jinki is a thug

a million things i want (but i'd rather have you)

jongyu | pg-13 (for language) | csi au, romance, character study, angst, angST, and, oh yeahANGST did i mention angst? >> 4,100~ words

a/n: for the darling wishyounew bc i know she’s been wanting this. it was supposed to be funny and cute and short and sweet but then it just got out of hand–i hope this lives up to your expectations anyway, cassie~~~~ <3

this has more to do about their relationship than it has to do with crime-solving. it’s best to read the previous installment first, if you haven’t, so you know what the hell is going on.

As Seoul Crime Lab’s one and only famous director, Lee Jinki is called a lot of things behind his back, but an idiot has and will never be one of them.

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