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  • B.I: Rules are made to be broken
  • Yunhyeong: They were made to be followed.
  • Yunhyeong: Nothing is made to be broken..
  • Donghyuk: um..piñatas
  • Jinhwan: glow sticks
  • Chanwoo: spaghetti when you have a small pot
  • Bobby: karate boards
  • Junhoe: rules
  • Jinhwan: Hanbin we need to talk
  • Hanbin: sure thing
  • Jinhwan: I've been thinking and it's just that I don't think this, us, works
  • Jinhwan: you just don't do it good anymore. The first time we did it, you were amazing and I loved it, but now, you don't do it properly
  • Jinhwan: I think you should let June do it with me instead
  • Hanbin: Hyung how can you say this to me? You don't like my sex anymore? I thought you loved it!
  • Jinhwan: Yah! I'm talking about the dishes you egghead!

A/N: Another one from my previous blog
Type: Smut, little bit of Fluff, a sprinkle of Angst? 
Word Count: 1639

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“Y/N, what the hell do you think you’re doing?” Your boyfriend yelled as you stood there in a half-awkward embrace with your best guy friend. You had been dating your boyfriend, Jungkook, for about a year. He was a wonderful person and was always caring towards you and your friends. There was just one teeny tiny problem; Jungkook had a jealous streak. He would be extremely jealous if you spent time alone with your guy friends and right now you knew he was going to be furious. You had planned to have two of your friends over to work on a project together, but only Jinhwan had showed up. You were skeptical about him and you being alone in your apartment as to not get Jungkook mad, but you figured he’d probably leave before Jungkook even got here. You apparently thought wrong, because now you were here in the middle of your living room in middle of hugging Jinhwan while your boyfriend looked on –furiously.

“umm, Ji- Jinhwan came here to work on something” You stammered, breaking free from the embrace, face getting all red from humiliation.

“I think I should go now” Jinhwan said, sensing the situation. You nodded, not wanting to infuriate your boyfriend further. Jungkook waited calmly as you saw Jinhwan to the door before exploding with rage.

“What the hell were you doing Y/N?” He asked stepping closer. He was your boyfriend but he was extremely intimidating at the current moment. You backed against a wall as he ran his fingers through his hair in frustration. It was evident on his face how annoyed he was. You felt extremely upset at the thought of making him so sad like this.

“I’m sorry Jungkook, I know you don’t like me—“

“Then why do you keep doing it, huh?”

“I have friends, and some of them happen to be male, okay?”

“More like all your friends are male” He scoffed in bitterness, making your stomach drop. He was actually blaming you because of his dumb insecurities. You bit your lip, holding back tears, and pushed him away. 

“I don’t need this Jungkook” You yelled, not whether tears flowed or not,

“All I ever do is be so preoccupied with whether you’ll be jealous or not that I’ve stopped enjoying time spent with my friends”

“Is that you all care about Y/N, your friends?”

“Yes.” You replied turning towards the bedroom. You were almost at the door when you were yanked and somehow ended up pinned against the wall with Jungkook hovering over you. You looked past him at the opposite wall with crossed arms, not wanting to give being mad at him. He slid his fingers down your side, trying to get a reaction and was slightly disappointed at the lack there of.

“Y/N, I think you just said something you know you’ll be punished for” He whispered into your ear, making shivers run down your spine. He gripped you by the waist as if to hold you in place and started trailing kisses down your neck. You bit your lip to suppress a moan that was threatening to escape your mouth. Your arms dropped and your hands instinctively grabbed on to his t-shirt.

“Y/N I think I might have to remind you who you belong to” He said in between kisses,

“And this time I won’t be satisfied without you screaming my name so loud that even Jinhwan can hear it at the other end of the city” Your heart started beating and your pulse raced at the mere thought of what might play out. It didn’t help that Jungkook’s voice sounded so damn sensual in your ear. You bit your lip even harder to hold back the moans that might leak. You were still mad at him. Jungkook stopped trailing kisses down your neck and pulled back slightly to scan your face for any sign of a reaction. He liked what he saw because he pulled you against him and you felt his boner brush past your thigh. He continued toying with you by kissing down your neck to your shoulders. He kissed a sensitive spot and then lightly sucked, making a moan finally escape your mouth. You felt his smirk against your skin as he continued on that spot, making you moan even louder.

“F*ck it” You said as you pulled him back only to attack his lips. You were still mad but you coudnt take the teasing anymore. You felt him smirk into the kiss as his grip on your waist tightened. He bit your lip, making you gasp at the pain, and allowing him full access to explore your cavern. You moaned into the kiss at the amazing feeling, fully knowing that you were letting Jungkook win this time.  

It was as if he read your mind because he started going under the hem of your t-shirt in an attempt to put it off. You broke the kiss temporarily as he discarded your shirt somewhere across the room. His t-shirt came off too, also discarded somewhere across the room. You took this opportunity to lazily run your fingers across his toned stomach. His hands travelled down to you bra as he kissed down your shoulders. His fingers locked in on the clasp as he took off your bra in one swift move. His kisses lowered until they reached your breasts. His lips grazed your nipples, sending shivers down your spine. He then took a hold of one of your breasts, sucking lightly, while his hands played with other.

“Jungkook…” You moaned at the pleasure, your anger long forgotten. He took at this as an indication and let his fingers trail down to your thighs. His every touch setting your skin on fire. His hand let go your breast, while his mouth continued, allowing his hands to travel to your butt. He picked you up and you instinctively wrapped your legs around him. He carried you to the couch and sat down, so that you were straddling him. His mouth leaving your breasts and capturing your lips. You both deepened the kiss so that it was slow and passionate. Your fingers lightly pulled at his hair as his mouth left your lips to ravage your neck. His fingers traveled to your thighs and slowly approached your heat. You held your breath in anticipation as his removed your underwear, and let his fingers roam freely. The first touch to your clit made you moan loudly and you felt his smirk on your skin. He then proceeded to rub circles around your clit while his mouth sucked on the skin under your ear.
“Jung- Jungkookie… I’m close”

He then proceeded to palm your clit while pumping his fingers into you. His thumb reaching to play with your clit. He was working you up and the pleasure was too much for you. You screamed his name while throwing your head back. His mouth continued to work on your neck as his fingers kept pumping into you.

“Come for me baby girl” He whispered into your ear and with that you came you all over his fingers. He continued moving his hands to help you ride out your orgasm.

His lips trailed your neck and moved to your mouth to kiss you. It was a lazy kiss. It was needy and you realized how hard he must be. You moved your hips to press down on him and he groaned. Smiling, you moved your hand to palm his erection, eliciting a moan from him. He moved your hand away to remove his pants, taking his boxers off at the same time. You tried to move away from him and get down on your knees to return the favour but he caught you with his arms
“Not now, I need to be inside of you” Jungkook whispered, making you wet, from the sound of need dripping from his voice, alone. You ground your hips into him making his member slide against your clit, making you both moan at the pleasure. His mouth captured yours, kissing you passionately.
Positioning his member, he slid inside you, groaning at how good it felt. He kissed your neck as he pushed all the way into you. He moved out and then pushed into you slowly.

“Fuck, Jungkook, move faster” He was moving so slow and you dug your nails into his shoulders to urge him on

“No, this what you get for inviting Jinhwan over”

“Fuck you Jungkook”

“You are” He smirked and moved out to push into your hard. He kissed your neck and finally started moving faster. He kept drilling into you fast and hard, making you drag your nails down his back.

“Fuck…. right there Jungkook”

“Y/N” He groaned as you trailed your lips on his neck, biting the skin right under his ear. He continued pumping into you as you felt the familiar feeling pooling into your stomach. You were close and by his fast thrusts you knew that he was close to. You bit down on his neck harder as he moved his hands between you to rub your clit. This, added to his insane speed had you reaching your second orgasm. You tightened around Jungkook as you came, making him moan.

“Fuck, Y/N, you’re so tight” He said as he continued chasing his own high. His thrusts faltered and he came inside of you with a moan of your name.

He pulled out of you and pulled you so both of you were lying on the sofa, his arms wrapped around you. 

"You’re mine, okay?“ He said while trailing his lips on your nape.

“Don’t you ever forget that”

You nodded at that and snuggled closer to him. When you had said it was only a teeny tiny problem that Jungkook was jealous, it was because it almost 95% of the time resulted in mind-blowing sex.

A/N: I will not be writing a sequel to this :)

iKON waking you up (reaction)

“Hullo!!! Ok lets see…how would ikon wake you up???“
“How would ikon wake you up??“
“Idk if my request was eaten by tumblr again but I requested how the members of Ikon wake you up?? Also i love your blog 💜“ request by anon (the same one I guess?>-<)
Jinhwan: “Wake up jagi~ I made you breakfast” *kisses your forehead* “you look so pretty in the morning”

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Yunhyeong: *starts kissing you all over your face and caressing your hair* “good morning my princess~ how about we go out to have breakfast?”

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Bobby: “Morning babe, let’s take a shower together, shall we? ;);) and maybe have a nice breakfast ;);)”

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Hanbin: *starts caressing your thighs* “jagi wake uuup~ it’s morning already” *gives you a soft peck on the nose while picking you up from the bed* “Let’s go to the showeeer”

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Donghyuk: *starts cuddling you and rubbing his nose on your neck* “jagiii~ let’s wake up together~”

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Junhoe: *Actually you’d have to wake him up* “yah! You interrupted my beauty sleep *annoyed face* okay, I’ll wake up” *gives you a kiss on the back of your neck and starts running towards the bathroom and locks the door* “my turn!”

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Chanwoo: *starts jumping on the bed* “yah wake uuuup~ I’m hungry! Let’s eat pancakes together jagi” *drags you out of bed just to eat pancakes and watch cartoons*

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