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can i ask you about seokjin being mysterious? can i know your opinion about it? i kinda want to know the other's opinion about it cause he's just so precious for me even though he's not my ub.

So i saw the anon saying how seokjin is the most confusing member bc there’s so many layers of him & i couldn’t’ve said it better tbh. Even tho there isn’t much of his other side that we can see, it’s cool how we can collectively agree that there’s more beyond his cute & bubbly character. I feel like he’d be much more quiet, calm & pensive irl. And i know that he knows he’s beautiful but whenever he says it himself on tv, it kinda feels like it’s just for show. Idk sorry just a random thought

my opinion about jin’s personality is still the same, he’s truly a great actor even to his own life. for example that time when he can’t attend his own graduation because the boys had to attend an award event. remember what jimin said on the vlive broadcast that day, he knows jin must be upset because of that but he will never show it. though jin said he’s sad but he was still smiling to us and smiling when the guys gave him a little graduation surprise party no matter what. i feel like he’s the type of person when he feels something burdening him, he will just keep it to himself rather than showing it off. do you guys notice whenever he’s mad, he’s just trying to look mad because then he will try to make it look as funny as he can. he’s still cover it off with his great acting.

and yes the 2nd anon i agree with you, there’s definitely more beyond his cute & bubbly character. i think there’s a reason why yoongi likes him to be his roommate. remember when yoongi said “we will see the world peace through jin hyung” or that time when he said “jin hyung doesn’t need to do anything, his presence alone calms me” or something along that and i believe yoongi is the no-bullshit person so there you have one fact about jin, that he’s actually a calm person. yes jin acts all noisy and cheery with the maknae line, with hobi, even namjoon, and then when we see him with yoongi, idk in my eyes he’s not that loud like he’s with the others? like he’s much tamer??? yes he nags yoongi alot at times as well but sometimes he’s just.. stood there and watch the others when he’s tired of acting. and the last time jimin also said it too in the vlive broadcast, said jin ever mentioned that he acts all childish for the sake of the youngers and jin immediately said “of course”. jin himself admit that it’s him who match his actions to the youngers’ mentality.

i love op because there are chapter titles that sound rlly deep and poetic like “things that can’t be faked”, “meeting a broken moon through the clouds”, “he who must live to see a new age” and “being dead isn’t an apology”

and then there are chapter titles that are pop culture references, like “for whom the bell tolls” and “the times they are a-changin” 

but then we also have shit like “usopp’s great manly adventure”, “wow, that’s nice”, “naked but great”, “not the afro”, “so disgusting it makes me fly” and chapter 667, which is just titled in all caps and in english “COOL FIGHT”

i also have to give a shout out to chapter 574: “portgas d. ace dies”.  because, i mean, at least he was up front about it.  

sabo never met ace as an adult.  the last time they saw each other they were ten years old, and sabo was being taken away by his dad, and ace was yelling at him not to go.  we know this.

but consider again- that sabo never met ace as an adult.  he doesn’t know ace’s post-puberty voice sounded like.  if people mention to him how polite ace was, he’s probably like ?????? because he never saw that side of him.

when he pictures ace, he pictures him as a kid.  when he has nightmares about ace dying, ace is always a child in them, even though he knows that’s illogical.

there’s almost a distance it creates.  it doesn’t hurt him as much to see pictures of ace’s corpse (and for some sick reason, there were plenty of those after the war) or to look at his wanted posters because there’s some part of sabo that doesn’t register that person, that adult man, as being his ace.  the same ace he ran through the woods with for years.  the same ace that shared so many laughs and tears with him.

and it’s for that reason that when he goes to visit dadan and she shows him her scrapbooks of ace, he very nearly breaks down completely.  there they are, pictures of ace as a child, the ace that sabo knew, the ace he keeps dreaming about.  

and as he flips through the pages, he gets to see the ace that he knew grow up, slowly transform into the man whose corpse he’s seen in the newspaper, and it hurts so badly, because it’s so goddamn real.  the kid that he knew, the brother that he loved, really is the same person who was murdered on that day.  and he knew that.  of course he knew that.  but it feels different now.  the loss somehow feels even heavier.

that kid he knew is gone.  that kid he knew is never coming back.  that kid he knew grew up into a man and then he died and that’s the end of it and it goddamn hurts.

i had totally forgotten about this until recently, but when i was younger and it was still in print my family was subscribed to american shonen jump while the impel down/marineford/post-war arcs were going down in op

and i just rediscovered the issues that have the asl flashback in them and i???  found this hilarious and adorable page talking about ace and how he and luffy are alike???  it was hard to get a good pic but i thought you guys might want to see it omg

also i can’t stop laughing at the bit that says “you can’t choose your brother” like….y’all…ace DID choose his brothers that’s kinda the whole point

i’ve scoured episode of sabo so many times over the months looking for things to gif but i’ve been so distracted by sabo while doing so that i somehow didn’t take note of this beautiful moment until just now saoifjisajfa LUFFY’S LITTLE FLAILING LIMBS OMFG

tbh one big reason i think it’d be cool if carrot joined the straw hats is that’d it’d do something to alleviate the dichotomy between the guys and the ladies on the crew??

like, nami and robin are completely different people from each other, and i appreciate and recognize that.  but it’s easy for ppl to lump them together as just ~the girls~ because of things like how they both almost never participate in crew gags, they’ll just be in the background eyerolling or looking bemused by most of the boys getting excited about things.  there’s this undercurrent of “oh you’re girls, you wouldn’t understand” when usopp, luffy, franky, brook etc get excited about robot stuff or whatever.

and that’s something you see from female characters so much: this misconception that the girls always have to be the voice of reason to the annoying, excitable boys who care about things “girls don’t care about” like NINJAS or ROBOTS.  

it doesn’t bother me thaaaat much because like i said, robin and nami are great characters and very unique from each other nonetheless, but still can you imagine how refreshing it would be to have a female crewmember who totally destroys that???

carrot participates in the gags.  she’s aggressive, she’s passionate, she’s reckless, she’s excitable.  she’d sure as hell start freaking out over a robot.  she’d be HAPPY to participate in something like pirates docking 6.

if she joined the crew, it’d force oda to stop separating the crew into “the boys who love cool stuff and are reckless!!!” and “the girls who just don’t get it” for gags, and idk, i think that’d be really nice.  the concept of girls being the rational ones and the voice of reason to the “”funny, stupid”” boys is a lot less grating and trope-y if one of the girls isn’t that way at all.  

important carrot things to remember:

- her very introduction was her getting the jump on zoro, who has observation haki and is one of the most powerful main characters in the series

- on zou she’s a ruler’s aide, which means unlike most minks she literally works day AND night as a go-between for nekomamushi and inuarashi, and so must have incredible stamina 

- she’s a member of the inuarashi musketeer squad, one of the head combat forces of the mokomo dukedom

- pedro called her out specifically as being “stronger than your average mink” (and all minks are natural-born fighters, need i remind you)

- literally the only time we’ve ever seen her take a significant hit in a fight is when brulee reflected her own punch back at her

- she can jump like 50 goddamn feet in the air

- she can run incredibly fast

- she has impeccable sight, smell and hearing and has consistently foreseen and been able to avoid fast-moving and powerful threats (and even rescue other characters like nami from said threats in the process)

- she straight up could and would have murdered luffy, the main character and a pretty damn strong guy, if nami hadn’t known to pat her on the head to calm her down

- carrot is super strong and also the best bye

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i’m stuck in this situation rn where i know, LOGICALLY, i should absolutely not wish i could go to big mom’s tea party bc like…..it’s full of terrible people and if you do one thing wrong you might get murdered by a jellybean and they literally squeeze juices out of people as refreshments

but on the other hand

there’s a freaking candy escalator 

can we talk about zoro saying “this one’s mine” upon sensing carrot in her first appearance.  can we talk about zoro instantly judging that carrot was so powerful he needed and wanted to personally fight her.  bc like that happened.

the fact that carrot loves candy and has spent this whole time excitedly eating the candy in totland only to have her mentor be killed because of a person who uses candy as a weapon thO….

she’s probably never gonna be able to look at candy, this thing she loved so much, the same way again it’s so fucked up i’m so fucked up

one of my favorite mini flashbacks in op is that flashback to roger asking rayleigh to join his crew.  it’s just so funny to me.  like rayleigh’s chilling in a boat and roger just shows up like “YO NICE BOAT” and rayleigh’s like “thanks i stole it so i could live in it bc my house burned down” and roger proceeds to aggressively coerce him into joining him just because his boat is cool

like what a beautifully anti-climactic way for the pirate king and his first mate to have met