ASTRO reaction to their clumsy s/o

Thank you for the cute request! ^^ I really enjoyed doing this~

i giggled while writing the reactions, it was so much fun TuT


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  • I feel like he would just find you cute as long as you don’t hurt yourself badly
  • Would still always ask you if you were okay but like, he would be laughing at the same time
  • *you trip over your own feet* *sounds of MJ laughing somewhere because the way you fell was just so cute*
  • “Oh, adorable, s/he ran into the doorframe again, what a dork” *walks to you* “You okay there?”


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  • Gif: *nagging mode* “This is how people usually walk, they don’t usually run into the doors or trip over their own feet”
  • “Girl/dude stop causing me heart attacks” *;-;* 
  • Low-key thinks you are cute and he is so S O F T when he sees you being clumsy because you’re just so freaking A D O R K A B L E
  • “I’m so gonna wrap you in like one hundred layers of bubblewrap so I can stop worrying about you hurting yourself


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  • always there to help you up when you fall which probably happens often because who wouldn’t fall upon seeing this angel he’s so beautiful T.T
  • Finds you absolutely adorable though it always startles him a little when he sees you hurt yourself
  • “Are you okay?” *giggles that eunwoo giggle we all know, y’all know what i’m talking about don’t lie*
  • And you’re like always blushing because it’s Cha Eunwoo 


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  • “Did you fall for me again baby?” 
  • Can’t believe that someone as clumsy as you exists
  • Thinks it’s kind of cute and always helps you up though he always feels his heart drop when he sees you hurt yourself (like Eunwoo)
  • Gif: “Again? Seriously? Are you okay?” *chuckles*


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  • Is always there to make sure you don’t hurt yourself, in fact, nothing ever happens when he’s around
  • He can, like, sense it coming ya know?
  • He’s just always there
  • *grabs you a second before you run into a door* “Oops, that could have been painful” *acts like he didn’t do anything special just now*
  • “You can trust me, I will not let you hurt yourself”


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  • *is clumsy with you*
  • You guys are so used to each other’s clumsiness that you just coolly help each other up when accidents happen like it’s nothing
  • Asking “are you okay?” is only occasional and used in serious situations, tripping over your own feet isn’t usually one of them
  • You would probably laugh at each other a lot
  • “Oh, another meeting with the floorboards?” *calmly helps you up*
  • “Girl/dude I just ran into that door like five minutes ago” *high-five*