Loona hype is valid

Loona is arguably one of the most ambitious kpop projects and even further Blockberry Creative actually followed through with it. In late 2016 Blockberry Creative announced the Loona project, which would involve introducing a girl every month until 12 girls were introduced. Each girl would get her own mv and solo album. Eventually, sub units would be formed. When I first heard of this project, I automatically assumed it would get canceled and that 12 member group would never happen. a relatively unknown company would have no way to do this. 

But Blockberry Creative did it. And in no way shape or form were they lazy about Loona. Loona members shot music videos around the world. Their mvs were produced by Digipedi, a well known kpop mv company. Each girl got their own style of music and image. Blockberry Creative made an entire lore around Loona, it’s like all their predebut work is an OT12 origin story. Loona members have released songs and mvs that promote consent, gender identity, wlw romance, questioning of higher beings, and self-love. Individual members got 2-3 fanmeets each. Loona tv was created to let the girls introduce themselves to the public. 

By the end of their pre-debut stage, Blockberry Creative would have spent over 10 million dollars on Loona alone. And besides the greater production scheme of things, Blockberry Creative has been so good to fans, including international fans. Odd Eye Circle released an English version of their song “Loonatic”. Pretty much every video on their youtube channel has English subs. Blockberry Creative does tons of giveaways and holds fun contests like “meme festivals”. They also are open to criticisms and comments from both Korean and international fans. On top of that, the girls have so far been treated really well. the girls are eating well and Blockberry Creative makes sure the younger ones are going to school. Once when they were filming in London a member complained that her feet were hurting from the uncomfortable dress shoes they had to wear. So the manager took them all to the nearest sneaker store and the girls all picked out a pair of comfortable shoes in which management paid for completely. 

I’ve been a kpop fan since 2008 and I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a group like this and a company that cares so much like this. So yeah, Loona hype is valid and these girls are gonna show why they’re the next big thing on August 7th


180802 LOOΠΔ “favOriTe” Official Teaser

there’s a lot of ppl who complain that they don’t get the hype w loona but tbh, personally, bbc played a big factor on why i love and anticipate loona. blockberry creative has done unreasonable risks that early fans doubted a lot, including me. they planned an 18 month project to showcase one girl out of 12 for a month with an individual music video and an EP. none of the big 3 have dared to do that (and for a good reason, it’s stupid! imagine investing in a gg with members they didn’t have yet!!!) they employ brilliant concepts, far more complex than MANY other groups because they carry it through. loona is built on its complexity (loona’s very name is an example already). they have amazing writers who theorize the loonaverse concept, write music videos, do historical research, and plot their timeline EVEN ACCORDING TO ASTRONOMICAL EVENTS (we once waited for an eclipse to get content). they have innovative and daring producers who understood how kpop is nowadays and played out of its rules by surprising everyone with the high budget they provided for loona (if im not wrong, jyp invested 400,000 USD for twice while loona is around 4,000,000 USD nbd). they target both korean and international fans and equally provide for them (eng and kor subs always!!!) and the AMOUNT of pre-debut content is insane. they also shoot music videos like it’s no big deal (they’ve gone to france, japan, iceland, london, taiwan, hong kong, LA, new zealand, and prague). no one can compare to how they are building up this debut. plus!!! they don’y shy away from lgbt themes (as many people have claimed). they have the most caring managers, directors, and staff who feed them well (unlike companies who won’t shut up abt diets), really look after them when they’re uncomfortable, make bets abt pizza with them, and cry with them when they perform as ot12 for the first time. and yes, loona members may not be composing their own songs, but bbc works with a range of accomplished, highly experienced songwriters who don’t stick to one sound (see loona 1/3, oec, yyxy, AND the individual ones; the songs are filled to the brim with diversity and experimentation and absolutely no limits). hell, yyxy had a collab with a western artist (grimes) PRE-DEBUT. that’s unHEARD of.

there are still many, many things that can be said, and yes, bbc may turn out to be not as perfect as a lot of us think but right now, im really blown away and curious at their precision for their craft, in producing loona, and how they will continue later on. loona and bbc have been playing the waiting game for two years now. this onslaught of popularity is recognition of that. so many people—artists—worked hard for their august debut and the days to come. we have to give credit to where credit is due.

didn’t expect it to be such a long post but this is why we stan loona lmao. even NASA does. look it up.


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