Hello sis and bros, my name is Sulli and I am the new member of this family!

I am a 16 years old student full of aegyo *throws  hearts*, a blooming flower who wants to bloom nicely, with a lot of friends. I think I am very fun-loving, but sometimes I am shy… 

I am so happy I could just explode *smiles*

My english is not really good, but I try ;;

Hope we get along well, lot of kisses from Sulli ♥ 

Hello babies ~

I am here to say some much things to my lovely family, huh, well  let’s start!

First, I want to wish you all a happy 25th december, Merry Christmas AI fam, and a happy new year too. I’m not an old member or something like that, but I feel like I always belonged here. Thank you all for being nice with me.

Oh, we also have a lot of new members in our family, hello everyone, welcome to AI fam! I’m your smiling angel, Sulli and it’s pretty nice to meet you all. You can talk to me anytime about anything, okay? I hope that we can be good friends.

Here’s my christmas gift, hope this is enough to you all. Please, enjoy this candy canes ~

And at last but not least, a special “Merry Christmas” and “Happy new year” to my Ricky. I love you. Noona loves you. You’re the best Christmas’ gift ever.

Ohh, I almost forgot! I’m not going to be here for the next 2 days, but you can contact me by AIM (sulli-ai) ^^

With love,


Guess whos back?

I am really sorry
I have some problems those days so I was not able to be here but this is my comeback, hello again.
Happy 2014 for my lovely AI fam ♡
And I miss you so much, Ricky.