samrull asked:

17, 29, 31, 46 :)

17. Favorite season 3 queen?
- Raja. Manila is a close second!

29. Funniest queen?
- Willam, Bianca or Katya

31. Favorite season 5 queen?
- Jinkxy

46. Favorite entrance by a queen?
- Laganja’s or Katya’s

Claire Alexander aka photographer of loads of my favourite queens including jinkxy followed me on Twitter today and I don’t know how I’m still breathing I luv Claire yessssss

slytheringlorious asked:

Jinkxy, Raja, Alyssa Edwards

Jinkx - cuddles. Hug me pls.
Raja - PAINT ME PLEASE PLEASE omfg Id kill for Raja to do my makeup
Alyssa - honestly I want to just be in her presence. She is so hilarious like I just want to sit and listen to her because she makes me laugh so much

anonymous asked:

Where is your "jinkxy being hella glam" gif set from? It's gorgeous.

I can’t remember, I’m sorry! I made it months and months ago. Maybe someone will read this and know?