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hello shirley I know we've never talked before but it's never too late to start so I have to say your kainora headcanons/fics are the best (btw do you have more kainora headcanons to share bc my life's been lacking in kainora recently and this is terrible)


do i have more headcanons is that even a question

  • kai learns to read for the first time from jinora
  • he knew the basics but couldn’t quite piece sentences together
  • it’s after their first lesson that he realizes yeah he might be in love with her… kind of…. maybe….. for sure………..
  • kai has a bad boy phase
  • jinora makes fun of him for it bc he’s actually a dweeb (“hey pretty lady i heard you were looking for someone to.. sweep you off your feet” “your fly’s open”)
  • (but she’ll never admit to him that his slicked-backed look is actually rly hot)
  • their first fight unintentionally involves third parties
  • …because they kind of caused a mini-hurricane on air temple island
  • when jinora gets jealous, she gets really jealous
  • that’s how mini-hurricane pt 2 happens
  • they’re not really into pda much but:
  • when he decides to finally tell her he loves her, kai has this elaborate plan involving dozens of flowers and maybe an orchestra
  • he ends up blurting it out one day instead when they’re meditating together
  • she tells him to shut up bc she’s still meditating but she’s smiling and he knows
Tenzin and Jinorah spirit guides ramble

I’m quite pleased by Jinora being Korra’s guide into the spirit world. At first I was a bit upset about this, not because I didn’t want Jinora to guide her, but I didn’t really like how incompetent it made Tenzin look as a mentor. I mean he’s introduced by Katara as being one of the most spiritual people she knows, and now we find out he’s never even been to the spirit world. But then I thought about it and in the original series I think it’s stated that most people can’t go into the spirit world, so this task alone is difficult to accomplish even among the most “spiritual”.

Plus, in all honesty I can deal with Tenzin’s spiritual ineptitude in exchange for a positive female relationship between Korra and Jinora. Also I think Tenzin’s real appeal is the mentor/fatherly figure relationship he has with Korra, not him as spiritual guide. I do feel, however, that Tenzin learns more from Korra then Korra from Tenzin(mostly due to Korra’s thickheadedness XD). Korra and Tenzin have such a wonderful relationship that I wish they spent more time focusing on those two, as oppose to Korra’s relationship to Mako or really any of the other males in her life (Yes, even her own father). Only because I think it is the most genuine,  positive and interesting.

One of the other moments I greatly appreciated was Jinora and Kya’s relationship, and how supportive Kya is to Jinora and how loving the two are around each other. So I think in terms of female relationships they are doing better this week, and I hope they continue down this path because I do like where this is going. I generally find anything involved with Tenzin, his family and Korra are generally stronger in the show anyways.

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Who are you're favorite clients? Do you ever do Pema, JInora and Ikki's nails? That would be adorable if they came in for manicures!

“Yes I have had the chance to do Pema and the girls’ nails on occasion ! They’re all so sweet. It was a challenge getting Ikki to sit still long enough the first time, but once her mother said i could put a bit of glitter on her nails if she was good she was a total angel.” Emi giggled at the memory, “Hmm…my favorite clients? well that’s a really hard one. I don’t suppose I have a particular favorite. But…now don’t tell anyone i told you this but, When councilman Tenzin stops by he and I have the nicest conversations!"