Hello to all Jin fans,

I’m a german girl who lives right now in Yokohama and couldn’t get a ticket to the concert next year.

So I wanted to ask you all if you know if someone sells tickets?????

I’m so sad now, that I’m finally in Japan and he holds a concert only 30 minutes away from me and still I can’t see him :((((

Please I beg you can someone please help me

thank you all ♥

fanmadereality asked:

I like your oc Ivy, they seem really interesting. And what about they're friend Jinjin, like what do they look like and other info on them.

m really glad u like ivy! ah ive been trying to draw jinjin for awhile now but ive been kinda down about my digital art. till then, i can describe her.

shes korean, and had these adorable dark brown eyes its so cute. and she has pastel pink hair parted in the middle, and she let’s her roots come through bc aesthetic right? but so she’s kinda short, and a total nerd. she even has those nerd glasses things.

jinjin has this thing with oranges. she lives in a little apartment, and she has orange themed everything. she l o v e s them. oranges are the love of her life. its really quirky, and its for an angsty reason, of course :^)

other then that, she’s basically just floating in the pastel aesthetic style.

she’s p nice until u fuck w her. then she gets scary. she’s really bubbly and very outgoing. a bit sassy, but just an all round cutey. she knows how to beat u up,,, but she never uses her strength for evil. no matter how much ivy tries to tell her to…

jinjin’s rlly confused about her gender, so she just goes w w/ever pronouns u call her. she ends up finding out that she’s genderfluid, tho. she’s bi.

im going to make a comic (maybe) on how she meets ivy, someday, but its hilarious, so ill share it ;^). so basically, ivy fuckig breaks into jinjin’s greenhouse. ivy looks around, and decides that theyre going to steal all the plants and create a little home for themself. after having hauled out ¼th of jinjin’s precious plants, she gets to the oranges. but the neibor lady had enough and called jinjin to tell her. so jinjin comes running, and tries to fight ivy, but her nurturing little soul finds out ivy doesn’t have anywhere to live, so she tells them they can stay for awhile.

then, ivy explains that theyre a plant spirit, so they just wanted to help the plants to freedom. then jinjin tells them that it was a greenhouse and that they were perfectly happy.

ivy eats jinjin’s oranges all the time, and jinjin goes batshit crazy bc of it, but they love each other a lot, and have a bunch of fun.

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[4:02:30 AM] Arakita: OKAY I FINISHED
[4:02:32 AM] Arakita: THE THING
[4:02:34 AM] Arakita: GO ON TUMBLR
[4:02:36 AM] jinjin (lucky): OH GOD
[4:03:05 AM] Arakita: WHAT HAVE U DONE
[4:03:13 AM] jinjin (lucky): ;^ )
[4:04:03 AM] Arakita: U SCARE ME WITH UR IDEAS
[4:04:04 AM] Arakita: :’((( ))


❄The blonde’s eyes were fixed on the white roses, her hand reaching up for her neck, where nothing was awaiting her touch. She remembered the first two days of her in slavery, after she had been stolen from the laboratory she had been kept in. How she had been stripped of all she owned and all she was. People hitting into her, how worthless she was. Just a mean to entertain the rich and favored. Just someone that could easily be put behind bars and shown at freak shows. A monster, made by nature to never fit in.

Startled from his touch, her blue eyes lifted from the white roses, to look at her new master. Pascal couldn’t quite wrap her head around her master’s behavior. But Junjun’s words and Jinjin’s way of treating her, all that coupled with how he had treated her, made her nod at him.

“I have seen these flowers before…”

It still hurt to think about her parents, to even try to remember her mother’s devastated face. Almost twelve years ago it was now, that she couldn’t even recall her mother’s hair color. A soft voice, the scent of apple and jasmine and the white roses. Her father was different, she could remember the fighting techniques he had taught her. What had kept her alive during one of the harsher masters, one that had appreciated her powers and her fighting. Putting her into arenas and bet money on her.

“You treat me well Kouha-sama… and therefore i do owe you the truth” blue eyes looked from the flower, to the three maids that had been following him and her, to her new master. “I am cold for a reason… i got sold for a reason…” she  took a deep breath, she hadn’t talked this much in a very long while. there were chances he’d push her away, maybe even try to execute her. But without the handcuffs that prevented her magic from flowing in her body, there was no way of preventing her from using her powers. She simply had learned not to and to be afraid.

Her palm upturned, snowflakes danced in the hot July summer weather, like it was anything but warm. They formed swirls and then a pattern of snow crystals. Before vanishing into nothing. “I was born with this… And I swear i don’t use it to harm anyone…. I… you’re my master and i would never use it against you never…” she fell to her knees, bowing in the way she had seen servants do. Her head bowed, hands clasped in front of her body.❄

{ ♔ } Seen those flowers before? That could literally have been everywhere and nowhere at the same time. If he has to believe the delivered documents she has been a slave for quite a while. Most likely her previous masters were rich and therefore could easily afford these flowers. Or since she seems to be more emotional about them it could have been at a special place for her. A place or memory that means the world to her.

Carefully Kouha took a few small roses. It might seem to be heartless at first. But she doesn’t know what he’s planning after all.Her hair was perfect to him, he could play with it all day but promised himself not to. If he would do so it would be hell for her. Instead he started to braid some locks, Putting the flowers in between so she was now wearing the flowers that mean so much to her with her.

‘’Neh, you look beautiful~’’

As he would usually do when complimenting someone he smiled to her. He knows she didn’t tell him the whole story and he definitely wouldn’t force her to. But hopefully this would cheer her up at least a little bit.

His eyes stayed calm all the time when she started to freak out even more. He let her talk. Wondering what makes her say that she owes him the truth. It was just that…? His handmaiden already informed him on that and he felt that she was cold several times himself. So it’s not like she should explain that. Though she did manage to surprise him. As soon as the snowflakes appear his eyes widen and he tries to catch one, just like a little child staring at the first snow in his whole lifetime. But as soon as it disappears he turns serious.

‘’Look… I honestly don’t care that you feel cold neither that you were born with it. It’s just the way you are. Besides I’m pretty sure you didn’t ask for it hmm. We don’t get to decide what sort of life we get, so we can only make the best of it and help each out other right? But lets make one thing clear… I’m not your master. I don’t like that. Now then, c’mon, get up..’’

The whole time he smiled gently to her as well as gently petted her head. But as he was finished talking he tried to help her up.

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I ship you with…

I know last time I shipped you with jinjin so Imma ship ya this time with hobi because he was a close second.He’s just as sweet as jinjin. He’d probably be very willing to listen to any rants you have and cuddle up to you and cheer you up when you’re sad. You guys can have physical dates like outdoors exercising or playing sports not anything sexual– anyways he would be the sunshine of the rest of your life–

[Self Introduction]

What is your Chinese zodiac/animal?: rabbit
What is your sun sign?: gemini
What is your height?: 157cm ish
What kind of body shape do you have?: kinda chubby in my opinion but kinda proportional? Idk I don’t like talking about my body
Describe your fashion type: comfy and cute, consists of lots of stripes or plaid or patterns
What are your hobbies?: watching korean shows, eating, making random crafts
Describe your personality: Im pretty quiet when Im unfamiliar with you and I can’t carry a conversation well. Im pretty insecure and pessimistic meh but sometimes i can be a hyper oddball if I like you a lot lololol 
What do you like and dislike?
Like: FOOD esp chocolate and mangoes, comfy sweaters, warm hugs and blankets, sunny days 
dislike: talks about the future, anything about my weight or height, dirty places 
What kind of height do you prefer?:  anyone taller than me really
What kind of position do you prefer? (i.e. vocal line, rapper): rapper line or visual line
Do you prefer innocent or sexy?: a mix of both~
What are some turn ons? HAIR, ability to look hella fine in a vest, nice smile, cute laugh, ability to make people laugh
What are some turn offs?: if they dont look good with abs, rudeness. sometimes facial hair sorry
What kind of fear would it be okay for them to have?: anything is fine
What would be an ideal date for you?: probably something with food and just a simple walk in  a park or something. Just a period of time we can walk and talk and maybe shop just to get to know them more. 
Any other hints?: I didn;t give a lot so Im sorry go check out my blog lel but tbh I want someone who is kinda talkative so I can talkw ith them easily without embarassing myself lel
Would like to be shipped with: Any band is fine really as long as I know em hahahahah I know like almost every band

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