What I love the most about Kazuma from Summer Wars is that he was a computer gamer that had supportive parents and a supportive Grandpa to teach him martial arts. 

His relationship with his family is one of the reasons why he goes after Love Machine early on in the movie and he breaks down crying after he loses because he couldn’t protect everyone. Including his baby sister that hasn’t been born yet since his mother is still pregnant in the story. Even before she was born, Kazuma was already going into big brother protection mode. 

Prince of War - A Dalinar Kholin Fanmix

From the Blackthorn that conquered a kingdom beneath bloody boots to the Bondsmith that bound his soul to the storms themselves. You are the tower; you are the crown. Thunder shadows your steps.

[Listen - 8tracks] [Listen - Spotify]

Brother Stand Beside Me - Heather Dale || Nothing Stands In Our Way - Lacuna Coil || Unstoppable  - E.S. Posthumous || How Fortunate the Man with None - Dead Can Dance || Art of Conflict - VNV Nation || Never Forget (Midnight Verison) - Kazuma Jinnouchi || East - Sleeping At Last || Live to Rise - Soundgarden || The Humbling River - Puscifer || Saviors of the World - Skillet || Song For Someone - Vertical Horizon || Eye of the Storm - The Crüxshadows || It Has Begun - Starset

[Kaladin] - [Adolin (1)(2)] - [Shallan]


True Arbiter - Halo: Legends (Yasuharu Takanashi)
Punishment - Halo 2: Anniversary (Skywalker Sound)
Blade and Burden - Halo: Legends (Yasuharu Takanashi)
Honour’s Song - Halo 5: Guardians (Kazuma Jinnouchi)
Warrior World -  Halo 5: Guardians (Kazuma Jinnouchi)
Covenant Prayers -  Halo 5: Guardians (Kazuma Jinnouchi)
Zealous Champion - Halo 2: Anniversary (Skywalker Sound)
Shattered Legacy - Halo: Legends (Yasuharu Takanashi)

“ Đừng bao giờ quay lưng lại với gia đình mình, kể cả khi họ làm mình tổn thương. Đừng bao giờ để cuộc sống này tốt hơn bản thân mình. Và khi con không còn nhớ đến thứ gì nữa, hãy nhớ đến những giây phút khi ngồi ăn chung như một gia đình. Và cả khi các con không có thời gian, nhất là vào những lúc đó. Thế giới này đầy rẫy những đau khổ, nhưng cơn đói và sự cô độc chính là hai thứ tệ nhất. Cám ơn mọi người, gia đình quý giá của tôi. Tôi đã từng không biết cái điều ấy trong suốt chín mươi năm qua…" 

- Sakae Jinnouchi [Summer Wars]

Haruspis’ relaxing Halo playlist

Perhaps my favourite thing about Halo, other than the story, is the music. Across the last 14 years, this is just one department that has never ever let up in its quality. So I thought I’d compile a list of my top 20 Halo tracks which I listen to for the purpose of relaxation.

Ambient Wonder (HALO CE)

This plays aboard the Truth and Reconciliation at the gravity lift and really sets a beautifully ambient tone with its high notes and 80s-inspired synth.

Under Cover of Night (HALO CE)

Many will remember this from The Truth and Reconciliation’s opening stealth segment, but to me it’s grounded in my memory from the ‘Final Run’ section of Two Betrayals where you have to get to the Banshee in order to deactivate the final pulse generator. On your way, you’re caught in the middle of Covenant troops giving it their all against hordes of Flood. It’s one of Halo’s most unforgettable encounters.

Yawning Chasm (HALO CEA)

The camera pans up past a barren mountain and over a clifftop to gaze up at the crashed hulk of the Pillar of Autumn while a single, solitary Banshee is crashing right towards it because the Master Chief is a huge nerd and loves showing off.Yeah, this is the track which punctuates that.

Beyond Hope (HALO 2)

Our first of several unreleased tracks. This plays during the bit after reuniting with Miranda and Johnson where you’re fighting the Sangheili Rangers out on the station’s hull. The choir is ridiculously soothing to listen to.

Dust and Bones (HALO 2)

This one plays after John kills the Prophet of Regret and is forced to flee the temple as a Covenant ship’s energy projector begins to glass the area, and is dragged to an uncertain fate by the Gravemind.

Heavy Price Paid (HALO 2)

You’ve heard this many times in Halo 2′s main menu suite, but also at the start of Uprising where Thel learns that the Jiralhanae have murdered all of the Sangheili in the area. Like so many tracks in Halo 2, it conveys a haunting and mournful sense of sadness. Says rather a lot that I find this sort of thing relaxing…

High Charity (HALO 2)

You’d think that being caught in the middle of the eruption of the Great Schism would call for great bombastic tracks as you shoot, punch, slice, and explode your way through High Charity. Nope, you’re going to watch many small Grunts get slaughtered by Jiralhanae in pretty gardens and you’re going to feel relaxed doing it!

In Amber Clad (HALO 2)

I have actually come to associate this track more with the late Monty Oum, as he used this in the opening of the video that made his name as an animator on the internet about 8 years ago - Haloid. Rest in peace, Monty <3

Punishment (HALO 2A)

This is the Anniversary ‘remake’ of Heavy Prince Paid. It’s a track well worth listening to twice.

Halo Reborn (HALO 3)

A personal favourite of mine, the choir that makes up the first two minutes is so damn beautiful. That image of the Pelican flying towards Installation 04B as Thel affirms to Rtas that he will see this fight to its end is really quite powerful, and the track leads into gameplay as you make your way over to the control room.

Action Figure Hands (HALO WARS)

I love Halo Wars. I love Halo Wars’ story, I love its multiplayer, and I love its music. I find the music so relaxing that I actually feel sleepy at times when I’m waiting for my next batch of Hawks to finish construction and this track is playing. If you listen closely, you can hear the faint drumbeat in the background playing In Amber Clad.

ODST Concept Track #3 (ODST)

This track was not actually in the game which makes no sense to me because this fits so well with the ambience of Mombasa Streets. I don’t actually know if it was made by Marty and Michael, but I’ve been listening to this for 6 years now it’s as consolidated a Halo track as any other to me.

Bits and Pieces (ODST)

ODST’s music is just… some of the best you’ll ever hear. Wandering through the streets of New Mombasa by yourself while evading Covenant patrols, searching for audio logs and clues, just soaking in the very noir atmosphere, is an experience that I don;t think anybody ever expected Halo would or could do. But it did, and it was the best thing ever, and the music is like 90% of the reason for that. It just sells it.

Neon Night (ODST)

What genre of music even is this? I don’t know if ‘god-tier’ is its own genre, but if it was this track would probably be in it…

Rain (ODST)

…and so would this one. You’ll want to hug the next piano you see after this.

New Alexandria (REACH)

New Alexandria stands out as a shining beacon of everything I had hoped Reach would be like. The level was absolutely fantastic, a much-needed break from form where you could essentially do whatever you wanted and had a wider variety of objectives. There’s a really ODST-esque vibe about this, which is fitting since Buck is in this mission.

Legacy (HALO 4)

You’ve heard me say it a million billion squillion times, but this is my favourite Halo track. Ever. Of all time. I have nothing new to say about this track other than what I’ve been saying for almost 3 years now. I can’t believe that human beings made this.

Haven (HALO 4)

I actually remember not being too sure whether I liked this track when I first heard it, and if I had a time machine I’d go back and slap my past self for that because it is simply stunning. Also, the second half of the track plays during one of the most horrific and tragic moments in the Halo franchise, so you get to feel sad and relaxed at the same time.

Wreckage (HALO 4)

I actually have a habit of hanging around the opening area of Requiem just to hear this in its entirety, just taking in the scenery with the remains of the Dawn, the mortally wounded Covenant feebly crawling towards their weapons, the ‘god rays’ poking through the cloud cover and piercing through the smoke. It really set the tone for the game, and is followed up by…

Requiem (HALO 4)

…this! You emerge out of the caves and stumble upon one of the most unforgettable vistas in Halo’s history. Great floating spires shifting over a circular cityscape-hanging over a mountain complete with a waterfall. Again, this just sells the atmosphere of the game, that feeling of exploration and open alien environments. It brings Requiem to life.

Epilogue (HALO 4)

I kind of cheated because this makes 21 tracks, but I just had to include it. This plays at the end of the campaign where John is floating in space after his farewell with Cortana , and then transitions into a very ODST-inspired piece which was not in the game outside of the Halo 4 beta menu.

Halo 5 The Light is Green Piano Cover
Adam Kallibjian, Kazuma Jinnouchi, Dylan Thompson
Halo 5 The Light is Green Piano Cover

Hello Tumblr, I am back, on a brand new Blog, ready to start over anew. :)

This is a recent cover I learned from the Halo 5: Guardians soundtrack, thanks to Youtuber Adam Kallibjian for providing sheet music to this amazing creation. He gets all the credit for the cover, and as does Kazuma Jinnouchi for making Halo 5′s soundtrack. :) 

Enjoy, it’s a welcome back gift. 

WARNING Halo 5: Guardians spoilers ahead

OKAY. So after playing through the campaign a second time and taking a moment to scrape away the crusty salt build up, I can now talk about the great things that it had to offer! 


First, the level design. Bigger is better. And for someone like me who goes about exploring before advancing through the game, its a playground. You can climb here and there, smash through walls that lead to different routes, and its literally eye candy everywhere you turn. The worlds, the landscapes and just the atmosphere itself is breathtaking. I found myself staring out into the scarlet canyons of Sanghelios, Genesis as a whole was a beautiful marriage between Forerunner technology and nature, and Sunaion being a city in the middle of an ocean was surreal as fuck. Running along the spine of a Guardian was probably my favorite level. The graphics are highly impressive. The details put into the armor, the people, the worlds, cortana, it was all beautiful. And the COLORS. Some people thought this game was too saturated in its color but it just made the game look…delicious. If you’re familiar with Forge, campaign offered colors that where filtered with Forge’s “Juicy” option. The colors were darker, richer and gave these levels life. Its design is probably one of the best since Halo CE.

Second, the score. Music can speak to you in many ways and the music in this game told me to have all the feels. A definite improvement from Halo 4. Halo 5 probably offers one of the best soundtracks in the franchise. It’s epic. Moments in the game had me filled with either nostalgia, adrenaline pumping action or chills running down my spine thanks to the music. The score features some Halo classics remixed into the tracks that was pleasantly nostalgic to listen to. For example, listen to The Trials and tell me it doesn’t sound familiar. They also brought back the famous Halo Canticles. This song never fails to turn me to an emotional pile of goopThe music also gave an essence to each level. You got this Sanghelios vibe when Warrior World played in the background, The Dominion has a slight eerie/tragic feeling to it, and Walk Softly got my blood pumping and is probably one of my all time favorite tracks. Kazuma Jinnouchi did a fantastic job. Bravo, sir. Here’s the rest of my favorite tracks: 

Third, the gameplay. Its fun, its fast and my God do I love smashing through everything with the new Spartan Charge and Ground Pound. Sprinting plus using the boost makes you feel untouchable. 


The aiming is also different but in a good way. There’s always a satisfying pop! whenever you score a headshot. The midair aim is not really something I use but it does help if you master it. The enemy AI are far more challenging. Hunters take a bit more to take down than they normally would in the previous installments. I really also enjoyed the interactions you can have with the Swords of Sanghelios, pressing a button and hearing them speak. Your ally AI are somewhat smart. I haven’t had a problem with the revive system like others have. The AI seem to react accordingly and swiftly when you’re downed. They pull some of the weight in taking down enemies but not enough that you’re forced into the sidelines. They mount vehicles and help out throughout the mission the best they can. The gameplay is addicting and probably one of the best.


  • Female Sangheili Mahkee ‘Chava
  • Oly Oly Oxen Free tune
  • Olympia Vale speaking Sangheili
  • Locke referring to the Arbiter and Chief as ‘sir’
  • Singing grunt
  • Team Osiris’ reactions to singing grunt
  • Singing grunts in Sunaion
  • “Do not ignore the words of those who saw the Sun before you.”
  • #PoliteLocke
  • Sangheili Love poem to Commander Sarah Palmer
  • 031 Exuberant Witness, my precious baby
  • Edward Buck starring as the comedian of Fireteam Osiris
  • Firefly reference: Your sudden but inevitable betrayal
  • Grunt and Elite sitting at the ledge conversing
  • Cortana’s new character design
  • All the intel
  • All the Skulls
  • Grunt humming while holding a skull
  • Hearing Sangheili being spoken
  • Linda stepping in between John and Cortana
  • Arbiter sending his greetings to Master Chief
  • Sangheili. Medic.
  • “The Arbiter’s an ally so I recon these sangheili are our brothers” - Buck 2015
  • Kelly’s accent
  • Fred calling Chief ‘brother’
  • Team AI comments 

This campaign is far from perfect and definitely not my favorite but it has enough to keep me in love with its universe and keep me playing for a while. 

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Covenant Prayer is quite easily one of the best tracks on the OST, and its quality is compounded upon by the fact that it is actually sung in the Sangheili language.

This isn’t just gibberish, this is actually a song written in Sangheili. The lyrics are as follows:

Gaa-dee-enn nou meh-kah day-teh-chee sah-woo-foo ro-h-nah Doh-may-inn wu-doh-ja-doh

Noh ee-say nn-ba-h ee-woo-roh ee-koh-woh roh-ghee-sah-sah
Nay-koh-koh neh-nn-eay ray-moh-nay ray-moh-nay

Gaa-dee-enn neh-kah-yoh rah-keh-yoh eh-mah-taa ra-e-mah Doh-may-inn wu-doh-ja-doh

Noh ee-say nn-ba-h ee-woo-roh ee-koh-woh roh-ghee-sah-sah
Nay-koh-koh neh-nn-eay ray-moh-nay ray-moh-nay

Gaa-dee-enn noh-koh-chee nn-teh-woe eh-mah-taa chee-mee Doh-may-inn wu-doh-ja-doh

Noh ee-say nn-ba-h ee-woo-roh ee-koh-woh roh-ghee-sah-sah
Nay-koh-koh neh-nn-eay ray-moh-nay ray-moh-nay

Gaa-dee-enn beh-kuh-yah noh-ran-kah shah-oh-yoh ta-y shee Doh-may-inn wu-doh-ja-doh

Noh ee-say nn-ba-h ee-woo-roh ee-koh-woh roh-ghee-sah-sah
Nay-koh-koh neh-nn-eay ray-moh-nay ray-moh-nay

We don’t have any proper translations yet, and 343 don’t appear to be releasing a Sangheili dictionary any time soon, but we know that this is a prayer to the Guardian at Sunaion, imploring it to remain ‘asleep’. The Domain is also mentioned, but the context for that is something translators will have to pick up.


…YOUR CHOICES | Finn Fanmix | The Force Awakens

1. Jameson LockeKazuma Jinnouchi2. Anderton’s Great EscapeJohn Williams3. The Last ArrayMartin O'Donnell; Michael Salvatori4. Deference For DarknessMartin O'Donnell; Michael Salvatori5. FathlessNeil Davidge6. A Completely Insane PlanBrian Tyler7. Osiris Suite, Act 1Kazuma Jinnouchi8. Wake Me When You Need MeMartin O'Donnell; Michael Salvatori

anonymous asked:

How is the indigenous representation this election? How many First Nations are running for each party, and how does this compare to the last election? Wonderful blog, btw. Thank you for the time you put in this.

These are the known FNMI candidates per party:

Conservative Party of Canada (CPC)

Leona Aglukkaq (Inuit) - Nunavut
Rob Clarke (Cree) - Desnethé-Missinippi-Churchill River
Floyd Roland (Inuvialuit) - Northwest Territories

Green Party of Canada (GPC)

Roger Fleury (Algonquin) - Hull-Alymer
​Fran Hunt-Jinnouchi (Kwakiutl/Quatsino) - Cowichan-Malahat-Langford
Lorraine Rekmans (Algonquin) - Leeds-Grenville-Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes
Brenda Sayers (Nuu-chah-nult) - North Island-Powell River

Liberal Party of Canada (LPC)

Lisa Abbott (Cree) - Saskatoon West
Della Anaquod (Saulteaux, Cree, Dakota) - Regina-Qu'appelle
Philippe Archambault (Métis) - Lanark–Frontenac-Kingston
Rebecca Chartrand (Anishinaabe, Métis) - Churchill-Keewatinook Aski
Trisha Cowie (Aboriginal) - Parry Sound-Muskoka
Louis De Jaeger (Métis) - Chilliwack-Hope
Yvonne Jones (Inuit) - Labrador
Lawrence Joseph (Cree) - Desnethé-Missinippi-Churchill River
Michael McLeod (Métis) - Northwest Territories
Robert-Falcon Ouellette (Cree) - Winnipeg Centre
Don Rusnak (Anishinaabe) - Thunder Bay-Rainy River
Karley Scott (Métis) - Central Okanagan-Similkameen-Nicola
Hunter Tootoo (Inuit) - Nunavut
Dan Vandal (Métis) - Saint Boniface-Saint Vital
Jody Wilson-Raybould (Kwakwaka'wakw) - Vancouver Granville

New Democratic Party of Canada (NDP)

Cameron Alexis (Nakota) - Peace River-Westlock
Sandra Arias (Cree) - Battlefords-Lloydminster
Melissa Atkinson (Tr'ondëk Hwëch'in) - Yukon
April Bourgeois (Métis) - Regina-Wascana
Chantal Crête (Métis) – Argenteuil Petite-Nation
Jonathan Genest-Jourdain (Innu) - Manicouagan
Rex Isaac (Anishinaabe) - Lambton-Kent-Middlesex
Georgina Jolibois (Dene) - Desnethé-Missinippi-Churchill River
Aaron Paquette (Cree) - Edmonton Manning
Edward Rudkowski (Inuit) – Labrador
Romeo Saganash (Cree) - Abitibi-Baie-James-Nunavik–Eeyou
Carleen Thomas (Tsleil-Waututh) - North Vancouver
Nancy Tremblay (Abenaki) - Orléans
Duane Zaraska (Métis) – Lakeland

This comes to a total (so far) of 38 candidates this election. In 2011 there were 35.

There are still a lot of party nominations going on, so this number could grow.


Halo 5: Guardians: The Sprint – Season 3 Ep. 1 “Composer”

Halo 5: Guardians music composer Kazuma Jinnouchi travels the world over to create and record the epic score for the biggest Halo game ever.

117 (flute cover)
Kazuma Jinnouchi/Neil Davidge

did a really quick and horrible recording of 117 on flute. I give myself a 3/10. Lots of choppy vibrato, sharp notes, etc etc. but in my defense I haven’t played flute in 4 months so gimme a break. (and I didn’t use my inhaler)
I wanted to share this along with the music for anyone interested. And once I finally get down the CE music I might post that. Might. it’s fucking hard for asthmatics, man.

About Drift

So as some of you may know, me and my partner in crime spent years developing a bunch of characters for a webcomic called drift.

Since i have been feeling really nostalgic for the days we spent hours plotting and just coming up with crazy ideas I just kind of wanted to talk about what was going on in my head as to the greater themes behind Drift.

How it kind of all got started was Ash and I wanted to make a couple oc’s we could ship together. At first I was in charge of creating the girl and Ash was in charge of creating the guy.

However one day I was driving home from boarding school and an idea came into my head of this quirky guy who knew Danish and liked to travel a lot.

I spent so much time coming up with the design in my head that I completely failed to notice how low the gas tank was getting. Long story short I ended up running out of gas right in front of the 3 mile marker for the town my parents lived in ;; So I called my parents, took my sketchbook and sat in the grass to draw out Acayo for the first time.

A few weeks later I was talking to Ash about this new character and how excited I was to expand on his story more and she brought up this other character of hers that she had created a while back and mentioned that they would probably get along great.

Hours of conversation later someone finally mentioned that the two of us had completely accomplished our original goal, but had somehow switched roles.

Several months passed and one day I was sitting in Nights room which was the norm at the time, and drawing. Around this time she was workingwitha character named Mouse, who I liked a lot. Somewhere along the line someone mentioned that Mouse and Acayo looked a lot a like so we agreed that they would work as brothers.

Over the next few years Ash, Night and I as well as another friend from our school Rachel would slowly add more and more characters to this zany Kanelos family, until their numbers even surpassed the the members of the Jinnouchi family that appear in Summer Wars.

I don’t even know how many hundreds of hours and thousands of words went into developing this group of characters, but I do know that every late night and botched drawing was so very worth it.

I don’t know how Ash saw it, but to me Drift is about the vastness of the world and the excitement that comes from even the tiniest experience. It is about the wonder that is all around us and the connections with other people . How we live and grow and learn through these experiences and even if they aren’t always the greatest they are still ours. Idk just basically the excitement of the possibilities of tomorrow can be so much bigger than the pain of the past and how much there is to see and do if only you are willing to go out and experience.

Basically everything I would think of in quiet moments and dreams of the future as we drift through this thing called life.

Perhaps thats why I feel nothing but fondness everytime i draw these characters or think of a new silly thing that they would do on a whim

Which is why even though we’ve taken a several year long break on working towards the goal of making it a full on comic, I still haven’t given up on the idea of making it happen.