Diné Physicists Study Jinii Uncertainty Principle

ASU- Arizona State University became the first site to look in to the fabric of Dine reality. The university began researching the uncertainty principle behind the Dine concept of “jinii”.

Dine Physicists Jill Yazzie has begun her doctoral research with the intent of discovering the hidden truths of jinii.

“Since I was a child I tried my best to understand jinii. My father and mother would act in accordance with jinii but I soon realized that jinii was assumptions that create hypotheses for people to act upon. There was always a sense of uncertainty and error despite the common accepting rumors as certain. My mom always knew how to sort through jinii. She always knew what was bullshit”.

“Sorry for the harsh language but it’s a scientific term”.

Yazzie is a molecular physicist but the revelation came to her when her friend was discussing Navajo politics.

“I heard my friend talking about Carlyle’s political rise and fall. He told the Navajo people via his snapchat, hweeldi, that he got a job within the White House. Many were certain that he had witched or kissed his way in but they assumed he was in. But it didn’t work out. Our reality was shaped by jinii and it was heavily uncertain despite the common belief”.

We’ve had our share of jinii. Our interns thought they were going to get a paid trip to Alaska but it was only jinii. Many thought that Clinton was going to win the election, jinii. Many thought that Trump would lose, jinii.

She believes that there may exist a formula for measuring jinii.

“My hypothesis is that jinii occurs in small groups, government channels, and the internet. There’s a strong correlation between a raise of jinii particles and government status. It’s hard to measure because the equipment hasn’t been perfected”.

It’s safe to say that her research will pave the future for more studies. Her recent finds show that politicians, border town car companies, and many more are sources of jinii.

President Begaye made a public announcement praising her study, jinii.

On a final note, she said that our news team was not a source of jinii.