jinki lee


Jinki playing the basketball game at SHINee’s 9th Anniversary Party😍😍😍


Jinki playing Wack-A-Mole on SHINee’s 9th anniversary Party😍👏👏😚 I don’t think he misses even once 👏👏


(170525) entnews interview - onew cuts

i. (talking about key’s instagram updates: i,ii

O: i didn’t drink a cup at all, but people thought i was drunk.

T: you look drunk even when i see it. 

O: maybe drunk by mood; i’ve quit a long time ago. 

ii. MC: did you prepare anything special? 

J: show what’s prepared. 

O: ah, yes! (shows a finger heart) 

iii. (when asked to discribe jonghyun’s album (story op2) in five words) 

O: oh-ma-i-ga-t

J: wah, amazing. 

K: we’re talking about the title song right? kim taeyeon daebak. 

J: i knew it! 

iv. MC: if you had a girlfriend, which member would you talk about it to? 

onew points to taemin, jonghyun to onew, key to onew, minho to jonghyun, and jongyun to onew. 

T: he listens well to others and the best point is that he doesn’t remember it. you’d feel embarrassed telling him these things, right? then, you’d be thankful that he can’t remember it next time. 

v. MC: what have you prepared for your solo concert?

T: i haven’t started yet ^^;;

the other dudes: just say what you’re doing! 

T: i’m confident in dance, so i asked the choreographer to prepare something that i have not shown in korea before: yeokdaegeup (his finger wave dance). 

vi. no available translation

trans cr. iheartshinee (i, ii, iii, iv), juju_home (iv)


Onho doing a little dancing on their trip to the Maldives :)