anonymous asked:

pick 10 of your followers that you find attractive.

oh boy (if you’re left out that doesn’t mean I don’t think you’re attractive, i have 214 followers)

  1. sg-cl0ver
  2. thegirlwiththecftattoo
  3. living-on-edgee
  4. jinnix
  5. likethesea-
  6. noladocvic7
  7. idonthaveafavoritecolor
  8. ohfuckistoppedcaring
  9. the-original-snapespeare
  10. tastefulcrucifixparty

joshdutcher hat auf dein Foto geantwortet: Remember when I followed through on my workout…

This is hilarious because I interpreted it as “remember that time when I followed through on my workout plan and actually looked like I was in decent shape and there was a cutie in my life?”

Ahahaha, Jenna’s one of my best friends. Although I think there was a cutie in my life at that time, she just wasn’t there.