jinhwan work

ikon applying for a job

Hanbin: will probably scare the interviewer into giving him the interviewer job itself bc have you seen his rbf of death omg

Bobby: ……*flashes abs …..pls hire me

Jinhwan: is asked for ID bc 165 cm

Yunhyeong: *smiles once (“you’re hired”)

Donghyuk: is actually thoroughly overqualified for the position 

Junhoe: is asked about his personal strengths - spends half the interview on this one question

Chanwoo: has ‘brewing coffee’ under special skills part of application

iKON waking you up (reaction)

“Hullo!!! Ok lets see…how would ikon wake you up???“
“How would ikon wake you up??“
“Idk if my request was eaten by tumblr again but I requested how the members of Ikon wake you up?? Also i love your blog 💜“ request by anon (the same one I guess?>-<)
Jinhwan: “Wake up jagi~ I made you breakfast” *kisses your forehead* “you look so pretty in the morning”

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Yunhyeong: *starts kissing you all over your face and caressing your hair* “good morning my princess~ how about we go out to have breakfast?”

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Bobby: “Morning babe, let’s take a shower together, shall we? ;);) and maybe have a nice breakfast ;);)”

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Hanbin: *starts caressing your thighs* “jagi wake uuup~ it’s morning already” *gives you a soft peck on the nose while picking you up from the bed* “Let’s go to the showeeer”

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Donghyuk: *starts cuddling you and rubbing his nose on your neck* “jagiii~ let’s wake up together~”

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Junhoe: *Actually you’d have to wake him up* “yah! You interrupted my beauty sleep *annoyed face* okay, I’ll wake up” *gives you a kiss on the back of your neck and starts running towards the bathroom and locks the door* “my turn!”

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Chanwoo: *starts jumping on the bed* “yah wake uuuup~ I’m hungry! Let’s eat pancakes together jagi” *drags you out of bed just to eat pancakes and watch cartoons*

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We’re back! Please enjoy it and we’ll be uploading the requests from now on~ 

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Reaction: Accidentally hitting them

+ “Ahhh I sent in the ask before about hitting them in the face haha yeah that’s me…I forgot to say what members sowwy!!!! Can u please do bobby jinhwan hanbin and yunhyung!!! Thank u so much and sorry!!!”


Bobby would pretend to be hurt and a bit annoyed. Just so he could see your cute reaction and your panic-struck face while apologizing profusely. He would try to take advantage of situation as much as possible until you’d realize that he was joking about being annoyed. Bobby would try to make you do something as to make up for being accidentally punched in the face. However as soon as he said that sentence while sporting his signature smirk, you knew that he was just joking around. It would end up with you actually threatening to hit him for real, which he would try to stop while acting super lovey and hugging you as an apology. 


Jinhwan would laugh for a moment before exclaiming that you’re adorable. He think it’s cute how you were so excited to give him a hug that you had way too much speed when turning around and ending up hitting him instead. He would then be nice enough to give you a second chance to give him a better hug. Which instead become an awkward hug since it was kind of forced. 


Hanbin would rub his head lightly where you accidentally hit him while laughing at the situation. While you were apologizing Hanbin would assure you that it wasn’t a big deal, it was just an accident. Hanbin would after that try to make you feel better by giving you a hug. And just as Hanbin was turning around to give you a big hug, he accidentally stepped on your foot. Karma goes around.

You’re so cute omg and I’m happy you like our blog ♥

Sorry I didn’t the do the Yunhyeong one, its so late here and I’m about to faint after only sleeping 2 h last night lol I’ll add him as extra some other time.



Jiwon will do everything for Jinhwan-hyung even if he’s tired…

colors pt. I || jinhwan
  • notes : the third of the halsey songs x ikon series thing is finally here! Please bear with me because I’m back in school and it’s exams season, but I will do the rest of the members & their scenarios soon! Thank you for being patient / reading!! ((:
  • genre: angst angst angst
  • warnings : no warnings with this one but it’s kinda sad if you really think about it js / plus it’s kinda long
  • read pt. II here!!

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You’re ripped at every edge, but you’re a masterpiece x

         The first time you had noticed him? Ah, what a good question that is. Would it be too cliché to say that the day you noticed him happened to be the very first day?

           Well, despite what anyone may think of such an answer, the truth is that you had been well aware of Jinhwan ever since the first day you stepped into that lecture hall. It was only the first day, but you were already feeling the new weight on your shoulders from the realization that you were in college now, and the one person you could depend on was yourself, and that’s it. That would be something you would come to realize time and time again throughout your whole experience.

           “Everyone, please take a sit as quickly as possible,” you heard the professor say from somewhere in the front. With a deep breath, you managed to steal a seat in the back; sitting in the front had never been so ideal to you since middle school.

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