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Nobody’s home! Since my return, there are nothing but troubles. Definitely one day I’ll surely improve! I’ll show you the scenery I want to let you see! Nobody’s home! From the bottom of my heart I love, thank you.

This will be always one of my favorite songs of ONE OK ROCK. I could make a gif for every word of this song because it describes my life literally. As this song tells about the bad relationship between Taka and his parents I can perfectly understand him because I also lived for a while a situation like this. Even though for the fault to be a rebel and hypocritical person things not always go well with my parents, I will always thankful to them.

artyuta  asked:

hi i'm a new oor fan, can you pls recommend some videos to watch? c: ty, I love your account!! <3

Hi there! By “videos” you mean PVs? Or concerts? Or interviews? I’ll just give you everything I think of as relevant (which does hardly include their new stuff so apologises in advance lol) therefore this list is going to be subjective af aha.

Music Videos

  • Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer The classic OOR song, also my favourite. Their comeback song after Alex left the band in…2009.
  • The Beginning Probably their most known song I’d say. It’s worth the hype since it’s one of my faves as well (soooo subjective).
  • Liar Oh boy this is one of their heavier songs and OH BOY do they do a great job.
  • Deeper Deeper Literally one of my favourite songs to listen to while driving. Also the MV has Taka in leather pants so what else do you need.
  • C.h.a.o.s.m.y.t.h. This song is nothing but beautiful and I could die from happiness every time I see it live.
  • Be The Light This was written in dedication to the victims of the Touhoku earthquake in 2011. Very beautiful.
  • NO SCARED The song is SOO fun to listen to and so is the MV!
  • The Way Back The only newer song I’ll include because I think this one does sound like the old OOR at some points and it’s very cool in general.
  • Mighty Long Fall If you’re a fan of The Rurouni Kenshin movies you’ll probably know this one too.
  • Cry Out OK TBVH the song is cool and all but I listed the MV mostly for the reason of the boys being drenched in rain what.

Sudio Jam Session
Since Jinsei x Boku = OOR started to release a DVD with the limited edition of their albums including acoustic performances of 2 songs from the album. However, there have also been releases that didn’t come with a DVD but were uploaded only to their youTube channel.

Their upcoming Album Ambitions will release the acoustic versions of the songs We Are and Bombs Away in Studio Jam Session Vol. 3.

Live Performances (yay!)
OOR is good on the record but trust me, they’re even better live.

There are MANY more but these are the ones that I came up with immediately.

Full Concerts (because the Internet is a great place)

As for interviews…they aren’t really that exciting imo since it’s mostly Taka talking about the same things again and again. I’d recommend watching all the Monster Rock episodes featuring OOR because they’re hilarious (even without understanding everything) but since it’s very hard to find not only the episodes themselves but also the subtitles it’s all up to you. Edit: I just found some links lol.

Monster Rock

There are more MR episodes but like I said it’s very hard to find them and often no one has translated them yet. :(

I hope this was some kind of help to you (definitely took me longer than I thought lmao) and thank you for loving my blog!! <3