K-Pop Idols Birthday on February


  • Feb 1 - Doyoung (NCT 127 & NCT U) & Jihyo (Twice) 
  • Feb 2 - Hana (Secret), P.O (Block B), & Victoria (F(X) 
  • Feb 3 - Jia (Miss A) & Kyuhyun (Super Junior) 
  • Feb 5 - Jisung (NCT Dream) 
  • Feb 6 - Jongup (B.A.P) & Yunho (TVXQ) 
  • Feb 7 - Jinhwan (Ikon) & Lee Joon (MBLAQ) 
  • Feb 8 - Woohyun (Infinite),Seyoung (Cross Gene) & Yunhyeong (Ikon) 
  • Feb 9 - Chungha (I.O.I), Hangeng, & Johnny (NCT 127) 
  • Feb 10 - Naeun (Apink), Seulgi (Red Velvet), Sooyoung (SNSD), & Youjin (KNK) 
  • Feb 11 - Chansung (2PM), Dino (Seventeen), Jisoo (Lovelyz) & Rose (Blackpink) 
  • Feb 12 - Donghyun (Boyfriend), Soyou (Sistar), & Subin (Dal Shabet) 
  • Feb 14 - Jaehyun (NCT 127) 
  • Feb 15 - Jota (Madtown) & Ravi (VIXX) 
  • Feb 16 - Eric (Shinhwa) & Sungjoo (UNIQ) 
  • Feb 18 - Changmin (TVXQ), DK (Seventeen), J-Hope (BTS) & Vernon (Seventeen) 
  • Feb 20 - Jinhun (KNK) 
  • Feb 21 - Wendy (Red Velvet) 
  • Feb 22 - Yehana (Pristin) 
  • Feb 25 - Rocky (Teen Top) 
  • Feb 26 - Changsub (BTOB) & CL (2NE1) 
  • Feb 27 - Ricky (Teen Top) & Ten (NCT U) 

this is my favorite jinhun moment from the whole episode, hands down. look at the way jihun’s expression changes from laughing to being serious and attentive towards youjin real quick and then he just listens to youjin speaking as if it matters a lot, as if whatever youjin’s got to say matters a lot. 

it’s one of the things that i love about their dynamics - that jihun, despite his playful self that would sometimes ~make fun~ of youjin when the older’s rambling, he also knows how to listen, and he listens well.

Music Producer!Jihun as your Boyfriend

Request: @milkteafairy-hyeri asked: Hi!! I love your Jihoon barista AU! It’s so cute! So can I request a bullet scenario where Jihoon and his s/o are rival producer but eventually became lovers? Thank yiu!

Thanks for liking it! Sorry it took me so long to do this. I was trying to figure out how I could write this and then Thanksgiving holiday came up but now I’m in a writing mood. Sooo….here we go!

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  • He’s a genius at what he does and everybody is always wanting him to write their next comeback.
  • But he’s very picky and only writes for certain groups who are worthy of his music
  • Like no joke…like he only writes for groups that have at least won an award already or something.
  • The public doesn’t really know his real name or anything.
  • He kind of remind everybody of a NEET but HE ISN’T he’s just not out a lot
  • You on the other hand is a genius too
  • But you write for groups who are worthy too but for COMPLETELY different reasons
  • You only write for groups who are determined to win their next comeback 
  • It’s like you write music that brings out the groups strength you know?
  • EVERYBODY knows about you but it’snot like you enjoy the publicity…it’s more like it just kind of happened after his one group you write for at the very beginning of your job stated your name and brought you out for everybody to see what you look like 

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anonymous asked:

Hi, I saw your post about ships in KNK and was wondering if you can do a short intro to the different ships? Nothing major, just perhaps some moment they shared or a headcannon you have?

hello anon! omg I’m really not very good with all the ships I have a terrible memory so I’ll pribably miss the best moments but I’ll try!

* ship names are not official but this is I suppose what most people use? idk correct me if I got something wrong! *

the major ships (I think?). they’re the most known and popular and tbh too real

(seungjun/jihun): seungji/junhun. this is I feel like the most popular ship and the first one people notice probably. and these boyfriends are really kinda shameless. jihun sneaking out to seungjun’s room to have his back scratched and seungjun always sticking his entire huge body to jihun. he also wants to marry jihun, confirmed fact. you can find most of this great stuff on youtube and going by ship tag, recommend 100%! they’re also obsessed with each other’s butts okay.

(seungjun/inseong): seungseong. well, while jihun is away (probably having a great battle over youjin’s heart with heejun) seungjun gets bored, so he manages to sneak into inseong’s room and have his little portion of hugs and kisses, he needs some comforting okay. great stuff, highly recommend!

(inseong/heejun): heeseong. if the recent heejun’s april’s fool didn’t convince someone that inseong is the only true love of heejun’s entire life I don’t wanna know this person. true boyfriends, hugs and kisses (especially on inseong’s part) all the time, spreading love and happiness. great stuff, and this little thing they do every time they’re on the same team? my fave ship of all times.

(I would personally add this to the main ships ‘cause maknae line’s crush on youjin is real as ever)

(youjin/jihun): jinhun and (youjin/heejun): heejin. this is so sweet and funny but jihun and heejun have some hard ass crushes on youjin (poor man), so they’re being super clingy to him sometimes, trying not to miss any opportunity to hug him and bring some of his attention to them. getting jealous of each other all the time, of course, cheating on their actual boyfriends but man I feel them.

plus my personal little weaknesses

(youjin/inseong): jinseong. inseong is the only man in the group that youjin actually shows some affection towards sometimes. like and youjin even said that if he had to choose whom to date in knk it would’ve been inseong and he excluded him from ‘they’re not gonna eat if I win this game’ squad (seungjun, jihun and heejun lmao). inseong being a little flirty precious angel of course and things like this are super cute.

(jihun/heejun): hunhee. the siblings couple. despite of war going on between them they’re like the greatest brothers out there. they’re very close and cute and often role-play (and ‘cause youjin trouble honestly what a poor thing) and hug and what a pure love it is I just love them.

and these ships mostly go unnoticed but sometimes they pop out and you’re just like WOW this is a thing

(youjin/seungjun): seungjin. seungjun just being his clingy self and youjin probably thinks of seungjun as his most problematic kid (no chances of growing up this kid will never mature), takes care of him, simple and sweet dad/son relationship.

(seungjun/heejun): 2jun. the literally raised during their 12h vlive and, well, seungjun’s probably heejun’s younger cousin they’re just quite siblings that sometimes give us some stuff to cry about.

(inseong/jihun): jiseong. being part of the crazy trio (inseong, jihun and heejun) naturally made them close like look at this and this shit, what a fantastic potential this ship has.

Starting a fight with KNK


Who would win: Youjin
He’d use his strenght at very last resort, but he’ll knock you out in one punch. And then plug back in his earphones or something. Just leave him alone.


Who would win: you
Easiest target, he’s scared of many things. Too cute to fight. Just make sure he doesn’t scream, or else you’ll have a member trying to avenge him. 


Who would win: Inseong
He might seem too lovely to fight, but he’s stronger than you may think. And he doesn’t like to lose. Better not fight him. 


Who would win: Jinhun (probably?)
He’s clumsy af, but he’s had 8 years of martial arts so be careful. He’d go easy on you, unless he’s trying to avenge Seungjun (you better run rather than fight). Otherwise he’ll probably punch himself or something. 


Who would win: Heejun
Don’t. He’s fast and sneaky. He might be the “shortest” (182cm) but don’t be fooled. he’s unpredictable. and after beating your arse up he’ll laugh at your misery. Don’t.
Spontaneous Combustion

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pairing: Jongin (Kai) x Reader

genre: Comedy, romance, fluff, highschool!AU

word count: 3,789

warnings: casual mentions of suicide

description: Sometimes, the consequences of your actions result in spontaneous combustion or instant death. You’re pretty sure this is one of those times. And Jongin’s gorgeous, smirking face and hysterical laughter isn’t helping.

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; just my daily dose of jinhun :’)

in which jihun calls ‘youjin hyung, youjin hyung~’….

and youjin turns to look at him….

and jihun reaches out to touch youjin’s face with his finger because he just can’t help himself and sends me sobbing in the corner ;~;


why do i find this hysterical? l o l. it’s just…. adorable how Youjin said he’s been getting to know more about computers and then let us know ~proudly~ that he’d helped fix a problem Jihun had with the game he dl-ed and Jihun secretly (and teasingly? lmao) gave him a thumbs-up XD

and then Jihun went on to say that he thinks people who can handle computers well are amazing (read: Youjin hyung is amazing.)

ain’t that right, Jihun? lol


© luv2me_ ch.

OMGGGGG, how could i have lived the past month without knowing the existence of this video???? ;A; 

i love how Jihun’s slowly gravitating towards Youjin as the latter sings, as if lured by the older’s singing voice, and ends up wrapping his arms around Youjin because he just can’t help himself ;-;

inching closer, and closer….

hovering behind, waiting for the right moment….

and BAM! gotcha, hyung!