jinky dink

Well here it is! The first page of “Itsy Bitsy Adventures!” I’m still pretty new to making comics, so if things seem a little slow it’s cause I’m working on the pages. If I find that I can make the pages a lot faster than they are going out, I’ll up the frequency of updates to twice a week. I hope you enjoy the stories that spawn from this little beginning. :b

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Progress on the cover art for issue 1.

I red-posed Bitsy Poof and completed Jinky Dink.

I may bring Bitsy forward a bit more since right now she’s a bit large in the shot. and she’s about half as tall as Lollie Pop when standing on all four her hooves.

Still a lot of work to do on this cover art. The finished image will be larger than a normal page.

And I plan to do something with this later that you all may like a lot. :b

Page 8 preview.

Hope you guys are ready for this page, cause it’s gonna blow your minds! It’s gonna take your eyes and pull them through your ears and then put them in backwards! You’ll be so shocked that you’ll probably COMPLODE!

so. Are you all ready for this page? I bet not~ cause this is gonna be a doozie of a page, its gonna rock your world and… well… you know the rest. :b