Yogscast & friends sing bohemian rhapsody

Reasons why I love this video
- The pure amount of energy in the room
- How much of a good time everyone is having
- Lewis is practically dry humping the mic stand at one point
- When Sam smashes the mic stand into a monitor and breaks it
- Josh’s (Sam’s trainee) reaction to this.
- Every persons different reaction to this
- The way Sam half looks terrified and half looks like he doesn’t give a fuck about this
- The whole fucking video is a fucking masterpiece and nobody can tell me otherwise

Reasons I am dead:
  • Zoey, who was so anxious and scared to be on camera for a few minutes last year was on stream for nearly three hours. And she sang. And she was so brave and just such an inspiration.
  • The rest of the yogscast was so supportive of Zoey, they kept telling her it was okay and kept cheering and supporting her and fucking LeWIS OH MY GOD.

December 3rd

Watching nilesy’s stream, loving it. But here is Simon and Lewis, I hope they’re so proud, the community does so well to raise all this money. I am very excited for the hatfilms boys on wednesday.