Finally! I brought myself to make one after … 7 months. 
Here’s November 2012’s Follow Forever! There are plenty of people I haven’t mentioned in here, but I’m just so lazy… but nonetheless, to all the people I follow – I love you so much! Thanks for contributing in making my blog super hot.

Like always, bolded are tumblr crushes!

 best-absolute-porn | jinkister | keitachii | sohans

whoresinseoul | cloisonner | siberialania | seungyas

kaizii | infinitize-exo | se0ulmates | yonggyuk | lubaekwu

yangbongguk | qreatly | luhandkerchief | cumjonginside

ohchangmin | laysdimpeul | belautomne | loveintokio

yummyyummynoodles | edwinerror | yixingologyyangtae 

Much love!