I made a metric fuckton of hair sticks at the start of the month.  The first half is up, and these are a small sampling!  I have another 30-ish to go.  And yes, those are standard issue double locking handcuff keys on some of the sticks.

Check out my shop on etsy!   Pretty much everything is under $20, with the exception of the hairstick wardrobes!


Another bout of crafting finished and put up in my shop! Several Halloween/Autumnal items, as well as fandom-y goodness.  (Not going to lie, I’m slightly gleeful over my Ice Planet inspired hairsticks and the Great Pumpkin earrings)  As always, these are up for sale at my etsy store, Jinglysticks!

(I also finally figured out how to do captions on my pics.  Go me!  So now they have direct links to the items.  I also had a fit of Adulting and made a facebook page for my shop!)


Dragon, Undercover

Have you ever seen a dragon? No? Well, that’s no surprise. In this day and age, all of the dragons have changed. Hidden themselves away in smaller and weaker bodies, scales melted away into flesh, claws into (still impressively) long and sharp nails that are gold lacquered. Their hoard ends up being worn nowadays, in rings and chains and bits of gems where you least expect them. And if you notice that someone’s teeth seem just a little bit longer then they ought to be when they smile, well…it’s best to not mention it. Dragons, even ones that only half remember eating knights and laying waste to a countryside, are best not angered by creatures as soft and crunchy as you.

I used orange and dragon’s vein agate, as well as a beautifully ornate copper headpin to make these. I absolutely love the crackled effect in the agate-it reminded me of scales, and the orange agate, while not quite as terrifying, was definitely dragon’s fire worthy.

This 7 ¾" pair of stained wooden hairsticks seem to work best for people with thin or fine hair, as they’re not quite long enough to hold very long and/or really heavy hair as well as some other types of sticks. However, if you’re using the ‘cheater’ method and using a hair tie to hold your bun in place, these should work with no problems on any hair type!

The sticks themselves measure 6", and the decorative part of the pin is 1 ¾".

Available at my etsy store, Jinglysticks.  $8.


Ten Points to Slytherin - Harry Potter inspired hairsticks, available in my store, Jinglysticks

“Or perhaps in Slytherin
You’ll make your real friends,
Those cunning folks use any means
To achieve their ends.”
-the Sorting Hat

Display your House pride with this pair of hairsticks! The green beads are aventurine, and the silver toned beads have an antiqued, hammered finish. (The middle picture shows the true colour of the aventurine best! It’s a lovely bright green.)

Tumblr folks can use the code ‘TUMBLR’ (I know, terribly original) to get 15% off any items in my store.

Also, hey, if you have an etsy store of your own and want to discuss a trade, feel free to message me!  I have eclectic tastes, and love to barter!


Bless me Tumblr, for I have sinned.  There has been serious Winter Soldier feels going on, and I channeled my angst into crafting.

But I *knew* him  by Jinglysticks

$15 on etsy

(also, check out the rest of my Marvel inspired line!  There’s Thor, Nick Fury, Loki, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Captain Marvel, and Hulk pieces up currently.)

So, I just added a sale page to my etsy store

There’s hairsticks, earrings, and a few necklaces, all as cheap as I can justify and still not be losing money.  I need more room in my shop, precious, so I can justify my bead habit.  That and do silly things like pay my phone bill.  Anyhow, check it out, pass my shop around (it’s kinda slutty and likes that sort of stuff), and buy the things?