yes, Madame!” He playfully answered. “Don’t worry.”

“Alright.” You somehow calmed yourself down. “No eavesdropping, Bar!” He raised both of his hands in air as if he was defending himself. You let a giggle out and went to your office to get some sweets and then you proceeded to the Cortex, where Cisco was staying.

You sat on the chair beside Cisco’s and waited for few seconds if he would turn to you and talk to you.

“Hey Cisco!” You caressed him on his right shoulder using your left hand. “What’s up?”

“Hey (Y/N)! Nothing’s wrong.” He looked at you to flash a weak smile and looked back at his computer screen once again.

“Oh, c’mon!” You insisted and pouted your lips when you had no success on convincing him. “Tell me what’s bothering you, please.”

“I’m fine, (Y/N).” He bit his lower lip harshly.

“Do you want some?” You offered your hand full of his favourite sweets and his chocolate-coloured eyes grew wide, just like a kid eager to have some candies.“Sweets will never fail you, as a matter of fact, they are always there to cheer you up.” You gave him the sweets and he wrapped his arms around your waist tightly. “Aw, Cisco.” You were fluttered for his gesture and you smiled widely. You returned the hug tightly too.

“You’re just like these sweets, you always know how to cheer me up.” He complimented you shyly. “I love you.” Cisco confessed then confidently while you were still hugging each other.

“Oops.” You both heard a girl’s voice from the laboratory and you quickly broke the hug you were sharing. “Sorry.” Caitlin apologized and went to the room where Barry was.

“What was that, Cisco?” You asked him, confused. You heard what he has said, it was loud and clear. You asked him to repeat it just to be sure that he really felt that way, because you were more than happy with his revelation.

“I-I’m sorry.” He stuttered. “I-I didn’t want to.” He harshly bit his lower lip for few times. He was so afraid of what your reaction might be.

You smiled warmly and he stopped torturing his lip, instead he unleashed a long and heavy sigh. From his corrugated forehead, his facial muscles softened. “I love you, (Y/N)!” He repeated it for one more time.

You stared at him for a short moment to create the suspense factor between you two, but then you just laughed.

“What?” Cisco asked sadly.

“I love you too, Cisco.” You confessed right after and you slowly leant in to lock your lips with Cisco’s. You both shared a short, but full of love kiss.

“Thank God!” You both thought to yourself because you finally had a requited love after a long long wait.

“Isn’t requited love great, Caitlin?” You and Cisco quickly broke the kiss and turned to your friends standing under the Cortex’s door frame.

“It is.” Caitlin answered with a wide smile on her face. “It always feels right and wholesome.”

“Right!” You and Cisco agreed in unison. “Jinx! Jinx again!” You laughed together as your two friends watched you happily from afar.

Even a pirate can get sick...

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Request: Edward Kenbae fan fiction where he gets sick and reader kisses him to make him better. (sonia-sword)

A/N: I am always on for some kisses to sick!Edward! *winks* this was supposed to be in Christmas setting, but I decided against it since it took me so long to write…Oh yeah, let’s not forget the shitty title! Yay me!-Jinx

Type: Drabble

“Edward?” The female crept into the Captain’s cabin, worry taking over her features. She had been informed by Adé that Edward was in his cabin for two days, barely coming out. He looked weaker than usual, Adéwalé had noticed, and Y/N had been waiting for the blond assassin to get back to Nassau, believing he was still sailing the seas for a long time before the quartermaster decided to pay a visit to the pub she was working. And here she was now, hugging Edward’s warm body like he was going to die, the tray with some food and tea left on his office.

“Evening, lass,” Edward chuckled, the sound hoarse due to him being sick, “I missed you too.”

“Edward!” She hissed lowly, frustrated at him for hiding his sickness from everyone.

“Aye lass! Captain Kenway, in your service,” he bowed his head like she was a queen, and not just a barmaid.

“Okay. Be like that,” she told him sternly. “Be like that, and I will make sure you are not sailing for three months.”

“How come so?” His eyes darkened momentarily, and she smirked at him.
“I will make your fear come true, Captain Kenway. You are not sailing until you get better, and if you don’t listen to me this will drag on.”

He looked at her for a few moments, his anger and disappointment melting away as she fixed his pillow in a poor attempt to make him feel better.

“I really don’t know how I got sick, if that makes ya sleep at night.”

“Ha!” She gasped, and then raised an accusing finger to him. “You mean before or after you stayed out in the rain, hugging your precious rum and ignoring your comrades’ advice to get inside before you catch a cold? I know everything ya smug bastard, so be sure I will be sleeping just fine!”

Edward smirked, and opened his arms as if accepting her words. “Yas, love, yas. Now that you’ve come here, ya know that ya won’t sleep anywhere but beside me, right?

“You know that if you get a fever during the next few hours I will not sleep at all, right?”

Surprisingly, he didn’t say anything. A small silence followed, before she spoke up.

“Alright, let me bring you something to eat, Edward!” She smiled down at him.
“While you are at it, bring me a packet of kisses!” He told her and her smile widened. This was a good chance for Edward to stay in Nassau for a bit and for them to bond a ton more.

“You know what? You were right; I missed you too damn much. I am going to feed you,” she said happily, and sat next to Edward, lifting the spoon with the hot soup. “but don’t you dare get used to it,” she threatened.

He smirked once again, and opened his mouth, accepting the food, his blue eyes never leaving hers. They both appreciated the whole situation, Edward because he could be a softie without being looked down and Y/N because she could spend some more time with him.

After the soup was done, they cuddled for a while, until he demanded for her attention by lifting her head, their lips meeting in a chaste kiss.
She slapped his cheek lightly, trying to seem angry, and Edward looked shocked.

“Are ya an idiot?” She couldn’t keep the smile away from her face, the man confused but obviously a bit more relaxed. “I’m going to be sick tomorrow, how will I take care of you then?”

He smiled brightly, and hugged her closer to his chest. “Easy. By giving me more kisses.”

“This is serious, Edward! We’re talking about your well-being here!” She whined while shaking her head, and he nuzzled his nose to her neck, tickling her effeciently. A gleeful smile was brought on her lips, and she even laughed, before she was cut-off by a sneeze.

“Y’are still sick, remember it!” She felt him snuggle closer to her body wordlessly, sighing a bit by its cool temperature.

Her lips found his forehead, and she let them linger there for a bit longer than necessary. He was not burning up enough for this to be a fever, but she would have to keep an eye on him as he slept, now soundly, his arms wrapped around her middle.

She spent the whole night making sure he wasn’t feverish, and playing with his hair as to coax him to stay relaxed and asleep.


Couple moodboard 2 - Rina edition

I’m sorry for the lack of art, I’m setting back photoshop and I’m trying to get as much stuff as I can back. It should be good soon, I drew poppy’s piece again and it should be ready soon this is littrally what I said before my computer broke down I hope I’m not jinxing myself again lol. I’m so happy I saved this before though

This is just to give you a glimpse of my Mc and Chris’ relationship 😄 I will do one for my Mc and Zig as well ! Should be fun hehe

credit to Ivnderbrwn for the templates