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Utapri x Free! Halloween crossover

I love a lot Utafree! (crossover between Utapri and Free! :D) so here this time some of my headcanons and observations for Utafree Halloween crossover where free! boys  and utapri boys will spend Halloween together. :D 

Especially for my teddy bear Lola-chan @miyakuli and fluffy Rachel @racyue :D.

What’s the most important is the fact that in official arts Free! and Utapri boys have quite similar types of Halloween costumes. :D So thanks to this on UtaFree! Halloween party we have:

❤ Two witches who are our adorable blond shotas :D Nagisa and Syo. :D 

And as you see they are great combo in collecting sweets. :D I can totally imagine these two would be the most excited in doing trick-or-treating. :D (and besides who could say “no” to these sweet blond witches?! I would give them all sweets of this world :D)

❤ Two silent dark-haired beauties with blue eyes in ghost costume. :D It’s Haru and Masato of course. :D

i guess these two would be these who would be the most calm on this Halloween party but they will be enjoying this a lot and will be happy to be able to spend time with all their precious friends (and even if they both wouldn’t be saying too much they would understand each other very good and would be good friends ). :D And besides Haru would be protecting his cute Makoto boyfriend from all “scary” things Mako-chan would be scared of. :)

❤ Two hot yet dorky ;) vampires: Rei and Ren. :D (so thehe we have VampiRei and VampiRen :D)  

I have this image that Ren would want to teach Rei how to be super hot cool vampire.. but in the end both of them would be just cute dorks and comedic relief of this party. buhahaha (sorry babies :*)  And  besides Halloween atmosphere and vampire costume would cause that Ren will get in very romantic and affectionate mood (and will want to bite cute neck of his cute Masato boyfriend ;)) so embarrassed poor Masato ghost would have to calming him all the time because they are in public ;). :D 

❤ We have also two handsome warewolves (and both has Mamoru Miyano voice :D) Rin and Tokiya. :D

I guess both would be at first quite embarrassed by their fluffy costumes. ;) but then their adorable boyfriends Nitori and Otoya would be saying how cool they look and would want to pat their fluffy ears and would want to cuddle to them so tehehe Rin and Tokiya would start to enjoy this Hallowen party. ;) 

❤ There we also have two the biggest sweethearts ever Makoto and Natsuki. :D and even if they don’t have exactly the same costumes. :D 

Because one is Frankenstein’s monster and other mummy, it’s quite sweet that such cutie pies want to be “scary” having costumes of  scaaaaary monsters from horror movies.  ;) and on the same time.. they are probably soo scared by everything during Halloween. :D (awww babies :* let me hug you both:*)   and haha almost all Halloween they will spend behind  backs of their brave patient boyfirends Haru and Syo (who are soooo much smaller than their adorable scared boyfriends :D) hiding by all stuff they will be afraid. :D Haha Halloween is such scary day for them but together with their protective boyfriends they are o.k and they have maaaany fun. :D

❤ Plus we have lil lovely devil- Otoya. :)

And i’m sure his adorable Free! countrapoint in Free could be Kisumi. :D 

Buhaha Kisumi would be in pinky devil costume ;)). Adorable devils attack! :D And haha i get this feeling that Kisumi could get a little too touchy with his lil devil friend Otoya ;) which will make Otoya’s boyfriend Tokiya to react in Haru’s style (when Kisumi is too touchy with Mako and it wakes up Haru’s adorable jealous mode :D). :D So be careful Kisumi baby :* i geuss jealous Tokiya can be veeeeery danegrous. ;) and don’t forget he is warewolf!. ;)  

❤ Besides we have also this cute official art of Quartet Night boys in Halloween costumes- Peter Pan version. :D 

This one who has the biggest fun is of course Reiji. :D And he would be making up the most funny and crazy Halloween games for all UtaFree crew. :D

And I think that rest of Samezuka boys would also look great in such Peter Pan costumes. :D

Momo would be Peter Pan like Reiji. :D (such unstoppable combo of two Peter Pans full of energy and smile :D)

Ai (Nitori) would be Tinker bell like Ai Mikaze. :D Both are so adorable, awwww double Ai team as Tinker bells are waaaay too cute :D They would make everyone melt sooo much. and I have this feeling that they could be great friends. :D Nitori thanks to his lovely heart and his sensibility could learn Ai Miakze tons of things about people and life :D And Mikaze could help Nitori in enhancing his swimming thanks the amaizng datebase and wisdom Ai Mikaze has :D ). 

Seijuro would be wearing pirate costume like Camus, and Sousuke  Indian costume like Ranmaru. :D (Can i start nosebleeding? :D) 

And hmmm I geuss Gou could have Wendy costume? Like I’m sure Rin would also invite her for this UtaFree! Halloween party. Tho I’m pretty sure Mikoshiba bros, I mean Momo Pan and pirate Seijuro would be chasing her during all this  party and saying how cute she is. ;)  But no worries :D i’m sure Sou-kun would protect cute Gou Wendy. :D 

Happy UtaFree Halloween for everyone. :D

Trick or Treat? :D


10) Sanji (One Piece)

9) Izaya Orihara (Durarara!!)

8) Tooru Oikawa (Haikyuu!!)

7) Ren Jinguji (UtaPri)

6) Makoto Tachibana (Free!)

5) Shuu Tsukiyama (Tokyo Ghoul)

4) Ciel Phantomhive (Black Butler)

3) Rin Matsuoka (Free!)

2) Syo Kurusu (UtaPri)

1) Ryota Kise (Kuroko’s Basketball)