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note: onew and minho went to the maldives for a photoshoot with allure magazine. there is no information regarding what issue they will be in, but it can be expected that they will either the june or july issue (most likely the first lol). more info coming soon~ 


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Ouroboros (7/??)

Title: Ouroboros (7/??)

Pairing: Ontae (side pairings include 2min and slight Jongtae)

Rating: M

Warnings: Mythology, religious imagery, underworld, damnation, kidnapping, literally being dragged to hell, multiple gods, dubcon for a handjob, sex as a manipulation tactic, taemin is missing an eye, idk what else to tag for this chapter

Summary: He did not die, and yet life left him all the same.

Notes: So in honor of shinee’s anniversary i somehow finished this chapter. I’m officially on summer break so i’m hoping i can update more regularly once more

Chapter list: 1 2 3 4 5 6

[Pyrrhic -

a victory won at too great a cost to have been worthwhile for the victor.]

Taemin was dreaming. For the first time in what felt like forever. He was in a hallway, one that he recognized but in a vague sort of way that he could not place with any specific location. He felt rough ridges against the pads of his fingers as he walked. He glanced to the side and saw that his fingers were brushing against the stone walls. He blinked. Once, twice. Half of his face positively burned with the motion, so he lifted a single hand to discover the rough texture of scabbed skin.

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It has been revealed that onew will be one of the panelists of SBS fantastic duo!! recording will be on tuesday, may 30th at 3pm. the show airs every sunday at 6:30 pm kst. there is no information about exactly when the episode he will be recording will air, but it is expected that the episode that he will be taking part in will air either on june 4th or the 11th. 

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If you ever think your fandom is the best fandom just remember that Japanese shawols are sending Canadian shawols lightsticks because they won’t get to have any for the concert. That’s real love bitch.