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it’s so easy for all of you who have the same opinion on it to say that coz you arent jjong bias.. he isn’t my bias too, but to not appear on the MV is just too much. yes he has to fully recover and all but why even upload an MV (that will forever be their permanent MV for that song) if there are only 4 of them? have other means of promoting? i understand if he doesn’t participate on the stage perf but MV w/o him?pfft… or maybe SM were thinking it’s ok, we only need his powerful voice i’m pissed off and in denial i mean i think showols in general wouldn’t have minded waiting for jjong and i know them not promoting is money lost for them (sm and shinee) i understand that but its still pretty damn frustrating anyways…

maybe shawols wouldn’t have minded but other fans… well yes. SM is a company with other groups they can’t change the schedule of all their groups for this. I wouldn’t have minded if this album came out ofter the tour tbh, like really i want them to be 5, but it wasn’t possibile, i mean  SM is not stupid they wouldn’t do something like this if not strictly necessary. and i repeat i think is completely right to be upset about this, but some people are saying stupid things along the line of not supporting them and that’s just stupid imo
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ikr…i mean they don’t realize that not supporting shinee will mean you are not a shawol :| and they all work hard for everything they do…i think fans should get in their head that shinee isn’t four or jonghyun only and they all work fucking hard

and also what’s the point of not supporting them? it’s like punching them in the face after all their hardwork, like wtf?