an untold soulmate  -  jaehwan

summary; Every day you receive a little message about a random sentence that your soulmate has said and visa versa

genre; fluff, soulmate au, college au

a/n; this is 2/2 requests for @oohsehun​ !! i hope you like the NCT and wanna one scenarios!!! 

y/h/c = your hair colour (just for clarification)

“Soulmates aren’t fiction. They’re real.”

That’s what they all say. All the time. You weren’t too sure yourself, but the idea of having a soulmate was stupid- how someone could have the same interests, the same love for each other, when you haven’t met the other person…it just seemed superficial and so artificial. You were done with your friends saying that ‘I have the red line!!’ or ‘I was born with this tattoo, it’s my soulmate’s name!!’. You couldn’t help but to be happy for them, but somehow all of that changed when you got your first phone. You were 12, and you were just about to enter middle school. And after your first day, you received your first text message, at 3:30PM on the dot. It was…from an unknown sender. You couldn’t reply back to them, but the message read;

“Honestly I hate school…but I like the people here. There was one girl with y/h/c and she was really pretty!! Ah, I wish I knew her better…”

That one left you shaking. You didn’t know who sent it, and you were scared to think that only after 1 day, someone already got your number and was sending you cryptic and weird messages. You weren’t exactly scared, but you were ready to report it to the police. But…report what to the police? When you got home, you still had the message, but…no number to go along with it. It was…weird. You got home, and your mum explained everything so clearly to you, that the only thing you had to say in the end was…

“Oh no. Oh no no no no! I can’t have a soulmate…mum did you know that I’m 12?!”

“Why are you blaming me for this?! I didn’t do this to you, cupid must of–actually…who controls the soulmate aspect of things? I mean, it could be cupid because of the whole shooting love arrows and stuff… but it could also be–”

“Mum! Not now….how can I not have a soulmate?”

“You can’t not have a soulmate, it’s just how life goes.”

“Can I kill–”

“No you absolutely can’t.”

So…that was your first introduction into the magic that is having a soulmate. It was…actually really creepy to you. You’re just being introduced into someone’s life…and it was like from the sidelines…peeping at them and their whole life. That’s why you didn’t take a look at your phone for the first couple weeks when that message came up. You didn’t know if your mum was shitting on about the messages being from your soulmate, but you weren’t about to head face first into their social life. Nah, you didn’t like that at all. But…once the messages got a little..bit more…you know…catered towards you…then you had your interest peaking.

“Oh there’s this one girl in my science class called Y/n…she’s really sweet and she likes a lot of things that I like too!”

That one time you talked to this kid outside your science class.

“Y/n isn’t in school…I hope they’re ok.”

That other time you weren’t feeling well and you had a really bad cold and couldn’t come into school that day.

“I heard that Y/n got a lot of valentines gifts and stuff…I wouldn’t be surprised…she’s really pretty…”

That…valentine’s day, well…was special. Kind of. Yes, you did get a lot of gifts, like small teddies and a lot of chocolates, but…you were hoping for that special someone to notice you. You…didn’t know who…but you admitted to yourself, on that quite lonely but loved Valentine’s day, that…you wanted to meet your soulmate, and fast. Being older put a lot of things into perspective, especially when it came to finding out that having a soulmate….wasn’t all that bad. Growing up also meant that…you had to leave middle school, and high school, and head for college. And…luckily your high school had most of the students from your middle school, but since there wasn’t a local college in the area, that meant a lot of people would be separated. AKA, you and your soulmate. You were upset to leave high school, knowing that your soulmate is probably gone.

[10:30 AM] from Roomie #1: y/n what time do you finish class????

[10:35 AM] from Y/n 😴: I finish at 12 why?? 

[10:36 AM] from Roomie #1: good cause i forgot to lock the door

[10:36 AM] from Y/n 😴: FUCK WHAT HOW


Excusing yourself from class in a hurry, to run down the science corridor, outside into the street, running into the dorms, then back out. The dorms were off campus but only across the road, so it was easy to ask your teacher to run back to the dorms. You sprinted like you were on the running team, which you weren’t, but if you were racing them you would probably come first to be fair. You reached your door in time, making sure it was fully closed, before locking it again. As soon as you did, you heard a couple boys come down the hall. Oh, surprise, it was Jisung, and…two of his friends? You met Jisung at a party, and since your personalities matched quite well, you two hit it off as friends almost instantly. You smiled to yourself, before glancing quickly to the ground, then back up, to see Jisung smiling and waving to you. Since you ran…you might as well take your time. 


“Jisung, are you heading to class?”

“I got a free day. We’re going downstairs to play table tennis, you coming?”

“Maybe later, I have class until 12.”

“Oh, alright, I’ll see you later!”

“Bye Jisung have fun!”

Ah, Jisung always brightened your mood up, no matter what time of day. You walked along, but…you couldn’t help but to notice…one of the boys looked pretty familiar. Like…too familiar.

“Hey Jisung, was that your friend?”

“Yeah, that’s Y/n.”

“Y/n? Like…Y/n L/n?”

“Yeah, I mean..I think that’s her last name..”

“I used to know her from middle school and high school too!”

“Really? Small world!”

“Yeah, I thought Y/n was really cute in middle school, and now she’s gotten so pretty…man…”

“Wow, Jaehwan’s got a little crush on Y/n?”

“I’ve had a crush on Y/n for a while, I’m not lying, ask Minhyun!”

And that’s the message you saw, at 8PM on that day. The exact sentence, that Jisung’s friend said. In fact, Jisung’s friend saw you in the corridor, and stopped a little. He was…really taken back by your beauty. Wow. And…you know what made this little accidental meeting better? Well…Jisung’s friend, was in fact someone you knew from high school. Kim Jaehwan. You rarely spoke to him, but he always had this cute crush on you. But…he didn’t seem to realise that..you two were actually destined to be together. And…with the messages, he was getting them too, in high school! But…obviously…since you didn’t exactly know Jaehwan…your heart was always set on someone else at the time. So every message that came in, seemed like it was coming in from different people. His heart was a little broken at the time, but he soon got over it. Over the summer, he stopped looking at the messages, like you did, but soon resumed after he got to college, just to see how his soulmate was. You, were doing great, splendid, everything in between! The message left you shaken up, since you still didn’t know who it was…and the fact that your soulmate was in the same college.

“I’ll be gone for like two minutes, ok?”

“Alright, see you!”

You shouted to your friend, before walking out the door again, only going downstairs to see Jisung and his friend Daniel, who you recently made friends with as well.  And just as you leave….bam. You bump into someone. You jerked back a little, and so do they. You sighed, before looking to the other person to apologise, and then you stop. You just…notice this person. This, sweet, looking person, who’s got the cheeks of a chipmunk, and the smile of an angel.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I should of looked where I was going..”

“It’s– oh, you’re Y/n!” Y/n L/n, right?”

“Yeah, that’s me. Wait a second….you’re really familiar…”

“I was in your high school! And middle school too.”

“Kim…something…Jaehyun? Am I close?”

“Jaehwan, it’s Jaehwan.”

You awkwardly laugh, I mean, you didn’t forget his name on purpose. You smile a little more, and so does he. By the end of this whole ordeal I wouldn’t be surprised if you two didn’t know the right words to say and end up like blushing messes. But…no, you two actually have a decent conversation about how you two have been, what you guys have been up to, and what you were going to do the next time you had off.

“Oh, yeah I said I would see Jisung downstairs, I’ll see you around Jaehwan!”

“You too, Y/n. Tell Jisung that I’ll be downstairs in a little bit!”

You waved goodbye to Jaehwan, having a smile plastered on your face, walking down the corridor to the stairs. Jaehwan had the same smile, but…a little blush to add to that smile. But…those two messages…came up on your phone. Just like before. 8PM. You finished your work for that day, and walked into your room, and checked your phone. One new message. You opened up your phone, and you…just stopped. Your heart, mind and everything stopped in their tracks. For that minute of you stopping and staring at your phone, everything just stopped for that moment.

“Oh, yeah I said I would see Jisung downstairs, I’ll see you around Jaehwan!”

So…Jaehwan was your soulmate this whole time? This whole time…and you didn’t know. At all. This was….not a surprise. You kind of knew that Jaehwan had a crush on you…well you saw that he said that he had a crush on you the day before…but this was a whole new ball game that you two were caught up in. It was…amazing.  

“You too, Y/n. Tell Jisung that I’ll be downstairs in a little bit!”

Something so amazing can be found, just by talking to her. And…something was found. Be it amazing? Yes…but frightening? Yeah…kind of. But…Jaehwan seemed ready to tell you about this whole thing, with a bright smile on his face. Meanwhile, you…were still unsure about everything. Yes, you accepted that you had a soulmate, but….did that actually mean you liked Jaehwan? I mean, you did see him a lot in middle school and high school, but…he was quite the comedian back then…now, he’s matured. He’s got his shit together, which was great to see. And yes, he did get more handsome. Ok scratch that he’s all the way handsome. Were you falling for him as much as he fell for you…? Yeah…? Yeah….yeah, you were.

“Hey Y/n, do you know how your soulmate is?”

“I…have a hunch about who it could be…but I’m not so sure…”

“Really? Who do you think it is? Jisung? Daniel?” 

“Not those two…Daniel…has a thing for someone else…and Jisung? I know who he’s trying to get with.”

Yeah, your roommate. Who else would Jisung fall so hard for? She’s the only girl in your now close-knit group of friends apart from you, of course he’s going to fall for your friend. She is really pretty. 


The doorbell went off, quite a few times actually. Can you believe that in the same time that it took for you to get up from your table, walk over to the door and unlock it, your friend figured out who you were talking about; of course, Jaehwan. Special 

“No…no! Shut up, I think I know who it is!!”

“Don’t say it too loudly!!”

“Is it–”

“Jaehwan, hey what’s up?”

“Yeah I was going to say that!! Oh wait he’s at the door….oh.”

Your roommate said, getting up to walk into the kitchen, a sigh coming out at the same time. Anyways, Jaehwan had the same smile he’d always have on, smiling to you. In someway, that cute little smile he has, got to you. Today, that smile really, really got to you. 

“Hey Y/n, I kind of need help with my phone, could you take a look at it?”

“O..k sure…I’m not sure as to why you’re asking me and not Daniel…who’s the phone guy…but I’ll take a look at it.”

You said, bringing it into the kitchen, where the best light was. Somehow you knew you needed that light, even before you looked at the phone. Your roommate looked over from the fridge, taking her milkshake out. 

“I’ll leave you two lovebirds alone. Y/n, if you need me for relationship advice or how to put on a condom you know where I am.”

“Hey!! I don’t need either!! I’m fine…maybe.”

Jaehwan…just went red. He didn’t say anything, but knew the context. Wait, did you know too? Did you know that this was just a set up to get you to read the messages on his phone? Oh…I said too much, sorry Jaehwan. Anyways, your attention diverted away from your roommate, who closed the door as she left, leaving you two alone. 

“I’m sorry about my roommate…”

“It’s ok, she’s a lot like Jisung. I kind of now realise why he likes her.”

“Yeah, so what seems to be the problem with your phone?”

“Oh, I’ve been getting a lot of sketchy messages…and I can’t find a way to block them.”

“Oh really? Sounds like the problem I had before…let’s see these messages then…”


Jaehwan agreed, opening up the chat he had, showing you. You still had a smile on your face, but as soon as your eyes laid upon the most recent message, everything stopped. Your heart, your mind, and your everything. You felt your cheeks heart up as well, looking at the other messages.

“Oh, yeah I said I would see Jisung downstairs, I’ll see you around Jaehwan!”

Hey, that’s mine! I’m saving that for someone special…”

“Jaehwan? Hm….I don’t know…he’s cute.”

You looked back to him, your heart regaining it’s rhythm. Your heart beats were louder and faster than usual, but that only because Jaehwan made you feel this way about him. As soon as you saw his smile, you smiled a little too, before checking your phone too. 

“Well…you phone seems to be alright…since I looked at yours, why don’t you look at mine? I’ve been getting these weird messages too over the lat couple years…and I think they’re from the same person.”

“O-Oh sure…”

Placing his phone on the table, you handed over yours, waiting for the same response he had. And as soon as you saw his smile turn a little bigger– wait, you thought he would stop smiling, what happened to the fact that he was apparently shocked about the messages? Why was he smiling?

“Did you figure it out yet?”

“Figure what out…oh who was sending these messages?”



“I think I do…soulmate.”

You sighed, before sitting on top of the countertop– wait. Hold on. Pause, rewind, play. Did he just…call you soulmate? Fuck. Did he…know before? He must of. Damn it. But still, Soulmate? So Jaehwan…was your soulmate after all this time? It wasn’t like you had a doubt that he wasn’t over the last 24 hours, but it was getting to the point where you just needed to clarify it for yourself. You kind of…felt sad that you didn’t notice him more in middle school and high school after finding this out. But…you were glad that he was here with you in the end.

“So…we’re soulmates…right?”

“I mean, we did say this to each other…and I’ve been getting texts like these for a while…ever since middle school…so yeah. We are soulmates.”

“T-That’s nice…what do we do now?”

“I…don’t know…I was thinking about who my soulmate was too much…that I kind of just rejected the thought about what to do when I did find them in the end.”




“Should we go on a date…?”

“Yeah, that sounds great Jaehwan.”





And off you two went on your first date, as soulmates. As much of a cheesy thing that was, it was really sweet. Now, you were kind of glad that your heart changed about finding a soulmate, and having them find you, but now you were glad about finding the one, and you were really glad that it was Jaehwan too.

“Hey Y/n? Is your roommate still free?”

“No, she’s going out with Daniel now.”







“…She does?”

“Yeah a whole bunch.”

“Right good…are you sure.”



Rocky as The Man Who Came Out from Comics (from Astro’s self-produced drama “남친 우유”)

Eunwoo is worth more than his looks

Eunwoo is worth more than his looks

Eunwoo is worth more than his looks

Eunwoo is worth more than his looks

Eunwoo is worth more than his looks

Eunwoo is worth more than his looks

  • Eunwoo is worth more than his looks
  1. Eunwoo is worth more than his looks

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