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Hi, your stuff is great!! Can you do a shinee at the club? Thank you!!!

hullos bebs! let’s see shinee get down ….. down, down, down, view (tbh i know that’s not the lyrics but i can’t stop myself) 


  • his motions are pretty limited to shuffling around with a drink in his hand
  • but after a few (many, like so many) drinks………………………….did you know onew can twerk 
  • you can’t look away, take it in. take in onew in all his glory 
  • key has it all on video too and posts it in the group chat very often (onew: I AM NEVER DRINKING. AGAIN.)
  • absolutely knows that his body is going to be destroyed tomorrow but yolo
  • sweating a lot bc it’s hot af in the club and he is wearing a sweater 
  • can’t find his drink or man


  • sitting at a booth with nursing a whiskey and bobbing his head to the music
  • *thinking to himself* i probably look so aesthetic rn 
  • when the members pull him out of his corner to dance, becomes kim wiggly, inventor of the wiggle
  • the lights are blinding him tbh 
  • weaving through the crowd: “yes hello drunk people, just trying to find the bathroom” 
  • does exaggerated versions of taemin’s bom bom boms 


  • his body rolls could kill a man 
  • went up to the dj booth to request a song, becomes the dj (”hello my lil freaks HOW YOU DOING TONIGHT!!?!”) 
  • smokey eye on point and holy shit he looks fkin unreal under flashing lights
  • he knows it too and smirks at people gaping at him 
  • and then on the dance floor he does shit like that super ultra power shuffling from 321, limbs flailing, kim kibum doesn’t give a flying fuck he’s gonna have a GOOD TIME


  • whispers SHINEE’S BACK when they enter (onew: we’ve never been to this club before / minho: can you just? / onew: you can’t lie to the fans minho can’t do that)
  • yells v loudly when they put on juju on that beat
  • moves his arms a lot even when not dabbing 
  • apologizing all night bc he keeps bumping into people 
  • orders several bottles of champagne with sparklers!!!!!! bc going out and having fun with friends is a celebration and they’re going to celebrate dammit


  • drifts away from the group a lot bc lee taemin is meant to be solo 
  • befriends all the bouncers and bathroom attendant (his name was steve and they took a picture together he’ll upload it if he ever gets an insta) 
  • TEARING UP the dance floor 
  • he’s all sweaty limbs and he’s smiling so brightly!!! bc wow he’s just cutting loose and just moving completely to the rhythm 
  • people made a circle so he could have more space and are just standing around him watching bc he’s just so fluid 
  • is his pelvis in anyway connected to his body???? how does it move like that 
  • needs to drink water asap



1365 words

in which jonghyun’s tattoos are finally kissed as they should be!! + kisses on his soft tummy!!!!

for the sake of proper tattoo care, this takes place in the future. tattoos are virtually an open wound so pls don’t kiss them for a while. imagine they had practiced that day for their swc in hong kong or something and are staying the night in the dorm before boarding a plane in the morning. i also have no self control and this is way longer than i intended :/

They are seated on the floor of their dorm, drinking wine from crystalline glasses Kibum spent too much money on (“You’ve got to treat yourself sometimes,” he had explained to Taemin, handing his limitless credit card to the cashier) as they watched an uninteresting drama on the television. Taemin and Minho are seated on the left side of the table, Jinki across from them. Jonghyun and Kibum are leaning against the couch, Jonghyun watching the drama while Kibum entertains himself with his phone.

Taemin, the least interested in the Straights™, is watching anime on his phone as he leans back against Minho, who is focused entirely on the bag of spicy potato chips on the table in front. Jinki pours himself his fourth glass of wine.

Jonghyun spins the sparkling juice (“Even if you’re not drinking, you’re drinking with us.”) in his glass as the drama focuses on the uninteresting subplot concerning the main character and her cousin, who bullied her when they were both children. While arguably the most invested in the drama, it’s only because the male lead has a crooked smile and broad shoulders.

Kibum pokes Jonghyun in the arm. “Can I see?”

Jonghyun turns to Kibum, brow furrowed. “See what?”

“Your tattoos!” he whines. “Last time I saw them they were gross and peeling.” Kibum pulls at Jonghyun’s sweatshirt. “Come on, Jjong, let us see them.”

“Fine,” Jjong says with a shrug, straightening from the couch to pull off his sweatshirt, revealing his bare arms and the tank top he had put on earlier before realizing it was too cold in their dorm. He throws it back onto the couch and reaches for his glass. It isn’t until the liquid touches his lips that he remembers its virgin—and that he has no excuse for the blush growing on his cheeks. There’s no reason for him to be embarrassed or nervous right now, he’s just showing his tattoos to his boyfriends, and it’s not like they hadn’t seem them before now…

Kibum wraps his fingers on Jonghyun’s right wrist and stretches out his arm. He has to adjust his position a bit, pushing himself forward so Jonghyun’s arm is behind him. “It’s alright to touch right?”

Jonghyun nods, his free hand holding his sweatpants in a tight grip. “Yeah, they’re all healed now. On the surface at least…so it’s okay.”

Jonghyun watches as Kibum pokes a curious finger directly on the dot between “NEVER” and “THE.” He runs his finger slowly across the rest of the tattoo, brushing the skin slightly.

Jonghyun yelps in surprise as Minho grabs his other wrist. “I want to see the other one,” he explains, encouraging him forward with a light tug.

Jonghyun complies, scooting toward the table as Minho readjusts his position, spreading out his right leg straight past Jonghyun and Kibum’s back and bending his other at the knee, socked foot brushing Jonghyun’s thigh. His touch is less inquisitive than Kibum’s, determined but still gentle as he swipes his thumb over the word. “Inspiration,” he whispers and Jonghyun’s blush intensifies and he draws both arms closer toward his body.

“I’m still looking,” Kibum grumbles, pulling Jonghyun’s arm out again.

“I want to see too,” Taemin chimes in, putting down his phone. Jonghyun blinks up at him, amazed that he had managed to look up from his anime at all. He rises to his feet and squats beside Minho. A moment later Jonghyun feels the soft, almost ticklish touch of Taemin’s pinky across the red line of his tattoo. Minho lifts his own finger so Taemin can trace it in its entirety.

Jonghyun only realizes Jinki has joined in on feeling out his tattoos when he feels his finger join Kibum’s on his left arm. He looks over at Jinki, who flashes him a large smile. “They’re cool, Jjong.”

“It makes me want one,” Taemin breathes. “Maybe like… a cross somewhere.”

“Or you could get One Punch Man,” Kibum says dryly, to which Taemin frowns.

Minho pushes Taemin away from him. “I”m going to check out the tattoo on the other arm.”

Jonghyun’s blush flares up again. “Why are you guys doing this to me? I’m not a doll or something.”

“But you’re our boyfriend and you did just permanently mark your skin,” Kibum replies. “We have a right to investigate.”

“Yeah, we have a right,” Minho parrots, rising to his feet stepping around Jonghyun. Kibum follows suit, Jinki scooting forward to resume Kibum’s old position while Taemin slides forward into Minho’s. There’s a moment of shuffling before all four are again prodding his skin and tracing the inked words.

“Why are you guys like this?” whines Jonghyun, voice straining. “This is so embarass—ah.”

Jinki giggles into his skin, leaning forward and kissing his tattoo gently again. “Hmm?” Jinki asks, rubbing his thumb beneath the tattoo.

Minho pushes Jinki to the side, leaning over him to press his lips to “LESS.” Jonghyun holds back a gasp, the area sensitive and the feel of both of their lips sudden.

He really shouldn’t be shocked when lips press to “INSPIRATION,” but he still inhales sharply. Taemin, who has dropped to his stomach, pulls back to giggle before kissing his tattoo at the far left, then again a little to the right, and again and again as he traces his way over the tattoo’s entirety. Jinki and Minho, too, are peppering his skin with their soft lips, gently kissing his inked skin.

Kibum, who cannot join Taemin in kissing the INSPIRATION tattoo due to its odd placement, looks up at Jonghyun, who is so red one would think all the blood in his body has pooled in his cheeks. “Are you thinking of getting tattoos anywhere else, Jonghyun?”

“Um, probably… I think I might get another little one on my wrist but I’m not sure,” he answers, if only to distract himself from the feel of his boyfriends’ lips on his skin.

Before Jonghyun even finishes, Kibum shifts downward so he is on his knees right where Jonghyun’s hand is resting against his thigh. Closing his eyes, Kibum leans forward and breathes softly against the inside of his wrist once, twice, and then presses his lips gingerly against the sensitive skin.

“K-Kibum, what are you doing?”

“Getting it ready,” he replies simply, eyes still closed. His breath ghosts teasingly over Jonghyun’s wrist as he speaks. “Tattoos aren’t great for your skin, so I’m kissing it better preemptively.”

Speechless and embarrassed beyond belief, Jonghyun watches as Minho, too, pulls back from his tattoo and begins to kiss his opposite wrist. “M-Min…”

Raising to a seated position, Taemin drags his finger along the INSPIRATION tattoo, but his breath flutters warmly against the base of his neck. “I think you should get one here, too,” he mutters before pressing his lips against the skin there.

Both Kibum and Minho are now making their way up Jonghyun’s arm, pausing briefly at the inside of his elbow because of how sensitive Jonghyun is there.

“What about here?” Jinki asks teasingly, lifting up Jonghyun’s shirt and kissing his tummy right beside his belly button.

Jjong gasps in surprise. “S-stop, I’m ticklish!”

“That’d be cute,” Kibum says, sliding beneath Jonghyun’s arm and kissing his stomach. “What about flowers right here? Going around your belly button…”

“Cute,” giggles Minho, pulling away from his tattoo and kissing his shoulder. “You could get something here, too.”

Taemin’s lips, climbing up his neck, pause beneath his ear. “Something little here… A bow, maybe?”

“Y-you guys…” Jonghyun whines.

Minho slides his hand beneath Jonghyun’s chin, turning his head so they are facing one another. “You’re really cute.” He leans forward and pecks Jonghyun’s lips.

When Minho pulls away, Jonghyun breathes. “I’m not going to tattoo my lips.”

“Oh?” Minho breathes, one hand traveling toward the hem of Jonghyun’s shirt and lifting it upward. “What about here, then?” he mutters, leaning his head downward to join Kibum and Jinki in kissing his shot tummy. Taemin, too, clambers over Kibum to press his lips right over his belly button.

“M-maybe…” Jonghyun mutters, finally giving into the warmth that lingers on his skin with each loving kiss.

Spring rain

Jinki was finally back in town and missing Minho so much, he could not wait anymore.
warning: smut

Minho came in, kicking off his shoes as he peeled out the jacket that was clinging to his skin, soaked in the rain outside.

The rain had caught him totally unprepared, thick and heavy drops falling at once, people rushing to shelter while Minho, well he was in a hurry to get home, simply ignored and continued his path, diverting from hurried people.

Jinki had called that afternoon telling him he was going home, that after five agonizing days out of Seoul, he was coming back and Minho wanted nothing more than to have the older man in his arms. But for this he needed to take a shower first and then go to Jinki’s house, since he was wet to the bone and shaking a little.

He finished taking off his clothes, already inside the bathroom, leaving the clothes on the floor,  Minho would worry about it later, he really needed to step in the hot water, his teeth beating against each other in so much cold.

“Damn rain,” he murmured, opening the tap and taking a deep breath as he felt the hot water stream down his body. “That’s better.” he said closing his eyes.

After some time just standing there under the hot water, Minho was finally ready to take a shower, he opened his eyes and gasped, his eyes widening comically.


“Hey.” he said quietly, a small smile on his lips.

Minho took a few seconds to process what was happening, Jinki was standing there in the bathroom totally wet from the rain like Minho himself minutes ago.

“I… were you not at your house? I mean, I was going there later.”

Jinki shook his head, finally starting to undress. “I couldn’t wait, I missed you so much.”

Actually, the only thing Minho could do was go to Jinki, helping him undress faster and pulling the older man under the hot water. His hands sliding across the icy skin, pulling Jinki against him, who went willingly, molding against his body.

Minho peppered kisses down Jinki’s neck, who gasped as he tilted his face to the side, his hands buried in Minho’s wet hair as he rubbed deliciously against him who groaned against Jinki’s neck, squeezing his squishy butt.

“Welcome back.” Minho whispered into Jinki’s ear, biting it after and making him moan.

“D-did you like the surprise?” he moaned as Minho opened his cheeks, kneading the soft globes in his hand.

“Oh yeah, I loved it.” he growled, bucking his hip forward and rubbing their erections together.

Jinki groaned loudly as Minho slid a finger in, panting against the younger man’s neck, clinging to him who bucked his hip again, leaving Jinki crazy.

“P-put it in, put it in,” Jinki whined, pulling against Minho’s fingers. “Please.”

Minho couldn’t wait any longer, he was so aroused, so hard it hurt, he needed to be inside Jinki. He then turned to Jinki, who automatically placed his hands against the wall and leaned back, parting his legs and looking over his shoulder, impatient.

He smirked, pumping his cock quickly and rubbing against Jinki’s entrance, who gasped and moaned softly, his thighs trembling slightly in anticipation. Slowly he pushed in, holding the base of his penis as he was swallowed by Jinki.

“Just relax a little,” Minho gasped, sliding a hand down Jinki’s back. “I’m almost inside.

Jinki nodded, breathing slowly until he felt the bones of Minho’s hip against his butt, the member throbbing inside him.

"Just give me a minute.” Jinki murmured, smiling slightly as Minho interlaced the fingers of one of his hands together, giving a slight squeeze.

After a few minutes Jinki nodded and Minho was more than happy to finally begin to move, sliding out and then into the tight heat of the older man, who arched his back every time he was filled, moaning louder and louder as pleasure increased inside of him.

Minho just could not hold on and when Jinki threw his head back and squeezed their fingers tightly, Minho knew he had hit on his sweet spot and then nothing else could hold Minho who started thrusting faster, delighting as Jinki sucked him greedily each time he pushed in.

“Touch yourself, Jinki-ah,” Minho commanded. “Come to me.”

Jinki moaned, contracting against Minho who moaned against his ear, the small space of the bathroom filled with their moans. Jinki moaned, increasing the speed of his hand and Minho grunted, feeling the pleasure run through his veins, almost there.

And then Jinki contracted almost painfully against Minho, moaning and cumming in his hand and that was it, Minho lost it, pulling his cock out and painting the older man’s back in white, milking until there was nothing left.

The two stood there for a few seconds, breathing unevenly. Then slowly Jinki turned and Minho automatically pulled him into his arms, burying his face in his neck, taking a deep breath.

“Hi.” he said grinning into Jinki’s skin, who laughed, his hands sliding affectionately on Minho’s back, the water still running.

“Hi, my love.”

“Let’s go to bed, huh?!”

Jinki smiled, kissing Minho. “Yeah, take me there.”

Later that night Jinki was curled up against Minho, protected by warm arms as raindrops beat against the window like a lullaby. Minho tightened his arms around him, bringing Jinki closer and breathing slowly, sleeping soundly.

Jinki hated to travel but surely coming back was worth it.

One of These Nights (2/?); jongyu; nc-17

Jinki knows that he’s gay. What he doesn’t know is how to handle a crush on someone as entwined in the music industry as he is. 

part 1

thanks as always to @fleckle@mscns​ and @minsunshine​ as well as my wonderful gf @yurilikesgirls​ for all of their help! this took longer than i wanted to edit, sorry for the delay! i hope you enjoy it ^^

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Jinki cried out, sinking his fingers on Minho’s back, the thrusts were faster and faster until he came moaning harshly, his back arching with pleasure. Minutes later Minho came, biting Jinki’s shoulder to not moan to loud.

Rolling out of Jinki, Minho smirked at the older man. “That was amazing.”

Jinki chuckled, yawning and stretching his sore but nothing he couldn’t handle it, swinging his toes. “Yeah, like always.”

Minho look at him and a beautiful smile spread on his lips. “You’re so beautiful.”

“Shut up, don’t start to get cheesy now.”

Minho chook his head, laying on his back and staring the ceiling. “I need a cigarette.”

“Like always.” Jinki murmured, sleepy.

Getting up from the bed, Minho grabbed his cigarette and put on some pants, opening the balcony door e sighed with the cool air. The sounds of the night filling his ears.

He stay there for a while, looking at the horizon, lost on his own thoughts.

When he looked back, Jinki was already sleeping. Chuckling to himself, Minho took his camera and took some pictures of the older man, who had messy hair and flushed cheeks.

“Can you stop it?”

Minho chuckled looking at Jinki, who opened one eye. “Nope.”

Jinki snorted and sat up. “I don’t like when you do that.” he said whining.

“But you are my muse. I love you like this, after sex.”

Jinki rolled his eyes. “I’m not your muse and you are not even a photographer.”

“Who cares? If I can take pictures of my beautiful boyfriend, I will.” he said with a shrug.

Jinki laid in bed again, making the mattress to sway and creak. “You are annoying, come here to sleep. I’m tired.”

Minho smirked and climbed on bed, kicking the sheet to the floor and pulling Jinki to his arms. “Good night Jinki-ah.” he whispered.

“Night.” he said, nuzzling against Minho’s chest.

Minho chuckled and closed his eyes with a smug smile on his face.

smooth as silk.

ONHO | au, romance, SMUT, nc-17 | sex in the bathroom, idek + bottom!onew + shaving kink?? | unedited | written for my perv crew on twitter » wc ~1,000

i got distracted playing minecraft, but here you go~

“I have a surprise for you,” Jinki’s voice drifts over from the bathroom, the door ajar and the smell of soap and shampoo heady in the room. Interest piqued, Minho rouses from sleep, eyes slowly blinking open as he stares in the direction of the bathroom. He can’t see Jinki from this angle but he can tell the elder is up to something just by the sound of his voice.

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Minho was nagging at Jinki because their room was a mess and he couldn’t find his things.

Jinki yawned, scratching his butt as he picked up the toothbrush and opened the faucet with one hand, his brain still sluggish from sleep. Minho snorted from inside the room, causing Jinki to peer through the door, having a nice view of Minho’s muscular butt, who was still naked, pacing back and forth inside the room, clearly looking for something.

“Jesus, Jinki-ah, look at this mess,” he said loudly to Jinki who simply ignored him, squeezing the toothpaste into the toothbrush and stuffing it into his mouth. “I can’t find anything in here.”

He simply rolled his eyes and concentrated on brushing his teeth, looking distractedly at his hair that was pointing everywhere, a silly grin on his lips.

“Jinki-ah!” Minho called again, his voice irritated. “I can’t find my underwear in this mess, your clothes are all over the place and these papers, ugh, how can you work like this?”

Minho was so annoying sometimes, Jinki’s stuff was not scattered around the room, they were just organized in his own way but to Minho it seems that was unorganized.

“I need to get out in thirty minutes and I’m still freaking naked.”

Jinki sighed and pulled out the toothbrush from his mouth, looking at Minho. “You stuck it under the pillow while I was sucking you off last night. Dunno why though.”

Minho blinked and blushed a little, scratching his neck. “Oh, so it was here,” he chuckled blandly and pulled his underwear up. “I couldn’t remember where it was.”

Jinki snorted. “Yeah, you were pretty eager yesterday.”

“You can’t blame me,” Minho said now pulling up his pants and buttoning. “Not when you were…”

The bathroom door suddenly closed and Jinki stared at himself in the mirror, his face burning with shame, the toothbrush forgotten inside the sink. Minho does not have to say these things aloud, they have neighbors, for God’s sake.

SHINee would never be able to be but five … the way they stopped everything for the sake of their leader’s safety is beautiful … the way they will surely keep reminding him that it’s okay is beautiful … and the way they all are looking out for their leader is beautiful … jinki-ah be safe , don’t feel guilty , don’t be down , for us , shawols and for your own group mates , your safety is what matters 

My Prince Jinki (28/): Airport Fashion 2014

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like how did they meet? is jinki studying magic to work for the king and will he be able to work with yunho? idk anything you want to share i always love your rambles.

Ah! So Jinki studies very old languages, translating them for wider use. He’s the first one in a while that one of his powers was the innate ability to understand the old languages that were no longer spoken anymore. So he’s usually in the very old part of the keep sitting on the floor in a mass of pillows and books, making a quill write the translations on the long parchment with a wave of his hand. 

Yunho and Jinki met when the King went to the keep to meet with the High Wizard about an interesting translation the High Wizard brought to his attention. And the King brought his guards with him, one being Yunho. He wanted to speak with the translator of the book, to make sure what was written was correct. And Jinki’s in his little pile of comfort and paper, mumbling to himself as his focuses and here comes the High Wizard and King himself and Jinki scrambles up in a haste he trips on a stack of books. In a very cliche way, Yunho stops him from falling on the King lmao (and no Jinki isn’t inherently clumsy he’s just flustered. He doesn’t get many visitors lol)

Translating isnt the only thing Jinki’s very good at. There are skills that all people with the gift of wizardry have, such as fire, water portal making, and simple telekinesis. Jinki’s telekinesis is higher because it’s in the same mm ballpark so to speak as the translating power. And most of the time he uses water portal making to bring him snacks so he doesn’t have to leave his pile of stuff when he’s in the middle of a hard translation.  Which many people can use it to go through or send someone else, but not many can bring things through. He has a bowl of water near him just for that purpose lmao. He’s not much for fighting though, he’s a soft little soul, which makes him falling in love with one of the Highest ranking King’s Guards a little taboo. The village he was from was very soldier/war oriented, and it turned the whole idea of killing for the name of someone else from him. 

Jinki offered to use his portal to go see Yunho while he’s away but Yunho felt like it was unsafe. There are a few with the gift that can sense magical surges, and a few are on their enemies side. Yunho didn’t want to bring extra attention to his lil caravan. 

When Yunho returns he reports to his King, and then simply asks if he can go see his family. Once given permission he heads over to the Keep and up the stairs to find Jinki. Jinki forgets to stop the quill from writing, so when he exclaims Babe! It’s written in thick black ink on the translation. 

untitled (jongyu; jinkitty au)

Haha. So, my twitter tl is so obsessed with jinkitty right now and came up with all sorts of scenarios so I tried writing one of them as an exercise. I couldn’t make it into a full fic, though, sorry. I hope I can write more properly after this :). Um, warning for kitty!jinki, of course.

1434 words

“So, like I said, I just need one of you to take Jinki in for a few days while I’m in the school trip.”

When his three friends just sat in front of him, mouths open, Jonghyun turned to his cat, who sat quietly beside him on the couch. He then picked a piece of sausage from his plate and brought it near Jinki, who sniffed at the sausage warily before taking it into his mouth.

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Ooh can I ask for a gif scenario from both exo and shinee? If so: please have them react to seeing their gf tired after a long day of work

Jinks here, reporting for duty!


External image

“Jagi! You’re home.” Onew said as you came in the door. You were surprised to see him, but with the time on the clock, you shouldn’t have been. 

“Ah, Jinki!” You said with a smile, taking off your shoes and hugging him.

“Jagiya, are you alright?” He asked. You nodded, yawning slightly. 

“Yeah, I’m just tired. You know the feeling, work is draining!” You chuckled slightly and he frowned.

“Well, if you’re tired, I’ll cook dinner.” Onew declared. You were about to protest, but he silenced you with a kiss. “Go take a bath. You look like you could use one.” You smiled at him.

“I love you.” You said. He released you from the hug. 

“I love you too. Now go relax.” He said, sending you off to the bathroom with a smack to your rear. 


As soon as you got home, you saw your short boyfriend laying on the couch and eating takeout. It was late, and neither of you had had time to go to the store lately. 

“Jjongie~” You called out tiredly. He sat up and smiled, setting down his food to come and greet you.

“Jagi! I was getting worried! I’m usually the one who is at work late.” He took your coat and put it up. “I got food for you too; its in the microwave.” Jonghyun pulled you into a sweet hug and kissed your temple. “Come on, lets relax for a while.” He said. You had no idea how you had gotten so lucky. 

“Thank you.” You murmured into his shirt. Jonghyun replied with another kiss to your temple.


“Kibum, I’m home!” You called out to your quiet apartment, wondering what in the world your boyfriend was up to. Walking into the kitchen, you gasped. Key was sitting at the counter smiling up at you, warm food on the table.

“Jagiya, I made dinner so you wouldn’t have to stay on your feet as long. Come on, lets eat together. Then we can cuddle! I found a cute new movie that you’ll like.” Kibum said. 

“Ah, Kibum, how did you-?”

“Know you were having a tough day? Men’s intuition.” He winked at you. “Come on, sit with me. I missed you.”


“Jagiya~” Minho would call out once he heard the door open. He would come and find you, instantly showering you with kisses and pulling you into a great big hug. “Hyung told me that you had a hard day at work, so I went and bought that ice cream you like alot.” Minho said with a smile. You grinned and kissed your boyfriend. 

“Come on then, lets share it!” You said, your boyfriend’s cuteness bringing you some energy. Minho nodded excitedly and took your hand, leading you into the kitchen.


After you got home from work and dinner with your boss, you were beat. Tired, exhausted, dead, whatever word you wanted to use. It was days like these when you wished Taemin lived with you instead of at the dorms with the SHINee members. You took off your shoes and made your way to your room. When you turned on the light, you smiled. 

“Jagi~ You’re home!” Taemin said with a smile. “Come lay down with me for a little while. I missed you.” You did, and you thanked God for giving you a boyfriend like Lee Taemin. He kissed your forehead. 

“I love you.” He murmured, holding you close.

SHINee part~ DONE! 

I hope you enjoyed this!