CABROS FIRMEN!! NO LES QUITARÁ NI 5 MINUTOS, PONGANSE LA MANO EN EL CORAZÓN Y PIENSEN QUE SU MASCOTA PODRÍA ESTAR AHÍ!!! PASEN LA VOZ https://www.change.org/p/presidente-de-china-xi-jinping-detener-la-masacre-de-perros-del-festival-de-yulin?recruiter=325394114&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=share_page&utm_term=des-lg-no_src-custom_msg AHI LES DEJO EL LINK! Miles de animales robados están siendo sacrificados en un FESTIVAL DE CARNE DE PERRO que espera reunir a una multitud de chinos a partir del 21 de junio, en Yulin, provincia de Guangxi Zhuang. Decenas de jaulas con animales a la espera de la muerte comparten el espacio con perros clavados en estacas. Los que siguen vivos apenas pueden respirar en sus pequeñas prisiones, muchos de ellos fracturados por la violencia del viaje. Miles de perros inocentes van a ser masacrados para un festival de horror,  torturados previamente solamente por que así tienen más sabor… ESTO TIENE QUE PARAR!!! Por favor levantemos las voces del mundo para ayudar a prohibir EL FESTIVAL DE CARNE DE PERROS de Yulin, que va a ocurrir el 21 de junio de 2015. Innumerables vidas caninas  serán sacrificados con el fin de cumplir con una tradición bárbara que se ha permitido que se produzca durante muchos años y ahora es tiempo de que este horror finalmente llegue a su fin. Este infernal “Festival” implica lo que algunos llaman saborear las “delicias” de estofado de carne de perro. Esto aumentará el secuestro de perros callejeros y mascotas y también aumentarán las prisiones de tortura e inhumanas granjas de perros, lugares en donde los mejores amigos del hombre los crían para tales fines. Miles de perros van a sufrir, ser asesinados, golpeados hasta la muerte, desollados vivos para ser comidos. El tiempo corre y la matanza masiva de perros pronto se llevará a cabo, por lo que debemos tener nuestras voces unidas y levantadas no sólo para salvar la vida, sino para guardar la esperanza en la humanidad, para ser parte de un mundo compasivo donde todos nos reunimos para hablar a favor de toda vida inocente.Si nos alejamos e ignoramos los gritos / súplicas de estos seres, entonces nos alejamos de ser “una especie” verdaderamente humana.


President of China - Xi Jinping

Petition to Barbara Woodward
Biritish Ambassador to China

Petition to Mr.Chen Wu
Yulin Governor

Hi guys. These poor dogs (and cats) need help. Please sign up to stop this Yulin Festival. I’m not a pet lover but signing up could be a big help.

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Mao's nightmare: China stock traders now outnumber Communist Party members

For the first time in modern China, capitalists have outnumbered Communists. More than 90 million Chinese now trade stocks, says China Securities Depository and Clearing Co. That compares with 87.8 million Communist Party members at the end of last year, the state-run Xinhua News Agency reported on June 29, two days before the 94th anniversary of the party’s founding.

It’s safe to assume this is not what Mao Zedong envisioned when he led the Communists to power in 1949, and it presents tricky challenges for President Xi Jinping. A record number of investors, more than the population of Germany, flocked to the sharemarket over the past year as the Shanghai Composite Index doubled. Now, the boom is at risk of turning into a bust after the benchmark tumbled more than 20 per cent from its June 12 peak through to Monday, leaving many retail investors bruised and undercutting China’s already sluggish economy.


The other side of world’s second largest economy

China may be held up as the second largest economy in the world, but it can be easy to forget the bottom group in society, who often remain out of public sight.

While the burgeoning business areas in major Chinese cities give the semblance of wealth, the gap between the rich and the poor is shockingly wide. China has a population of 70 million whose daily income is about US$1, according to China’s State Statistics Bureau. That number takes up 7.2% of China’s entire rural population.

The following pictures detail the lives of some of these people. In Daliangshan mountain area in Sichuan Province, villagers share their cottages with the animals they herd, yet they can’t afford to eat meat.

The country has set a goal to establish an “all-round well-off society” by 2020, with poverty relief the top issue on the agenda.  

At a symposium focusing on social development over the next four years, Chinese President Xi Jinping stressed that poverty relief in underdeveloped areas is ‘key to economic development nationwide.’

Why Macau's gaming and property value slump matters


Macau’s real estate market has been one of the best performing real estate markets in the world for the past six years. It has been experiencing dramatic growth for nearly a decade.  In that period of time, real estate prices have quintupled. 2014 was different and 2015 looks to be even more challenging according to industry analysts.

Last year real estate prices in Macau reversed direction rather suddenly. The gambling tables in Macau also experienced a slump; the first of its kind. Macau real estate’s dramatic rise in value in recent years has been tied directly to the robust resort and gambling industry there. Recent weakness in gambling traffic in Macau has a direct and negative impact on real estate values.

From the looks of things on the ground, a reversal of recent fortunes will not materialize ending anytime soon for a variety of reason. At the top of that list is Chinese President Xi Jinping’s widely publicized anti-corruption campaign. Other headwinds include regional competition for gamblers/resort destinations and slower growth in discretionary spending by Chinese gamblers. All have conspired to slow the pace Macau’s spectacular rise as a gambling hub. These forces combined have acted to suppress resort revenues by 2.6% last year. Estimates are calling for a similar pullback this year.

I know, you are probably thinking that a combined 5% pullback in revenues over 2 years is no big deal but considering that the total take in Macau is roughly 6 times that of Las Vegas, the numbers are staggering as are the tax revenues collected by the government.

A sharp contraction in demand for real estate in Macau may not trigger a global meltdown as we witnessed during the Thai Bhat crisis but it will have an impact on the value of high end Chinese real estate and Chinese consumer confidence. Given the recent weakness that exists in the Chinese mainland real estate market and given concerns over the rate of growth and level of consumer spending in China, Macau’s fall from grace could not come at a worse time. Policy makers can only hope that Macau’s reversal lower in property values does not match the velocity with which those very same property values climbed in recent years.

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Today I mistook Obama as Xi Jinping
I dragged Obama to my house and talked to him about the latest hello kitty smut fan fiction I read until I realized