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Thots on RPDR 5!

Coco: Every episode she takes my wig! I’m obsessed with her and I’m sad she gotten taken from us so soon on AS2!

Lineysha and Monica: Legends that were taken way too soon from us! :(

Vivienne, Honey, Jade: Do they still have careers after what they served up on the show?

Serena: I was on your side until you opened your mouth and started acting foolish!

Ivy: Buy a personality! How are you irrelevant on your winning episode and elimination episode?

Jinkx: Occasionally fun to watch but if I have to hear them cry one more time about their runways being ugly! Like your runways are ugly and the judges give you a pass on it!

Alaska: I like her but she’s very middle of the road for me most of the time!

Roxxxy: She was middle of the road for me at first but now I really like her! and everytime she calls out Jinkx I’m like living!

Alyssa: She’s so funny! Though I am strictly team Coco on the rivalry I still love her!

Detox: Literally one of my favs! I want everything she wears on the runway!