Jinjur hung his coat up on the hook by the door and hastily kicked off his boots before heading straight for Wendell. He didn’t even ask before climbing on top of his husband, who immediately set his knitting project aside to let Jinjur lean in and plant a soft kiss on his lips. Wendell smiled and returned Jinjur’s affection wholeheartedly, lifting a hand to his face and tracing his thumb along the curve of Jinjur’s cheekbone. “Did you have a good day at work?” He spoke between the gentle pecks that Jinjur hadn’t stopped giving him.
Jinjur smiled sleepily and nodded. “Mm… mm-hm.”
“No visits to the ER today, then?”
Wendell still took Jinjur’s hand in his and began to massage it, checking for any sign of broken bones that had either escaped Jinjur’s attention or he simply refused to bring up. Even after confirming that there were no breaks, Wendell continued to patiently rub Jinjur’s long slender fingers.

Don’t mind me just drawing cuties to accompany some self indulgent fluff I wrote…

To celebrate (almost) finishing this animation project I’ve been working on since June, I doodled a quick Wendell (a couple years younger than I normally draw him) in a wrestling singlet because:

A) Me and Lenny were talking about our characters playing sports and they said Wendell would definitely be on a wrestling team because he’s big and heavy and gets to tackle other men.


B) It’s Wendell in tight ass clothing what do you want from me.