favorite roadhog things pt. 1:

  • “taking the point. property of  r o a d h o g.”
  • the way he laughs when mercy power boosts him
  • (”what is your name anyway?”) *annoyed* “MAKO.”
  • “i’m gonna make you squeal.”
  • the jingly sound his hook chain makes when he walks
  • idk there’s probably more i’ll reblog thsi when i think of some
    • u can add stuff too if u wanna

Look you knew this was coming.

David Bowie & Bing Crosby, “Little Drummer Boy/Peace On Earth”

This was the first David Bowie song i ever heard.

I couldn’t help but notice that after “I’ll take that hand now” and the tablet is restored, when we next see Octavius and Jedediah in Attila’s hat they are sitting very close together, noticeably closer than before. Octavediah is canon.

And so is jingly Ahkmenrah. When they were running I could distinctly hear all of his jewelry jingling, it was the best thing

Home Blessing Ornament Charm


  • Hollow plastic ornament
  • Gold jingle bells
  • Gold glitter
  • Herbs: Cornflower Blossoms, Clover Blossoms & Leaves, Oatstraw, Lavender, Patchouli, Sunflower Petals, Rosemary, Rose Petals (pink, red, white, & yellow)

The herbs included in this charm can be altered as you see fit to suit your household needs, or to create other types of ornament charms (i.e. Protection, Wish-granting, Money-drawing, etc).

Combine small amounts of the herbs inside the ornament until it is nearly full. You’ll want to use a funnel for this; it will save you a lot of frustration. Put in a few sprinkles of glitter and a few jingly bells, then cap the top firmly with your thumb and shake the herbs around until they assume a pleasing pattern.

Replace the top and attach a hook, jump ring, or string loop. Hang the ornament in your home year-round to promote health, wealth, harmony, and happiness.

Note: These pretty little charms also make great gifts!

Okay But It Makes Me So Happy To Think That Marik Could Be Completely Honest With A Stranger About Bakura And They’d Probably Automatically Assume He Was Talking About A Cat

“Who Are You Looking For?”
“My Roommate Fluffy, He’s Been Missing All Day!”
“Heh, Probably Out Hunting Am I Right?”
“Probably, I Swear If He Brings One More Dead Thing Home With Him He’s Sleeping Outside Tonight!”
“I’ll Keep An Eye Out For Him, What Does He Look Like?”
“Long White Hair, Brown Eyes, British, Always Looks Angry”
“Doesn’t Sound Familiar, Where Did You Get Him?”
“I Found Him In An Alleyway, Almost Friggin’ Ran Him Over Actually”
“Oh You Took Him In Off The Street? That Was Nice, He Must Really Love You Then”
“Yeah, Sometimes A Little Too Much…”


Lucia is a super sweet gal that has been having trouble finding a forever home. She’s diabetic, and a lot of potential adopters are scared off by chronic health conditions. However, Lucia can easily live a long and happy life as long as her diabetes is properly treated! She is currently on a low-calorie diet and she receives insulin shots. She’s an easy patient that is totally used to her shots and won’t struggle when it’s time for them!

Lucia is a bit stressed out at the shelter because she prefers peace and quiet. When she’s relaxed she’ll cuddle up on your lap and snuggle with you for hours! She also has a playful side and loves chasing jingly balls around the shelter. Her favorite thing to do when she doesn’t want to cuddle is to find boxes to sit in. If you give Lucia a chance you’ll be rewarded with lots of fun years with this tiny girl who has a big personality!

If you are interested in meeting Lucia or any of the cats at The Ellen M. Gifford Cat Shelter, visit our website (www.giffordcatshelter.org). While you’re there, you can fill out an online adoption application and learn more about our shelter.

I want to see a Jurassic Park with sensible safety features where the T Rex and raptors are given brightly colored jingly oversized parrot toys to play with.

Bells and mirrors and things to rattle and make noise. Not just the occasional entire goat to devour.

untitled piano
  • untitled piano
  • Souffle
  • Jams

I’ve had this little ditty stuck in the back of my head since ‘07. I recorded the melody back then, but never completed it. My buddy and I made each other a gentleman’s wager on each of us completing a song this weekend, so this weekend is the one where I finally get this finished.

Honestly though, I still don’t hear it as “complete” in my head, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I come back and rework it again sometime in the future. This is on the way to what I want it to be though. 

For your listening pleasure, I present a portion of a work that I’ve yet to finish! Critique is welcome, and requested! 

Betrothed // Kat


Loki stood with his head down.  His long black hair braided with gold, more gold at his brow and a chain connecting from the peircing in his ear to the one in his nose.  He was wrapped in green silk, more gold at his throat and wrists as well.  He was barefoot, jingly gold bangles at his ankles too.  He jingled with every step and movement.

His skin was ice blue, his eyes blood red with two ivy horns curling up over his head.  Raised markings covered his body.  He was a Jotun from Jotunheim.  He was tiny for a Frost Giant, though tall conpared to humans, he was a runt back home.

Today he was meeting and marrying his betrothed.  He didn’t know much about him, just that their marriage would be bonding their worlds together.

[[I picture him like how Marty-mc draws him here]]


My Eeveelution bell plush set is complete! (As of several weeks ago, but I’m just getting to posting the pictures now.) I’m so happy to have the whole group now. And then a photo of all my bell plush so far.

Bell plush are some of the oldest Pokémon plush in existence. They are quite rare and sought after by collectors. I think they’re incredibly adorable, with their colored jingly bells, shiny fabric, and little felt details. There are still a few I’m on the hunt for, as they’re pretty irresistible, but I now have managed to get all the highest-priority ones I wanted!