Bitten by the Love Bug
By Organization for Transformative Works

Summary: Chanyeol’s no exterminator but he’s always there when he hears his next door neighbor screaming about a bug.
Author: jingyeolbaeks for baeconandeggs
Length: Oneshot
Genre: Neighbors AU, Fluff, Romance
Rating: NC-17

Admin Jackie: This was sooooo cute :( I love when authors write Chanyeol as a super polite and nice person because I think that’s so real and so him. This is cute and I love bbh on here idk why lmao, enjoy ~

anonymous asked:

Could you recommend more fics from bae? I want to know which fics i should read already!

orz please be patient… we’d have to read or at the very least skim through everything before we rec them to ensure that we rec amazing fics (so far though, all the entries i’ve read from BAE so far have been great); unless there would be some kind people to rec them for us through the submission box? :) - Admin N~ 

hey hey~~ i haven’t finished all the bae fics yet but here are ones that you may want to start with!

- admin shiba

Omg wow admin shiba’s been busy hehehe - Admin N~ 

Account appreciations (Chanbaek-related)

So hello!! Actually this post is meant to be posted at the end of last year for the new year post. But yeah, im getting busy with life so sadly I cant make it.. but now here I am posting this. Since we now in 2017, I want to thank to all of you that followed me even I didnt expect for having all of you to follow me *surprisingly whr it almost 2k like whyyy. Now I feel sorry that Im not that active here* 

So for this I would like to make some account appreciations for chanbaek-related accounts that I followed and always be my favourite. 


@chanbaekah @eternal-chanbaek @imchanbaektrash @ms1611 @nadrahazizan @awkwardmickey @yeolspuppy @chanbaekthetype @lebaekyeol @lets-talk-baekyeol @parkbaekssi

So if uve twitter maybe you can checked this (again, tell you there are a lot but here some of them);

@CmixB6104 @cb0627 @today_chanbaek @chbkarchieve @OttokajiTwinkie @chanbaekheaven @bestofchanbaek @promptcentral @KpopDoo30 @kissyeollips @unicornchanbaek @PurpleRing92 @CikAishah1611 @toppopie@chanwithbaek @yixingbi @chanyyeolie @baekyeolangst @honeybunsbee @jingyeolbaeks @puppystore_1992

And here is some my fav chanbaek fanfics author accounts (on aff);

@baek_hearts_yeol @greatest_love @magicdraining @666104 @baekyeolwishes @planningk @exokiss @zhangsara @navilavi @hedgie_turtle @k3ykwangie @jeulbit @soubiish @luludeery_88 @parkINaByun @lolaisajewel @baekyeolangst @_Arrow_ @holdbaek @mngrfn @ToffeeCoffee @blehmeh @bluecoins @tinkerklang

If you like watching fmv, here some fave youtube accounts;

@iwillstillopenthewindow @PuppyStore @AMEJIA Fam @PJBELIFE STUDIO  @Nanz ChanBaek 6104

Hahaha thats a lot. But yeah checked them out and make your day!!!

My first follow forever :)

Ok so I kind of hit a follower goal yesterday and I felt like I should do one of these thingies :P

And more importantly, I joined tumblr for the simplest of reasons. so i could see more of exo. When i joined tumblr i had no idea what to expect. Obviously exo pics and vids but none of the lame/cheesy/funny exo posts that y'all post which always manage to crack me up. None of the beautiful/cute/downright breathtaking artworks and cartoons that you all make. None of the twitter and instagram screenshots of exo related stuff that helps me keep upto date with a social media that I don’t have. None of the emotional/encouraging posts that are there for exo. None of the other kpop posts that help me broaden my mind in kpop and help get to know more and new groups and shows. NONE OF THE GIFS that y'all painstakingly make! NONE OF THE FANFICS ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) AND EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY, none of the most amazing people that i have gotten to meet here (i’m looking at you mutuals ;) and honestly its just been such an amazing learning experience so far and i don’t wanna let go of this ever. 

So, for this post, just wanna say thank you. thank you for chancing by on my dash everyday and entertaining me. thank you for whatever you do. and even if you don’t do any of the artwork or post any of the stuff and you just reblog? that is good enough too! in fact reblogging is so much more imp because if you hadn’t reblogged then my tumblr wouldn’t be what it is now. thank you for helping me out in appreciating a group and a fandom to its fullest extent. thank you for making me feel proud of exo, proud of being an exo-l and proud of being a part of this crazy little  world called kpop :)

*mutuals are in bold <3


@50shadesofghei @305heaux @3xoxiumin @artificialpuppy @byunutella  @chandaddie @chanyeolve @bigspoonkyungsoo @bigbootybyun  @chanstering @baehkyn @beom-sil @baekangels @calumcdizzlehood @chenosaurdonut @berribaek @baekyeolprompts @bopkingkyungsoo  @chanyoool @basedsehun @curlyhaired-cunt @cucumbyeoll @anonwhobelieves @ch3nch4ny3xol @calcyeolaytor @chanyeolsbandaid @artfclove @chan-yeoldelling @chitra89 @chenbaekery @baekhyuns-jiggly-cheeks @angel-in-slow-motion @baaekyeol @chenrrerorocher @chanyeol–sehun @byunbaek-net @brbcrawlingtokorea @baekhyuntella @byunchen  @aeribaek @assbuttbaek @byunkin @baozzis @chanbaek-is-my-father  @awkwardksoo @baekmine @allthekaisoo @chanyeol0ppa @angelksoo @baekoneggyeolk-ed @chancasso @ahbaekhyun @chanyoelpark @baby-baek @chanyeol-sexual @baek-to-basics @asexualdokyungsoo @baecon-n-eggyeolk @chenterrupting @bubble-brat @chanwaffles @chanyeol-gifs @baehkkyun @baekyeol @chan-rapper @byunbunnie​ @chanbaekah​ @chanssoo​ @blondejongin​ @chengineering​ @angelcaiuexo @baebyunie 


@deastroying  @goatfanclub  @daenso  @elaysium  @dorkdo  @exofan-fanart  @elluts  @dokynsoo  @dokyungsmooth  @eternal-chanbaek  @galaxy-sicanova  @exodusandchill  @esembitch  @fybaekhyunhands  @exoluxionlove  @dokxungsoo  @exodez  @exoat2am  @ethereal-baek  @exotic-by-night  @fallingsoo  @doctorholmes221  @chanffeine  @fykaisoo  @dyodorant  @etherealchen  @fy-zyixing  @fun-chanbaek  @galaxychen  @fychanbaekyeah  @fuckyeahjoonmyun  @exo-academy  @eggso  @grumpyeols  @ggaeal  @dyo-alone  @fykai  @fy-kimkai  @dokyungsooswife  @getlayd  @fy-sehunoh  @detectivetrabula  @exokaibiased  @daebaksoo  @fy-chanbaek  @derp-yeoll  @dyoru  @exo–vines  @damnit-exo @exo–sexo @funny-exo-vines @fydokyungsoo @fuckyeahxiumin @fyeah-chanyeol @fychen @exostentialcrisis @exokmplanet @duckhymne @exoexoticfromindia @dayafterdae​ @exovines​ @dokyungsalty​


@itsdonekyungsoo @kyungbooo @krellysworld @kingjunmyeonn @j-a-z-z-z @kaiptivated @krismehard @irideschen @kpopluvs @kai-tastrophe @kjonginswife @hobyeol @killed-by-chen @kaisdonuts @imchanbaektrash @jiminiepabp6131 @jungmoneyhoseok @jonginence @iwantthegoodgood @kimjunnoodle @jibootee @jingyeolbaeks @kaisooedly @kimkaisohsehun @irpsychotic @jognogandsoo @kookiexyeol @krokiecik @kiiungsoo @intokai @kaisanctuary @jongin-is-bae @kpop–l @kaisoh @infinitybaek @kyungception @kaichouchou @krapyeol @kaislotto @kai-tholic @iwoulddieforsuho @holykyungsoo @ihaveathingforexo @jeonghanine @kaisooanimal @kaisoosex @hna39 @jonginsbody @kaimilky @kaisoomakesmylifecomplete @kyungsoo-jongin-kaisoo @jonginwho @jonginization @kaimint @kimjongin @kyunseu @j-holy @kaibility @jellybaeek @jonginsdongin @kyungsoostrash​ @junmyeon-please @krisinsanity @kyvngsoo @jonggdaee​ @jongdaerivative​ @incorrectexoquotes​ @kpopmeplease​ @kangdaesungofficial


@namchic @official-donghae  @official-kimheechul @official-kimkey @official-kimjongdae @nyan-my-neko-chan @mytypeofaesthetics @official-choiminho @nise-mono @official-ryeowook @official-kyuhyun @omg-leo-mmmm @mako-haru-chan @lottobyexosavedkpop @officialsjsungmin @missa-lalisa @lycheepeaches @official-byunbaekhyun @official-kimminseok @officialsmtown @official-ohsehun @official-dks @leesooman-official @officialhuangzitao @official-joonmyeon @official-kimkai @lovely-chanlu @official-zhangyixing @monsterluckyonee @luhtella @layshands @meari-observa @littlechefsoo @my-baeked-potato @of-yehets-and-ohorats @j-jennie @manlysexsoo @minna88-7cmb @oohsenun @lovekatelynmarie @neo-culture-trash @lottomp3byexo @ohyaahkkaebsong @minseoxual @mingexo @littlebyuns @laygacy @lawlliets @magiclitchii​ @mndlssdreaming​ @overdosed-by-jongin​ @ninihoneykom​ @ohmy-kyungsoo​ @nabi-scenarios​ @ohsehundaily​ @ohxing​ @luderella​ @overnightprincess​ @lumenardens​ @owlcitybvbarmy​ @mainlyawkward​


@pcyspurrs  @sayhunmyname  @perfect-prince-kai  @popped-in-exo @sehunlays @senshines @sehuntiful @smuttyfairy @panic-in-paradise @sehunsi @realblingbling @rukkikrahv @satyadixit-blog-blog @pcybang @somewhatofficialleeteuk @sesooyah @suhohohomerryxmas @suavesehun @smol-korean-bean @peeseewhy @sehun-the-last-airbender @sehunnified @sehuneta @sehunsthickthighs @sebaekkk @somewhatofficialyifan @peppermintfish @shutupcyeol @spark-chanyeol @peperoyeol @selutty @saintksoo @pearsona @petitbaekhyun @sebaek-scum @sehun–trash @parkchny @silencesneeze @sehunkaitrash @pcybiased @sehungotbaek @slutforexo @squishy-penguinsoo @sehuntiago @sehunsthickthighs @protectsquishykyungsoo @sehunsdickistoolongforyourdash​ @sefuns @stripperbaozi @polyarobaek @suhos-butt​ @pork-chanyurr@sehunsmeatballs​ @smol-suho​ @pheonixart​ @sweetjongininie​ @pornbaek​ @sunkai​ @paradoxxxxx​ @shypcy​ @sebaeked​ @sehun8gfat​ @strawberrymilkyeol​ @please-dyo-me​ @suhocean​ @prankchanyeol​ @slayeol​ @park-chanyeol​ @pcyvines​ @peachyeollie​ @pcyhappyvirus​ @staff​ @plagaart​ @peeseewhy


@takeachansoo @unreal–pcy @theboyswhocriedwolf @vitunkpoppi @verbaljinx @tipannies @v-dyo @theofficialfluteblower @undefined @tahyns @whereisexom @unofficiallyrealpcy @taopanda @toomanyfeelsexogdi @untouchabyeolman @wannatouchmagoodgood @wugalaxy @wuboxian @tinyjunmyeon @wild-for-yeol @thesuhoeffect @wuyifanxing @tellmewhatislove @wolfbyexosavedkpop @viruspcy @twitchyeol @wesehun94 @tae-smile


@yeolpc @yeolgasms @zelo @yixingish @zeren-dipity @xingblingmi @yiixingsdimples @xiundeer @yixing-senpai @yo-kingsoo @yourdailychanyeol @xiunet @xiu-love-min @yixingmyunicorn @xiubottom @yahminseok @xi-umin-hyung @xiuminsdreams​ @xo-exo​ @yeolhighness​ @xehun​ @yeolcumbaek​ @yourdailysuho​ @xoxo-reactions​ @yourdailybaekhyun​ @yourdailychanyeol​ 

anonymous asked:

yo chanbaek better not be dead... i'm just now getting into them and they're everything ;A;

nah they’re a staple :`) You can always expect chanbaek to happen at some point ~~ and they’ve had such a good streak not only last comeback but in off seasons and recently too :’) 

It’s just. It’s one of the oldest ships and ofc an OT12-era ship too and most of those are just dead. Like Hunhan, Taoris, sulay, so yeah. Only other remaining is Kaisoo and they don’t have as much outside-of-ship interactions as chanbaek do (And kaisoo fans like real kaisoo fans are hardcore if u ask me), so there’s another thing.

Chanbaek isn’t dying any time soon though, look at these compilations:

Anyway I’m too dedicated lol nothing I put this much into ever just ~dies~ ^^; They just like to have fun w/ other members a lot, but chanbaek will keep sailing ~~ (I for instance ship baek w/ almost everyone in OT12 but chanbaek is still my favorite hehe ^^)

What’s up you guys?! This is my first follow forever! I just wanted to thank all the lovely blogs/people that have kept me sane and entertained the last couple of years. Even though I’ve been an EXO blog since pre-debut basically, I became regularly active last year after I got laid off. Since then, I’ve had the chance to meet and talk to a lot of really great people. Though some have come and gone, it’s been a great experience to be able to make the friends that I have on here.

I reached over a thousand followers a while back and I wanted to post this then but things happened. As I near my next thousand I have to thank you for all the lovely edits, graphics, audio, gifs, funny text, and reblogs you provide me with on a daily basis!

Sorry about the edit above. I’ve been on vacation for two months but I really wanted to get this done while I felt motivated to do it. My apologies for the usage of the dumb speech bubble and borrowing someone’s picture to edit. I’ve had that picture saved on my computer so long I don’t even have credit for it. I think it’s Burning510

That being said, let’s get started shall we? Bold urls are those that are mutual follows, Bold AND Italics will be those that are my lovely friends that put up with me for some reason, and those that are just italicized are those that I recently started following but love your blog!

A - C:

adorableprince | aishbaek | amazitao | antares111 | arayun | ashbaek | assfaceexo | baek-me-a-cake | baek-tao-the-future | baekaid-o | baekhyun-ah | baekon-laytuce-tomatao | berkhyun | blondejongin | bloshitup | byunbyunpuppy | chandonut | changsha-prince | chanplanet | chanyeoled | chanyeolife | chanyeolismysexualfantasy | chanyoell | cheekyluhan | chenitalia (you changed your url on me!)

D - F:

daddyeol | daesdick | daisukeys | damnitkaisoo | deerxings | dimplay | doesnt-know-exo | doksoo | dorkyixing | dragonsphoenix | dyossuo | esuhort08 | eunphoria | exo-plushie | exo-snippets | exo-we-are-one | exographics | exolutely | exothebest | fiftyshades-of-lay | findingyourownroots | fuckingjongdae

fyeah blogs:

fuckyeahexodrabbles | fuckyeahexomacros | fuckyeahyixing | fy-exo | fy-yixing | fybaekhyun | fyeah-vixx | fyeahfunnykpopgifs | fyeahkrispylays | fyeahluhan

G - I:

g-y-u | galaxymedusa | ggamjongin | heroesofexoplanet | hexoxogon | hztr | incrediyeol | inlovewith12angels

J - L:

jdw-juseyo | jijos | jingyeolbaeks | jonginnies | jongstalxxi | jungtaekgoon | kai-laydoscope | kai-na | kais-assets (looka muh bae)| kaiscrotch | kaisooftw | kboyslovetheirhair | kentomyravi | kimjonginism (birthday bros fo lyfu) | kirstao | kjongdaes | kpop-is-hetero-believe-me (WHERE DID YOU GO?!) | kris-wu | krisimnida | krisinsanity <3333 | krismehard | krissingyoubby | kristallized | ky-ngsoo | lay-me-kris | laygion | laylord | lobbu-lobbu | lonlyxing | luhanlh | luhowl | luludeery

M - O:

mainexing | mappintheseoul | meiyixing | melonhun | milklu | minteexing | misshomin | noona-neomu-noona | oh-luhans | oh-luhans-ass | ohkais | ohmyguccigege | ohprincekim | omgfishy | outofblurs

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pandarumble | parkchny | porkdo-bi | preciousbabypeanut (you disappeared on me) | preciousjongdae | pseudyonim | qrishan | reebeegee | rob0t-ick Gabby my sweet <33333

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Y & Z:

yehetness | yeheutte | yicinq | yixingdotjpg | yixingforpresident (wowow ultra love! Senpai noticed me!) | yixingofficial | yixingology | | yixingy | yixning | youxiangli | z-co | zaikaisoo | zeldias | zhangminseok | zhanq-yixinq | zhehun | zhexun | zhngxngs


186-6 | 2jongs1soo | 4dhun | 4yixing | 89x90

I think I got everyone! Again, I can’t thank you enough for the last two years I’ve spent with most of you. I hope you all have a lovely day no matter where you are in the world. :)

 Hello~ so this is my first follow forever. Today marks 2 years since i started running this blog * wow it seems as if I’ve been here forever* And recently I have achieved more than my personal goal of followers and i wouldn’t be able to do this without all the cuties that I follow *although I don’t talk to many of you, maybe this could be the start:D* and this is the least I could do to thank you guys. If it was for me I would travel all over the world and give each and everyone of you and huge hug telling you how thankful I am for bring my blog to life. Lol this is getting corny, but i would….if i was richXD. My friend actually made this blog for me, I didn’t even know what tumblr was, and I’m glad she did because i got to meet amazing people with wonderful personalities form all over the world and talk to alot of you and that always brings my mood up. So once again before i get started I would like to say THANK- YOU!!!! YOU MAKE MY DAY BRIGHTER <33333 and I just wanna thank Sofi for making this edit * this is perfect! Don’t sweat it bb your edits are amazing ^_^ *

bold=mutual followers

italics= blogs/people i look up too alot!!


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caitlinuchiha celestyeol chan-lay chanbaekkks chanyeolismysexualfantasy chanyoell cumbaek daebaem dailyexo deadxpresident dimplay do-turn-baek doctor-kim-kai dohdoro doksoo dokyungsoo dokyungsooswife doresque dorkyixing duizhangsoo dumbaek dyooso emperori epifanys eururongs ew-baekhyun exo-plushie exo-porntastic exo-we-are-one exodirtyconfessions exolicity exorgy exos-orgasmic-hipthrusting exowhore eye-of-beholder 


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Hellooo everyone!! I’m Sarah and not that long ago I reached a milestone that I never thought I would reach tbh. I started this blog as ooverdoseonexo but I think the most of you know me as wetjongin.

I’ve gotten to know some amazing people on here and I’m feeling super happy about that. I never though anyone would talk to me on here when I started the blog and I could not even imagine so many people following this trashy blog.

To my friends: I love you guys so much and I am so happy to have gotten to know you all, you’re the best seriously /big hug/
To my followers: thank you for following me, you are so precious<3
To my mutuals: you’re the best, stay fab
To the blogs I follow: thank you for making my dash fabulous, ily

✿ - u deserve this flower oki
bold - mutuals
italic - senpais

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doneee and I’m so sorry if I forgot anyone, so if you feel like you should be in this ff, please message me so I can add you! have a nice day!! :^)


wow another follow forever ahaha

I just want to thank all of you for putting up with me and for following me for this long. I love all of you ♥

mutuals = bolded

friends = italics


12aem, 174cents, 5minb4k-os, aegyol, annyeongpabo, askparkbyun,baby-baek, babybyuniie, baehkkyun, baek-ology, baekbitchyeol, baekhny,baekhyunsbyun, baekingkai, baeksnapback, baekthosebyuns, baekyeol,baekyeol-fics, baekyeoloving, baekyhns, baekyul, baekyyun, banggu-dol,bangtanporn, baobbei, bbaek-song, be-lee-ve, beanz-n-kerotts, beautyeol,boxxxian, byeolks, byun-baekyung, byun-baervert, celestyeol, chanbaek,chancasso, chandescent, chanyeolgarbage, chanyeolife,chanyeolismysexualfantasy, chanyeolistic, chanyeolthetype, cloudstrifey,cucumbyeoll, cumgodkai, cutetricks, daenso, dailyminimal,darklordkyungsoo, derp-yeoll, derperthanthesea, dimplay, doksoo,dorkyixing, duizhangdeluxe


essentyeol, eunjisgf, exo-porntastic, exoaf, exohd, exolutionary, exorado10,exotic-broccoli, exotrashsquad, exovines, fakepcy, firelordparkchanyeol,fuckchanyeol, fuckhaja, fuckingminseok, g-gamjong, galaxykris,getlayd, goloveexo, grumpyeols, guccizitao, gummiblock, heliacall, hey-parks, httptaemint


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thank you all so much for making my dash a wonderful place ♥

((also I’m really bad at matching names with urls so if I didn’t italicize your name I’m sorry OTL))



Hi so since it’s summer I thought it was the perfect time to make my 1st follow forever. I reached a great amount of followers this year and followed many wonderful blogs. These people made up my mood and made my dashboard lively.

I’m sorry if I left anyone off this one but I still love all of your blogs!

♚ = CUTIE PIE ALERT! you all probably deserve this tiara for being a wonderful blogger but this is for people i feel close to or senpais . If you are my senpai pls notice me;;


ahtao, ayanako-chan ♚, baekheun, baekingkai, baekjob, baekshyuns, banhsoo, bekhyuns, bunchofkkaebsongs, byunseen ♚, celestyeol​, chanoyeol​, chanyeolismysexualfantasy​, chanyoell​, choomchen​ ♚, coconut-desu​, crack-yeollies​, cumbaek



damthemboys ♚, dazzlingkai ♚, derperthanthesea, doresque, eggyeol-loves-baekon, esexoeveryday, exogaydesu ♚, fabbaekon, fan-qins, galaxy-toptop, yomanluhan ♚, gayyaoibl



happyvirus, hersheyjerzey, imperyeol ♚, japanftkorea, jingyeolbaeks



kaicunt, kaiwaiisoo, kiwisses ♚, kur0ai ♚, kyotodoll ♚, kyung-me, kyungtomysoolobbu-lobbu ♚, luhanimnida, luhanr, lulubaek, luludeery ♚, miuxing



onhans, park-dobii, park-fuck-yeol, parkdobee, poophun, porkdo-bi, pornbaek



rainyupo ♚, ramhyuns, sehduction ♚, sehductive, sehun88, seoules, shexuns, sugas, suhogoi, taekai, tao-pls, taokyung, telepany ♚, theflamingdonut 



wu-yi-fannie, wufabulous, wuhabaer, xi-aohan, xiuhmin, xodyo ♚, yeheutte, yeollovemebaek, zhyxs, zitao-let-me-touch-ur-booty ♚, zooark

If you’re not here don’t worry I still love you 

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Hello everyone, my name is kim and you are looking at my 
sencond follow forever 

There are many people who I followed from the very start and people who I just followed recently, people who talk to me and people who even
follow me back, people who try to deal with my crazy self and people whocompliment me and my blog… I just wanna send you guys a big big thank
you, for dealing with me and making my time being here fun and enjoyable(✿◠‿◠)

I love you all (っ◕‿◕)っ♥

bold : mutuals

[A]aegyobaek  awhjongdae  accio-xiuhan  adorableprince



[B]baekaid-o  bekhyuns  beware-of-the-cute-ones

baeksyeolssi  bhcys  baekheun  babekhyun  bacon-ed

byuns-baekery  byunyeolie  baekfinger  byunbaekku

baozi-xiumin15  baeklightful  baekyun  baekzone

byunsanity  baekbyunniee  baekhyeonim  byunhoney

baekyeols  baek-me-a-cake  beakhyuns

blondejongin  baekhyu-n  baekhyunimnida  baektastic

byunbunnie  baekbiter  byuntaebaekyeol  bkyl

baekthosebyuns blackdyo


[C]chnbeau  chenxius  chanyeolismysexualfantasy

cutiebaek  chanyeoled  cheolyans  chan-hyeon

chanyeol  overchandose  crong-in  crysetal

channie-loves-baekhyunnie  chan-yeons


[D]derp-yeoll  drunkai  daebaeksoo  doresque  do-turn-baek

dyodoroo  dokyugnsoo  dohdoro  doctor-kim-kai

dyoruuruu  dyossuo  dokjung  dy0  dumbaek  dimplay

dyominion  dokyvngsoo  dyokyungsu  dokyungsoo


[E]ew-baekhyun  exoclusively  exo-plushie

exolutely  exo-ordinary  eekso  exothebest  exot12s

exozhang  eggyeol-loves-baekon  exocaine  elaysium

♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ [F]fabulay  fuckingjongdae  fiftyshades-of-lay

♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ [G]getlayd  ggamjongin

♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ [H] hnngzitao  hellohsehun  happyvirus

♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ [I] imaginachen  ibaeks  iridescentbaek  illegiblesigns


♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ [J]jooncherry  joomyum  jongdeer  jongins  jjongin







jungmyuns  jongene


♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ [K]kimjongsnoona  kris-wu  kyung-soo  kyunqdae



kimsminseok  kaiptivated  kaisore









kamjong-kai  kyungsol









kim-minseok  kaicecream  keuriseu


♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ [L]laygion  luludeery  love-is-orange  laylord  lehunn



lonelylay  leuhans  lulubaek

♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ [M]minniedeer  min-buns  minseomnia  minseokmnia



minseohk  melonhun  minsoek  mainexing










♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ [O]oshzt  oh-sehun  ohsehunn-a  oshx  oh-luhans  

ohh-shithun  obaekhun omgfishy

♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ [P]parkchny  puppystore  perfectxiumin  parksbaek








purpleyixing  popped-in-exo

♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ [Q]qehuna  qrishan

♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ [R]rawur-suho  royalsehun  

♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ [S] sehunskin  shioomin sehwun  sehunampyeon

seokxiu  sexoality  ssicaa  sehun88  suncheonboy  

su-lay  shootexo  soegogi  squishykyunggie  sooxiu

sincerely-baekhyun  suholatey  sekairis


[T]twerking-xiumin  telekineticfrost  tinykyungsootaoxun  tae-baek  toffeelad  ta-han


[V] : veriloquentmind


[W] : wufun  wuyifun  washingmachine-chen 



[X] : xiuhn  xeuhan  xiumanizer  xiutiepie  xiumine

xiuhanempire  xing-xing-the-high-unicorn  xiu-mine

xiuhanxing  xiumania  xiuhaan  xiuminoid  xiupreme

xingbaobei  xiuarms  xiux  xiiumins  xingrens


[Y] yuixings  yixinqs  yeolie  yixingdotjpg  yixnq  

yeolshim  yeolonlyliveonce  yeollovemebaek 



[Z] zhanq-yixinq  zongren  zii-taos  zhongdajin

and oh i write everyone a message sO PLEASE HOVER AND READ YOURS although i literally call everyone senpai and say hiiii~ all the time and the messages are all short and awkward and lame but still ; ;

i am so sorry i unfollowed all the snsd blogs because i made a snsd sideblog and i followed everyone there so please understand T___T

if i missed out anyone my apology here’s my blogroll


Hey~ well, its finally the weekend so i actually have time to get to do my second follow forever post.  So a week ago I reached 2k,  and I know its may not seem like a lot since most of the people i follow are senpai status. I would like to thank you guys, for always filling my dash with EXO, SHINEE, SNSD AND RED VELVET. Also this is a little present to my followers who actually like my blog and keep on following and from time to time you guys come out of your caves and talk to me^^ okay so im going to shut up now, and do the thingy~ 


thirstyhoesnobueno pnathaniel ricxhaard acidic-retrograde oohokk 


((i wont do the labeling thingy because I admire all of these blogs :))


-yerim 174cents 4velvets acidic-retrograde aegyol ahjuicy aishbaek annyeongpabo b-bkhn baby-minseok bae-irenes baejoohyunn baek-me-a-cake baek-me-a-soo baekcryun baekhny baekhyun-ah baekhyun-fied  baekhyuniexx  baekhyunify baekhyunimnida baekingkai baeknudes baekonforbreakfast baekthatyehet baekyeol baekyhns baekzone baexiian banhsoo baobbei bbybyun bbyuns @benbenwufan bhyunq blondejongin boxxxian brbcrawlingtokorea bredvelvet bunchofkkaebsongs byunbaekholic byunbekhyeon byunhyuni byunny c-vitamin cappuchenno celestyeol cereayeol chaiteayeon chan-lay chan-soo chancasso chanpups chanyeolgarbage chanyeolistic chanyoell chanyvol chenchilada-s chimchic


doksoo doresque dorkyixing dosexsoo enjoythebaek-on esexoeveryday essentyeol exo-porntastic exo-ran-out-of-lube exo-reactionkings exoatmeal exofitness exohd exolutely exorgy fairytaleminseok fan-qins fanserviced flawlesschanyeol flowerboyhun fluffy-taohun forever-loving-exo foxpuppylove from-the-e-to-the-x-to-the-o fy-exo fybaekhyun fybaekyeol galaxiafanfan galaxychen gayyaoibl getlayd gheiali guardian-angel-of-my-heart guccizitao gyiyomii 

H- L

hariumi huang-shit-tao huggingluhan icesicales idiotbaek imagineyouricon imyoong in-thegalaxy iridesehun itsyeols jingyeolbaeks jongbaeks jongdaeman jongdeus jonginsmouth  joyfulwendy joytiful kai-tastrophe kaiqo kaizzzi kim-jvnmyeon kingjunmyeonn kmexoplanet knets-on-baekhyun kool-lay korean-men-are-seoul-sexy krisinsanity krismehard ky-ngsoo kyeojoy kyung-baek kyungsoocum kyungsooslut kyunqdae lilkittenz-diaryofasociopath lionbaek long-life-to-sehuns-booty lue-han luexolu luhhns lullabyun lumoskai


makemelubaek marktuns marshmellyeol milkeuhun milkkxing milksdyo min3xodust minse-k minseoxual minsoek mminseok morebaek4me nitrogen @noona-neomu-noona oh-sehun ohbaekhyuns ohsulis olivegarden omgfishy oohokk oohsehnu oohsehun-ah oshzt park-baekyeollie park-dobii park-gogi parknamja pastel-exo pastelbaekhyun pawrincess peachbaek pnathaniel pohroro poophun presidentyeol prince-baekyeol princekjongin prisonings psykou purpleuhan r-velvets rdvelvetgifs realkjd redvelvetupdates redvelvetvevo redvirene ricxhaard rookies- 


s-exo-l saence scintillescenc screwufan secrethideoutme see-you-tomorrow-hyung sehduced sehkais sehope sehso sehun-sarang sehunassthetic sehuniversity sehunyi sehv-n seoultothesky seulgi- sexualorientation-exo shadeuhun shineeng-stars shippers-r-us shocolaatte silencesneeze snapbaeks sneakyeol suaglia suh0 suhobos suhotly swaggypenguinz swaghwanson sxulgi taeblush taoazis the-absolute-best-gifs the-light-shadow thebattleofthebiases thirstyhoesnobueno v-dyo vel-vets velvetjoy 


welcome-to-url-too-long wendy-blues wetsekai wooyefan wshxn wuboxian wugalaxy wuyifanxing wuyisus xehunter xingmealullaby xingrens xiudohan xiumania xiuminatrix xiuminsparadise xiutea yehetdelight yehetness yeolait yeoli yeollaybaektome yerivelvets yixinglings yoongisoo youaremychoding

yourbiaslikesitrough yuri-aholic @zhangxingies


beagleline-net byunbaek-net theerasofexo

Wow it’s only been a couple months and I already have all of these amazing followers~ this follow forever is long overdue tbh but just know that I love all of you okay.

I’ve made so many friends on tumblr and I appreciate every one of you. I love all of you so much. I honestly can’t express my love and gratitude through words but I hope you understand that I really do love all of the friends I have made on here. I’ll always be here for you. 

Also, if you want to message me or smth but you’re not sure/nervous don’t be bc I love talking to people and I swear I don’t bite :)

If I missed anyone I’m sorry, just message me and I’ll fix it right away!

friends = italic

mutuals = bold

123etc - C:

174cents, 5minb4k-os, aegyol, annyeongpabo, askparkbyun, baekstel, baekthosebyuns, baekyeol-fics, baekyeoloving, banggu-dol, boxxxian, byeolks, bynbutthyun, celestyeol, chanbaek, chancasso, chandose, chanyeolife, chanyeolings, chanyeolismysexualfantasy, chanyoelie, cloudstrifey

D - H:

daenso, derperthanthesea, desperatewannabemodel, dimplay, doksoo, dorkyixing, duizhangdeluxe, essentyeol, exo-lubexion, exo-porntastic, exoaf, exohd, exorablexiu, exotic-broccoli, fakepcy, firelordparkchanyeol, fuckchanyeol, getlayd, guccizitao, heliacall, hellabates, hellajuice, hey-parks

I - M:

iliyon, in-thegalaxy, infinitize-the-exo, itsyeols, iwantsenpai, j0ngsin, jeontokkim, jingyeolbaeks, jinki-bunny, jinvaded, jongdanal, jongdeus, jonginjongout, jonginside, joonmyunsnoodle, khaenine, kimchidreams, kimjongdaye, kpopshowtime, layixinqs, lue-han, luhanswifi, luhwn, lusass, milkhyun, milksdyo, minearebigger, minsookss, mylostxings, myundaymadness

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ohlvlysehn, omgfishy, on-ho, oohsehun-ah, oppakai, otpprompts, parkthatchanyeol, peachysuho, pheonixart, pikaixiu, pork-chonyal, prettycolors, prince-baekyeol, prisonings, proegg, puppy-chanyeol, rainb0wninja, rambyun, reallychanyeol, saehuny, sashinamishouko, sassybyunbaekhyun, sehlestial, sehuhuhu, sehun-sarang, sehuniette, sehuniversity, sehunstightasshole, sehuyun, sehv-n, seluxing, sexologywithbaekhyun, shinmaku, snapbaeks, sparklingrainbowdrop, stillmoonaf, stripperyeol, suhotly

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taec-yeol, thatbeautifulm0ment, tienyeol, twinkle-tao, twitchyeol, uselessheartbreak, vamrtaxitekken, wooyoung, writeworld, wuyifanxing, yehetdelight, yifanfiction, yixingofficial, yoongisoo


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