anonymous asked:

Funny story: I was in class today and we had a substitute in maths. I have this bell that I wear around my neck, and my teachers are all used to the jingly sounds it makes. But the sub wasn't. Halfway through class, I turn my head and it jingled. The sub looks up and yells "WHICH ONE OF YOU BROUGHT AN ANIMAL TO CLASS?!?!" Then I had to explain that it was just me and that there were no animals in the classroom. It was fucking hilarious.

Holy shit that is hilarious oh my god Tha teacher must have felt so stupid. That’s really funny omg

satedenigma asked:

Do you get your collars special made or do you just pick a fanzy one out from a store?

I got 2 from kittensplaypenshop , a lockable light pink and silver day collar and a really gorgeous pink one with a bow and a bell in the front, sort of like what Happy wears except in collar form. And I bought a custom from thecollarfactory. :3 I don’t buy from the shops because a lot of collars not made specifically for people look really tacky. Yis. I got the one I currently wear from fangpony as a bit of a trade. Payment for art in the form of cute jingly collars.