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Being trapped in an elevator with them

Jinki (Onew - SHINee)

Jinki would sigh deeply once it stopped. Maybe press the floor button to see if it would continue.
“Really?” he’d mutter to himself as he pressed the emergency button. “Hopefully they won’t take long. Are you alright?” He’d asked turning to you, flashing you that charming smile of his. Any worry you were experiencing would be lessened.
“Yeah, not a huge fan of confined spaces but hopefully they won’t take too long.” He’d nod in understanding offering his hand for you to shake.
“I’m Jinki, by the way. Let me know if it gets to be too much and I’ll do my best to help you calm down.” you’d return his infectious smile as you shake his hand.
“I will, thank you. I’m Y/N.”
As the time ticked by you’d start to get hungry, face heated as you stomach grumbles loudly.
“Ah, sorry. I had an early lunch…”
“Haha, don’t worry, I’m hungry too. If you like chicken, I know a great place to get some.” That adorable smile back on his face immediately brings the corners of your lips up, “And if you haven’t had enough of my company by then, we could go together maybe?” You nod in excited agreement.
“That would be lovely!”

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Yugyeom (GOT7)

This adorable little Maknae wouldn’t know what to do at first when the lift stopped moving. He’d be internally panicking himself, his eyes wide and darting all over the doors to see if they were going to open. He’d forget all about the fact he wasn’t alone until he heard sniffling. He’d spin to see your eyes wide and full of fear, tears gathering.

“I-it’ll be okay!” He speaks suddenly causing you to jump and look at him. “It’ll be okay.” He repeats reaching out to put a hand on your shoulder comfortingly. “S-someone will come.” 

“What if they don’t? It’s late, what if everyone’s gone home?” You respond, your words fusing together as you rushed to get them out in your scared state. 

“They will.” He gives you a reassuring smile. “And until then, I’m here with you, okay? You’re not alone.” Slowly, you nod and accept his arm as he wraps it hesitantly around your shoulder in hopes of comforting you until someone arrived.

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Jinyoung (GOT7)

Instantly frustrated when the small metal box shudders to a stop. He grumbles under his breath before stepping forward to press the emergency button impatiently. 

“I-I think they’ve heard it.” You stammer out. He turns to look at you wide eyed, he hadn’t realised anyone was still with him. He assumed everyone got off at the last stop. 

“Oh, right.” He gives an awkward almost embarrassed smile. “Uh, are you alright?” 

“I’m not good in confined spaces for long.” You confess uneasily. “I hope it won’t take long.” He simply nods and leans against the wall. 

“Uh, I’m Jinyoung.” He announces, not wanting it to be awkward in the small space between you. He had no idea how long you’d be there and the last thing he wanted was to be stuck suffocating on tension. 

“Oh, I’m Y/N. Nice to meet you, Jinyoung.” You respond smiling politely at him. He smiles back. 

“So what’re you doing here?” He asked and the two of you fall into simple, light conversation distracting you both from the situation.

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Kyungsoo (D.O - EXO)

The elevator stops harshly without warning and you both stumble. Kyungsoo manages to catch himself but you fall over having been wearing high heels. 

“Oh!” He exclaims noticing and bending over to hold his hands out to help you up. “Are you okay?” 

“I think I twisted my ankle.” You wince as you try to move it. 

“Don’t move, just stay there.” He instructs straightening up. He presses the emergency call button before crouching next to you. “Here.” He offers reaching out and helping you slide your shoe off. “It’ll help if you don’t confine it.” 

“Oh, okay, thank you.” You smile warmly up at him and he smiles back. “Are you hungry?” You ask picking your bag up from the floor. “I always keep snacks in my bag, you never know what will happen.” You take out a few different snack items and he laughs lightly. 

“Wow, okay.” He agrees and sits down comfortably, accepting an item from you. “Thank you.” You smile widely and you both start to nibble on your snacks, making conversation as you went. 

You were both so immersed in getting to know one another that you didn’t notice the time go by. The only evidence that you had been there for a while was the fact that all your snacks were gone, empty wrappers filling your bag.

“Oh, I’m Y/N, by the way.” You announce as he helps you out of the elevator, an arm around your waist, your arm around his shoulders. 

“Kyungsoo.” He smiles, helping you find your location before leaving with your number saved safely into his phone.

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It’s the 25th of May, which means that this is the day that the talented boys of SHINee debuted. It’s been nine years already, and each and every second has been amazing. I cannot thank them enough. I’m anticipating their 10th year together because I know how incredible it’ll be.


9 While years with SHINee. I unfortunately can not say I have been with them that long. I’ve really only been into them for 6 months maybe. But they were my first bias group. Shinee is composed of some of the most talented men in Kpop, at least in my opinion. They built themselves up from the bottom without any proper promotions from their company and look where they are now. Everyone who listens to KPop has at the least HEARD of SHINee. And for good reason. Every single person has so much talent, not one overdoing the other. From what I’ve seen, groups like SHINee and VIXX (slightly older groups but not old) have been getting pushed aside by the newer, younger groups and I’m proud to say that many Shawols have stood their ground. I’m happy to consider SHINee as my bias group and I always will be. They deserve every single award they’ve won and all the ones they will hopefully win in the future. Shinee is a group that has made music that you will never get tired of or regret listening too. I hope to see SHINee release more new music as time goes on and that they continue to grow and succeed as they do now. SHINee Fighting!!❤️❤️


Happy Ninth anniversary to SHINee 🎉🎉

I haven’t been a Shawol as long as other people and I know they have a stronger connection to the guys but I’m glad to be a Shawol. The guys have become part of my life and I’m glad that I got to see them for SHINee World 5. I may not have been there for the beginning but I’m staying for the rest of the years to come.