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(170319) swv in toronto min ei ah

“odd eye”, short version

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SHINee would never be able to be but five … the way they stopped everything for the sake of their leader’s safety is beautiful … the way they will surely keep reminding him that it’s okay is beautiful … and the way they all are looking out for their leader is beautiful … jinki-ah be safe , don’t feel guilty , don’t be down , for us , shawols and for your own group mates , your safety is what matters 

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In bars AU, we've had ontae/key interactions but what about ontae/jongho or jongho/key?

“why do we have to work with them,” taemin whines as jinki leads him down an alley in val royeaux. 

“because it’s the job,” jinki hisses. “now stop whining.”

stop whining,” taemin mimics under his breath. when jinki turns and glares at him, taemin only smirks and straightens out his shoulders.

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Onew’s Muscle Injury at SWC4 (Bangkok)

The setlist was changed at SWC4 concert at Bangkok. MTTM was removed due to Onew’s muscle injury. A fan was told by Thai staff about Onew(’s muscle injury). Even on the concert’s day, Thai staff weren’t told about the changed list. So, they asked SHINee’s manager and he said Onew hurt his muscles and performing Mttm was too risky.

Onew said the concert in Thailand was very fun. Thai fans made the concert really fun.

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